BOSTON (CBS) – Expect to see Bruins star goaltender Tim Thomas popping up in a new commercial soon.

On Wednesday, Thomas was spotted shooting a spot on an MBTA bus.

One of Thomas’ co-stars, who wouldn’t offer up any details on the shoot, did give us access to a couple of his photos.

According to the Metro, an MBTA spokesperson told them Picture Park Productions along with Arbella Insurance rented a T bus Wednesday for a commercial shoot in the city.

The Arbella logo replaces the spoked-B on Tim Thomas' jersey. (Photo Courtesy: Richie Moriarty)

The photos appear to confirm the Metro’s report.  Thomas can be seen sporting an alternate Bruins jersey of sorts, with an Arbella Insurance logo in place of the spoked-B.

Arbella Insurance has also been posting a number of photos from various shoots with the goalie.

Thomas signed on with Arbella back in November, according to the Boston Herald.

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