Peter Abraham joins DA today on the Gresh and Zo show. The topic of discussion today was about the Red Sox and their new closer, Andrew Bailey. Peter Abraham thinks that this is a good pick-up for the Sox as it fills a major void in the bullpen.

Peter thinks the Red Sox now need to sign someone to a one-year deal for cheap money to be their number 5 starter.

He also thinks the Sox don’t need to make a major move for a right fielder.


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  1. George says:

    Cherrington is showing some remarkable thriftiness, value, judgement and even shrewdness in his low cost quality aquisitions so far this off season. He seems to have a much better handle on the young talent coming up and understands the need to constantly keep refreshing his team with bright young “low cost” talent as Tampa Bay does. Ben has “IMPRESSED” me so far as a GM with really good practical judgement. Don’t mean to bash Theo here but Ben seems to have “seen the light” and not “automatically” think that a big name free agent is usually the answer. Usually a low cost quality young talent “under the radar” that is lean and hungry has much more “upside potential”. I love the Bailey & Melancon aquisitions. It is rare to find established players that get the big paycheck/contract and then don’t develop shades of the Manny Ramirez prima dona complex of “dogging it”. Young, healthy, talented and hungry is usually the best way to go.

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