WATERVILLE, Maine (CBS) – For the first time, police have said they believe someone took Ayla Reynolds.

Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey would not speculate whether the person who abducted her was a member of her family, someone who lived in her father’s house, or a stranger.

“We believe that someone removed Ayla from the house, and that is where our investigation is focusing,” says Massey. “I don’t want to speculate beyond that, because we do not know who took Ayla out of that house and under what circumstances she was removed.”

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

Police say the search for Ayla continues, but in recent days, tips have dried up.

At a press conference Monday, police announced a $30,000 reward for information leading to the return of the 20-month-old. Massey says the reward is the result of an initiative by private citizens who want to encourage anyone with knowledge to come forward.

Ayla was last seen on Dec. 17. Her father reported her missing when he awoke to find his daughter’s bed empty.

Since then, police have conducted a massive search of the area around the missing girl’s home and followed up on hundreds of tips they’ve received.

Snow in central Maine hampered a lot of the search efforts this weekend, but police say they will not rest until she is found.

Just a day before Ayla went missing, her mother Trista Reynolds had filed to get sole custody of the girl. Ayla’s father Justin DiPietro was said to be unaware of that.

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  1. dan says:

    had to be someone who had a key or other access to the house …unless the father left the door unlocked..it sounds like whoever took her knew the family

  2. mamaofmila says:

    Watch the hidden video of 2 year old Mila telling her cat what her father was doing to her “gina”–the video Waxman is desperate for you not to see. The video Spurwink saw and thought was important evidence of Mila’s sex abuse by her father–a criminal alien–not legally here in Maine or the US. Please help Saving Mila!


  3. mamaofmila says:

    DHHS Maine Child Protection has a long history of putting very small children with abusive, violent, known-abuser, men. The same thing has happened to my daughter Mila since she was two. I haven’t seen Mila since May. I am a college professor, have no substance abuse issues or any other issues—but it doesn’t matter DHHS Child Protection just lies.

  4. mamaofmila says:

    The State of Maine—DHHS and Judge Moskowitz refuse to protect Mila. Maine law enforcement said they could do nothing. Oprah Producers even called Maine State Police twice to ask why no one in Maine was protecting Mila from ongoing sex abuse. Maine law enforcements claims only Judge Moskowitz or DHHS Child Protection can protect Mila. Judge Moskowitz and DHHS Child Protection refuse. Everyone else claims… nothing they can do?

  5. mamaofmila says:


    Is there a Kids for Cash scheme in Maine?

    We are praying for a Christmas miracle—that Mila and Ayla are home safe with their mothers forever. Please pray and act with us for Ayla & Mila’s sake–two little girls who need their mothers.

    Lori Handrahan, Ph.D.
    Sorrento Maine/Washington DC
    Cell: 207-812-0191

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