By Jon Keller

(Updated 1/1/12 11:50 a.m.)

BOSTON (CBS) – It looks like Senator Scott Brown has a New Year’s resolution: to directly take on his leading Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren.

Brown was in the WBZ studios Wednesday for an interview with political analyst, Jon Keller, and the interview seemed to mark a change of political tactics for Brown.

For months, Brown has been reluctant to personally engage Warren, insisting he’s too busy with his work in the Senate and there would be plenty of time for campaigning later. But after seeing his poll numbers tank under withering criticism from Warren and her allies, it appears Brown is ready to drop the gloves.

Jon Keller’s Interview With Sen. Brown (Part 1)

Jon Keller’s Interview With Sen. Brown (Part 2) 

“I’m the most bipartisan member of the delegation if not the most bipartisan person in the entire Senate, and Professor Warren is a self-proclaimed rock thrower, she wants to leave blood and teeth on the streets,” says Senator Brown.

It looks like the race is on. And no wonder after watching TV ads from Warren’s political allies drive his approval ratings down sharply.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller is At Large

Brown says he’s had it with being tagged as Wall Street’s favorite candidate.

“She’s also getting support from Wall Street, and don’t forget, I was the deciding vote on the financial regulation bill that Wall Street hated,” says Brown. “If you remember also, Professor Warren was out in the Rose Garden saying this is the best piece of legislation in three generations. And now all of a sudden to say somehow I’m the golden boy of Wall Street is disingenuous and isn’t based on any facts.”

And Brown is demanding Warren join him in a call for outside money to stay out of the Senate race.

But it’s OK, he says, when local partisans are delivering the sharp elbows.

“There’s a big difference between running web ads and taking potshots at the person based on what you think is appropriate. But to have all these super PACs come in and spend upwards of $50 million against me and, potentially, her, it’s just way out of line.

Forget the qualifier; a conservative PAC has already sunk a ton of money into ads attacking Warren. So while you won’t be seeing a Brown-Warren debate until after she dismisses her remaining primary opponents and clinches the nomination next September, get ready for plenty of back and forth in a Senate race with national implications.

Jon Keller

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  1. mikey says:

    I found it fascinating that two 1975 Lincoln limousines were used in Kim Jong’s funeral. “Death to America!” – (how about sending us some parts?).

    1. tsal last says:

      Hi Mikey – in case I can’t get on here again just wanted to wish you a happy new year!!

      1. mikey says:

        A “Happy & Healthy” new year to you tsal!

  2. BostonIrish says:

    I’ve said it before. I like Scott Brown, but politics is politics. Buck up, put up, and win based on your intent, ideas and agenda, and the negative stuff will fall away. Brown got in because of the independents, and IMO has done very well. I never expected him to abandon his party affiliation to appease democrats any more than I expect vise-versa. To achieve partisan agreement and compromise is the thue benchmark of a dedicated public servant.

  3. hackwannabe says:

    Liz Warren was anointed Queen before she open her mouth.

    Then when she did her socialist views spewed out. I wish ANY reporter would make her answer a question, with her opinion, not, lets see what the courts decide!

    She took a campaign slogan, for the middle class, and is running with it. She doesn’t know the middle class. She is a DC insider. She is against gambling yet she hires the biggest gambling lobbyist in the country!

    Go Scott Brown, I rather have 60% of the vote go my way then 0% with the (D)Deceptive party

  4. Scott Doughty says:

    Dear Mr. Keller, I thought you let Senator Brown off too easily in your interview with him this morning. Granted his performance was nothing more than self-serving rhetoric. But he said some things that you should have called him on. For instance, he said it was disingenuous to say he was the golden boy of Wall Street. Yet, didn’t he hold the Dodd-Frank bill hostage until they removed a regulation that the banking industry didn’t like? He made it sound like he did the 99% a favor by voting for it. I think he is in the pocket of the banking industry to the detriment of the rest of us. He deserved to be held accountable for that! I also thought he was disingenuous himself when he emphatically claimed that there was no way Ms. Warren would be bipartisan. He made it sound like she wouldn’t do that under any circumstances, as if the Republicans would be offering compromise after compromise and Prof. Warren would turn her back on them. He has no knowledge that would happen, yet he unequivocally stated that it would. I think you should have pursued that to keep him honest.

  5. matt says:

    Uh-oh Scott Brown looks very nervous! The best he can do is keep repeating one quote from her? I don’t think that will work. Bye-bye Scott Brown, better get ready for a career as a corporate lobbyist !

  6. BostonIrish says:

    matt, he didn’t fare well in front of the camera. He repeated himself several times. I think he’s better than that. But he was not well composed.

  7. Robby Gonzalez says:

    “Professor” Elizabeth Warren is an arrogant elitist, who provided the intellectual underpinnings of the Occupy movement. That claim alone is enough to disqualify this moonbat. Wake up Massachusetts. You’ve got a really decent guy as your Senator in Scott Brown.

    1. Adam G. says:

      Yeah, of course we don’t want a “PROFESSOR” as our senator. They are just too smart right?! Typical Republican thinking. It’s sickening.

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