CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court is ruling in favor of “Bigfoot’s” right to romp around Mount Monadnock and against a state regulation governing special events at parks.

The court ruled unanimously Friday that the language of the regulation is so broad it would apply to six people holding a private prayer service or three people holding campaign signs at a mountain’s peak.

Keene entrepreneur Jonathan Doyle and the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union Foundation appealed after state park officials barred Doyle from wearing his monkey costume and interviewing other hikers about a Bigfoot sighting at Mount Monadnock in September 2009.

The court says the regulation violates constitutional free speech rights by requiring someone to get a permit 30 days in advance for any event that goes beyond routine recreational activities.

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  1. timma says:

    I hope he goes out during hunting season in his gorilla suit for wasting the courts time.

    1. Petetm says:

      I think your anger should be aimed at the person who made this a problem to begin with.

      1. Right On Pete says:

        Pete, we need a thumbs up button for your comment. Timma, keep that little voice inside your head not your fingertips. Please don’t waste our time with such stupid comments.

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