BRAINTREE (CBS) – At least seven Massachusetts residents are safe after their cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Italy on Friday night.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

Braintree residents Cielito and Wilhemina Warrick and their three grown children, Amanda, Adrien and Brandon, all made it off the ship safely.

Cielito sent a Facebook message to his sister-in-law Jocelyn Warrick in Quincy, telling her everyone is fine.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports.

“Of course, I’m gonna hug everybody, and maybe we might have a little party for them. The family loves to have parties all the time, like birthdays,” said Jocelyn Warrick. “They’re all a really close-knit family.”

Jocelyn said she’s upset about reports that the cruise liner’s captain had abandoned ship. The captain was later arrested.

“I think they didn’t try to do their job in the first place. They should have taken care of all the passengers, provided them all the information of what to do, but I think that didn’t happen at all,” said Jocelyn Warrick.

Cielito Warrick posted a message on his Facebook page saying he’s thankful his family is safe and added that he’s never been so homesick.

Meanwhile, Benji Smith and his wife Emily from Boston were on their honeymoon and safely made it ashore.

“We made ropes, we made laddars out of ropes and used those ladders to climb down from the outer fourth deck to the third deck,” said Smith.

At least five people were killed in the shipwreck and several others are still missing.

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  2. taassll says:

    How tragic – clearly the crew did something very wrong

  3. Sujan says:

    As a former lietensr of Mr. “Smurf-conish” (because he turned as blue as the trademark cartoon elf), this does not surprise me. I’m sure he is aiming to survive any Fairness Doctrine pogrom of talk show hosts. I am learning to love sports talk radio in the morning.

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