SALEM (CBS) – Even the witches in Salem are getting in on “Tebowmania.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

A group of them formed a circle Friday the 13th at high noon to “neutralize” Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and, in their words, “heighten Tom Brady’s amazing energy and positive ‘mojo’” for Saturday’s Patriots-Broncos playoff game in Foxboro.

“Tebow is praying to the Gods, and we, the Witches of Salem will pray for the entire New England Patriots team and raise the energy in their honor to maximize an outstanding performance,” Salem Witch Lorelei said.

Lorelei owns the Crow Haven Corner Witch Shop in town.

She has been a psychic reader and Salem Witch for 30 years.

According to her website, she specializes in Tarot cards, clairvoyance, palmistry, mediumship, and spellcastings, if you need one.

Tune in to the Patriots-Broncos playoff game Saturday night at 8pm on 98.5 The Sports Hub and WBZ-TV. Pregame coverage begins Saturday at 5pm with Patriots Preview on 98.5, with a special edition of Patriots GameDay on WBZ-TV at 7pm. After the game, stay tuned for Patriots Postgame on The Hub, and Patriots 5th Quarter on WBZ-TV.

Comments (37)
  1. Chris says:

    If she can predict the future, why does she need to cast a spell on Tebow?! Such baloney. They have no power over the God that Tim Tebow serves.

    1. sue says:

      WIccans 1, Evangelical Christians 0! lol

    2. Cactus Wren says:

      Pardon me while I ROFL.

    3. Nathan David Teegarden says:

      What the witches are doing is no more or less silly than when Tebow thanks God for helping him win games.

  2. Tony says:

    No one has power over God!

    1. sue says:

      says you and your faith, but not all!

    2. Cactus Wren says:

      45-10. So mote it be.

  3. Jonathan Arnau says:

    The Blood

  4. Derek Smart says:

    Tebow’s done! I saw Tom Brady pushing a kid in a wheel chair the other day… and he bought him an Ice Cream too!

    That God thing was really starting to worry me. I’m glad to see we got that covered now too.

    Have a great weekend

    >—-> GO PATS!

  5. donny says:

    My cat’s licking it’s leg right now… if you’re this desperate for news.

  6. ann says:

    I getting tired of Tebow this Tebow that..
    cross your fingers that Brady does this job beat Tebow
    and have pats beat the game

  7. Brian Lucier says:

    Their actions only affirm that Christ is Lord. They fear Him, and acknowledge Him as in control of the universe.

    1. Peter White says:

      Actually we don’t. Your god is your god and our gods and goddesses are ours. Really simple concept. And I got a great relationship with my patron god and goddess. Don’t need to fear anything at all :)

  8. Ellen says:

    Because of these broads I now hope the Broncos win.

  9. Peter White says:

    As one of the Salem witches present during the circle allow me to make a few points.

    First and foremost, it was mostly done for fun, let us be serious and not blow this out of proportion. Also keep in mind WE were approached by the media about this not the other way around.

    Yes most of us are Patriot’s fans and using our skills to help them a bit I do not see as a big deal. If those of you praising Tebow for using his religion on the field why the negative, dismissive comments to our beliefs? So it is fine to worship his sky god in public based on a mistranslated, contradictory book but the roots of our beliefs (that pre-date his) should be mocked? There is a word for that, bigotry and ignorance.

    This is a secular country, not a Christian one (if you doubt that you clearly never read the founding fathers papers on religion vs state) and the fact that some of you need to remind yourself with a refresher course in a civics class it seems. ALL religions are accepted not just the majority one. Anything less is un-American and against the founding principals of this country.

    In closing, for my fellow Pagans and Witches who took issue with this, there was no harmful intent to Tebow or his team. We simply felt if Tebow wants to tap into his sky god we can tap into our gods to help out our team. There is nothing morally or ethically wrong with sending a spell on someone for positive intent, with or without their approval. Positive intent is positive intent in a spell.

    I hope that clarifies some of the misconceptions, Blessed Be & go Pats!

    Rev. Peter White
    High Priest, Salem Wizard

    1. Dave says:

      God said of Himself in the bible, ” I alone am God and there is no other” Spells and charms do not work. Jesus raised the dead, drove demons out of people. Cured lepers. Fed 5000 people with a few loaves and 2 fish. May the blood of Jesus cover all attacks of witchcraft and Wicca. amen.

    2. Brian Lucier says:

      May the Lord Jesus Christ, the only true son of God bless you Peter. He is the only way to the Father God. The story of the Bible, Old and New Testament is complete. It is the clear story of God’s love for his creation, mankind and mankind’s inability to present himself perfect to God because of sin in the world. It is our sin nature that separates us from God. There is no action, works, or worship that we can do of ourselves to come into the presence of God. It is only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s blood on the cross that my personal sin is forgiven. Not just mine, but all that believe that Jesus is the truth the light and the way. There is no other way.

      “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    3. Susan M says:

      Many people say the Bible is contradictory, including you. What are the contradictions, exactly?

    4. Cactus Wren says:

      Rev. White, it seems that an awful lot of people are *really* distressed at the idea that anyone in the world might actually harbor beliefs that differ from theirs. You, as a practitioner of the old beliefs, hold (as far as I can tell) to the idea, “My beliefs are mine, your beliefs are yours.” Other people seem to be clinging, a bit frantically, to the idea, “My beliefs are RIGHT and any others in the wide world are WRONG.” It’s a bit sad, I think, how frightened they are.

      All the best, and Blessed Be! (And to all participants in this thread: whatever Gods you look to, may Their blessings rain upon you.)

