By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – The New Hampshire primary is just a few weeks away.

Where do the candidates stand?

Just a few days ago, Mitt Romney appeared to be in big trouble, trailing by wide margins in several national polls. Then, more recent polls showed he has padded his lead in New Hampshire and may be gaining ground in Iowa. What’s going on?

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“At this stage in the game, we have a lot of noise in these numbers. We also had a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll out this past week with national numbers. It has shown four different frontrunners in five months time. That’s where we are in this Republican campaign,” said Mathieu.

“The cake is not baked. This could move a lot between now and then. And think back four years ago when this guy named Barack Obama was striding into New Hampshire, he had just won Iowa… the polls were wrong. Hillary Clinton not only won that primary, but she did it in a couple of days time,” Mathieu added.

Romney has had a pretty solid base of supporters all along. But, Romney detractors can’t seem to make up their mind. Mathieu believes that won’t change, and says what happens in Iowa will have a lot to do with what happens in New Hampshire.

“Iowa will have a lot to do with, I think, momentum created that’s going into New Hampshire. I’m curious about who’s going to be the surprise in Iowa. Is it Ron Paul? Is it going to be Newt Gingrich? And who’s going to place second and third that might elevate their campaigns as they go to New Hampshire?” said Mathieu.

If Ron Paul has a good showing in Iowa, what would that mean for the race?

“I think it confuses the matter, because there are few who believe, outside of his very loyal and active support base, few believe that he’s going to be the nominee. So, that might simply drag things out, and this is going to be a long fight,” said Mathieu.

Joe went on to discuss Jon Huntsman’s chances in New Hampshire, Romney’s unwillingness to interview, and the growing number of debates.

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