FOXBORO (CBS) – Foxboro’s Board of Selectmen will discuss a proposed casino on Route 1 across from Gillette Stadium Tuesday night.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

It’s expected to be a heated debate.

The town’s advisory committee is expected to recommend that the Board of Selectmen poll Foxboro residents to find out what they really think about the casino.

But there is a growing push for the board to shoot down the plan before giving Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn a plan to present it publicly.

In a letter sent to the Foxboro Patch and Foxboro Reporter last night, Kraft wrote:

It is personally troubling to me that some are questioning my sincerity regarding whether I believe the proposed resort would be a positive for the Town. I am not motivated to do anything that would devalue the character of the community in which my family has chosen to invest the majority of our assets.

It’s unclear if any vote will take place tonight.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Foxboro High School.

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  1. yamstar1 says:

    Poor Krafty Bob! The people of Foxboro who, he thought would automatically buy into whatever deal he wants to do, actually have the nerve to stand up for their community and keep the gambling hall out. By the way, does Bob live in Foxboro?

  2. bosmonkey says:

    Ask him if he would be open to having a casino open up in his town. If he says he would be, he’s lying. The traffic volume alone is enough of a deal-breaker for any town. No MA highway within 30 miles of Boston can handle the increased volume. In this case, especially Route 1. traffic is ridiculous as it is.

    He’s a good businessman, he sees dollar signs. End of story.

  3. Dr says:

    If the people of foxboro are smart they should set what they want out of an approval vote
    Like a separate ramp off 95 to the casino, elimination or at least deep cuts in property taxes for current owners and a percentage of casino profits to the town
    The town would then be one of the most sought after towns to live in all current residents win

    1. bosmonkey says:

      I fail to see how having one of these monstrosities in a town would add value to homes in that town.

      A separate ramp off 95 is highly doubtful because you’d hav eto go through several neighborhoods to do so. It would not be that close to a highway to do that. Rt1 would be a nightmare at most times if this went in and woudl affect the quality of life for those and surrounding residents.

      Fine, the town gets money from the casinos, but they would need to use a lot of money for additional fire, rescue, police and infrastructure.

      On top of that, casinos draw in crowds to the area – traffic and crime go hand in hand with an increase population.

  4. beenworkingsinceage10 says:

    One problem with all these hypothetical scenarios.Why do Mr.Kraft,Mr Wynn and the people of Foxboro automatically think they have the jump on a casino? The state of Massachusetts has the first and final say on who gets a casino license. There is plenty of space in the capped-over landfill known as Industiplex in Woburn.There are Rt.93/Rt.95 (aka Rt.128) nearby as well as Anderson Regional Transportation Center,MBTA Commuter rail,Logan Express ,hotels,restaurants,supermarkets and various small businesses. Just 8 miles from Boston and 20 minutes to Salem,N.H.with Rockingham Park.

  5. diggit says:

    This ‘casino’ is just asking for a decrease in property values…who wants to live in a town with crime…EXAMPLE: the Wrentham outlet mall has more than just shoplifting, vehicle breakins and the like for crimes…there has been a kidnapping, drug dealing, and armed robbery (with hostages)…and that is just a bunch of clothing stores!!…and now you want a casino in the same general area….You would be CRAZY to think there will be no crime!!

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