BOSTON (CBS) – The sexual assault case against New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has been terminated, prosecutors announced Thursday.

“I am very appreciative of the hard work of the County’s public officials and of my attorney Amy McNamee. I am humbled by the support of my teammates and the Patriots organization. I’m just looking forward to focusing on football,” Edelman said in a statement released by the team.

Edelman, 25, had been charged with indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping a woman at Storyville, a Copley Square restaurant on November 1.

Read: Police Report (.pdf)

He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was due to return to court January 10.

Watch surveillance video:

But Suffolk County prosecutors terminated the case Thursday after concluding they would not be able to meet their burden of proof in a trial.

“Specifically, a review of both witness statements and video surveillance has revealed that the Commonwealth would be unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intentionally engaged in a harmful or offensive touching of the complainant that would be regarded by society as immodest, immoral, and improper,” prosecutors said in a document filed in court Thursday.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“The evidence suggests that (Edelman) approached a woman on the dance floor and took her hand briefly. Review of the videotape indicates that the physical contact between the two was fleeting, prosecutors say, and did not meet the elements of any crime,” the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

“To constitute indecent assault and battery, physical contact must be intentional; potentially physically harmful or an affront to the victim’s integrity; fundamentally offensive to contemporary moral values; and without justification or excuse. Prosecutors could not prove these elements with the evidence contained in the surveillance imagery, witness statements, and other sources.”

The news had fans breathing a sigh of relief.

“I think it’s good for team to get it cleared up,” said Patriots fan Andrew Dennington.

“Now they can just keep their focus on the field,” added another fan, Matt Smigowski.

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  1. Ma Ura says:

    The woman who falsely accused this innocent man should be arrested, found guilty and executed by lethal injection.

  2. Toronaga-sama says:

    The ‘Ref’s’ picked up the flag….


  3. SMF says:

    It is clear to me from the video that he put his hands on her near her crotch. His arm is clearly out as he approaches the woman and bumps into her. The guy in the hoodie is in the way of Edelman’s hand so it’s tough to say conclusively, but the reactions of the girl and the hoodie guy say it all IMHO. They are both immediately stunned and you can see the man in the hoodie console the woman who was groped. And Edleman is looking back at them the whole time as he scurries away like a coward! The DA said that it appeared Edelman “took her hand briefly.” LOL. Who goes around in a dark nightclub grabbing attractive women’s hands? This is clearly just another case of a wealthy, influential, athlete scum-bag getting away with a crime that the rest of us would be prosecuted for. Someone should ask the DA how he likes his new box seats at Gillette stadium!

  4. Barbara says:

    So now that the video is out and yes he was proven to have done NOTHING wrong Now what? All you idiots that had him convicted of something he never did. I just pray if i am ever set up none of you idiots are on my Jury. As for this chick that I still believe was out for money lying that he did that to her? She should be held accountable and charged with false statements along with defamation of character. All you people that jumped all over him should be ashamed for where is the innocent till proven guilty?

  5. Steve says:

    This is a sign of the moral integrity of people in this country these days. I’m sure cases like the one against Julian Edelman are, more often than not, someone trying to score a quick paycheck. It’s just sad that all a woman has to say is a man did something like this, no proof whatsoever, and the man is immediately arrested and brought under the public eye to forever ruin his reputation. People are just horrible these days. It seems like they pretend to not know between wrong and right. She should be tried herself and brought up on perjury / slander charges to prove a point that people cannot continue to act this way. The world seriously needs a wake up call.

    1. Barbara says:

      My thoughts exactly.

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