WESTFORD (CBS) – Her tragic death gave others life.

Now, a floral tribute to a Westford teenager will be part of the Rose Bowl Parade.

Last year, 14-year-old Katie Enos was jogging home from soccer camp when a car hit her.

Before her death, she told her parents she wanted to donate her organs.

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On Friday, her family and friends put the finishing touches on a floral portrait of Katie.

“We had a great opportunity to talk to my daughter about organ donation prior to her death, and it’s just you really need to talk to your family members to see how they feel about it so that you don’t have to make a hard decision when you reach that day,” said Edward Enos, Katie’s dad.

Katie’s floral portrait will be featured on the donate life float in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena on Jan. 2.


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