BOSTON (CBS) – Lots of stuff is going to go on sale on Monday. While shopping this past week I found that many places were already having 50% and 60% off sales on the Christmas merchandise. A word of caution, only purchase what you are going to use. It’s not a bargain just because it’s 50% off if you don’t use it.

“Half Price” are words near and dear to my heart. Cards, ribbon, wrapping paper, decorations, and candy are heavily discounted. The large drugstore chains want to get rid of everything for they want to get the Valentine stock in. Some of the stores are actually stocking the Valentine merchandise right about now!

These sales are not limited to cards and paper. Some of the clothing stores like Talbots have already begun their winter sales rather than wait until the day after Christmas. I used to give my daughter a gift certificate to Talbots and she would be there on the 26th when the store opened to catch the bargains. Now you can shop for the bargains during the month of December.

I like to try and find wrapping paper and ribbon I can use for next Christmas as well as during the year to wrap birthday gifts or for other occasions. The Hanukkah paper, which is usually in the blue tones, goes on sale as well right now. Look to get your Christmas and Hanukkah cards for next year.

Ornaments and decorations are also on sale now. One year I bought ornaments as stocking stuffers for my family carefully putting them away so that I could use them the following year. However, you guessed it; I forgot I had bought them!

I had tucked them in the attic in an unlabeled box. It was so cold in the attic that I didn’t take the time to mark the boxes. So do keep a log of what you have purchased and where you have stored your bargains.

Other things that go on sale are Christmas books, such as cookbooks and children’s storybooks. As long as they don’t have a date on them, you can use them next year.

Calendars go on sale also. Those Kiosks in the malls want to close up for the season and if you are an online shopper, you’ll find plenty of bargains there also.

Christmas trees; if you have decided to go the artificial tree route this is the time to buy one and many of them come with the lights already strung.

And check out those big plastic containers to store all of the great bargains you find. I plan to shop for a new tree on Monday!


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