  10. Chris says:

    With all due respect to Mr. White, the God Tim Tebow worships is not a “sky god” He is the God Almighty, Creator of the Universe, including the trees, earth, and forces you worship. He is over all, and the Judeo-Christian religion is the oldest religion since the dawn of man. Paganism is a direct result of the rejection of the first, true religion. This is a more secular country now, true, but it has nothing to do with the separation of church and state, it has to due with people turning away from God. Most of the founding fathers were Christians, even clergy. Check your history. We are free to practice all religions in this country, so feel free to cast spells all you want. Sounds like a very unloving religion to me. It still will have no effect. If Tim Tebow loses this game it will not be due to spell casting. He is simply asking for strength from His Lord to do a good job, not necessarily to “win” and based on his character thus far, I am sure, win or lose, he’ll come out a winner. He’s a Godly man and a great role model.

    1. sam says:

      Chris my historically confused friend.
      1) the god of christians, jews and muslims is a sky god.
      2) there s no independent evidence he/she/it exists, let alone created anything.
      3) The jewish god is not the earliest recorded god in human history.
      4) paganism, as defined by not believing in your particular god, predates the creation of your god (see point 3).
      5) Go check out the treaty of tripoli “the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”, and you might consider that of the first 4 presidents Washington’s religious beliefs are unclear, monroe and adams were deists and jefferson was almost certainly an atheist. “under god” was not meant to pick out any particular mythical god, merely the creator of deist belief.
      6) to somehow claim that a bunch of loons messing around over football are unloving is blinkered beyond belief when one considers both the track record of in the old testament and the damage christianity continues mete out on the innocent.
      7) I may be an atheist but that doesn’t make me think less of tebow, he has the odd fuzzy brain moment on and off the pitch (hello superbowl advert) but most of his actions are something that all of us could strive to emulate.

    2. Peter White says:

      Actually Chris the roots (but not the current rituals itself) of the religion Wicca trace back to pre-christian times (pagan celts (~600 BCE) and germans mainly but other more modern sources too) and anthropologically speaking the arts of Witchcraft trace back farther all the way to ancient egypt and Mesopotamia. Saying christianity came first is a beyond ignorant comment of history. Your religion is a bit over 2000 yrs in contrast. That said most of the founding fathers were masons. This is a secular country because that is what is was FOUNDED on, it never ‘moved away’ from anything. That is xian’s like yourself trying to re-write history. You need to pick up a real history book and put down that mistranslated, contradictory book you got. The core belief of a mason is you must believe in SOMETHING to be a mason. That ‘something’ can be anything including non-xian gods. If you ever read the papers of the founding fathers many of them had a poor view of religion as a whole and saw the value in keeping it from influencing the state. While Jefferson coined the whole church vs state philosophy many other founding fathers more or less supported that concept to. We are ‘based’ on moral values that happen to be xian as well. Like murder is bad. I don ‘t think as a society we need a bible to tell us that. And I am pretty sure before the bible people understood killing someone else wasn’t the best way to deal with a issue.

      Tebow isn’t praying to win? Really? You know that as a fact. I’d put money if asked he would shoot your theory out the water as if you are asking for ‘strength’ you want to win thus you are praying to win. Not hard to grasp.

      As for my religion. ‘not loving’? Have you ever picked up a neutral book on the topic and read about the religion? Or is that simply more bias and ignorance of you speaking on a topic you know little if anything about? At least my religion was not the cause of wars, mock trials, torture, child abuse, murder, suppressing knowledge and bigotry. And my religion is ‘unloving’? Pot meet kettle.

      1. Brian Lucier says:

        Thank you Peter for stating the facts.

        Thank you Peter for acknowledging in your post above that all of creation holds Christ central to our existence on the rock we call earth created by the Father God..

        Peter writes: “(pagan celts (~600 BCE)”

        You acknowledge -600 BC and that this day today is 2012 years from the year our Lord shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of sin in the world. You acknowledge the Lord’s death every time you write a the date on a check, celebrate your own birthday, ask what day it is, or even memorize dates when you take a His-Story class. All of time as we know it either B.C or A.D. focuses on the central birth and death of this one man, the only son of God who only had his ministry on this earth for 3 years.

        Pretty powerful message if the impact has rippled both forward and backward in time. Don’t take my word for it at all. Look at your calendar on your own wall, or read the date in today’s newspaper. All of creation testifies that Jesus Christ is Lord.

        I’m a Pat’s fan too, but so what. I admire Tim Tebow for not being ashamed of the Gospel truth that our only Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a winner in my book – and that book is the Bible.

  11. Joan says:

    Thank you Chris; well said! Let’s also add a couple of points to what you have said.:

    1. Separation of church and state had and has nothing to do with this country being a secular country. The law was put in place by the Christian men who founded this nation, in order to protect us from a government controlled religion (ie the King of England’s “religion”). This nation WAS founded on Christian beliefs!

    2. Tim Tebow never asked for the media attention that he is getting. He was simply speaking with THE God of the universe and the media took it upon themselves to make a mockery of it.

    I agree, Chris, that Tim Tebow will come out the winner regardless of the outcome of this evening’s football game. God does not and will not “prove” himself to anyone. The best part of all of this “media circus” is that it is calling attention to our Savior!

  12. Dave says:

    Dear Lord Jesus may cover all attacks of Wicca and witchcraft attacking Tim Tebow with your precious blood shed on Calvery

    1. Cactus Wren says:

      Well, we saw how well *that* worked. :-)

  13. Dave_D says:

    A witch! A witch! A witch! We have found a witch! May we burn her?

    1. Nathan David Teegarden says:

      Does she weigh the same as a duck?

  14. keith says:

    It worked!

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