By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Right up front, let me explain – this is an appeal to all serious news media to reconsider their policy on talking about the political impact of Donald Trump, as if there were such a thing.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I have to acknowledge, doing so requires that I do exactly what Trump wants me to do, and precisely what I’m hoping we will no longer do – talk about him.

Right off the bat, this shows you how diabolically clever Trump is, that he’s able to turn even harsh criticism into a potential source of revenue.

But while there’s no question Trump is an accomplished showman, he has little of value to offer to American politics, and it’s past time for some of us to stop pretending that he does.

Trump’s latest farce involves a GOP presidential debate later this month that he was scheduled to moderate.

In a reassuring show of common sense, all the Republican candidates except Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum refused to participate in the debate.

If you’ve seen some of the gong shows they’ve all participated in this year, it will give you a sense of the low bar the Trump debate was unable to clear.

But to Trump, this is not a repudiation of his latest inappropriate publicity stunt, not like last May when Trump was dumped by the Indy 500 as celebrity pace-car driver when outraged racing fans demanded someone else.

The candidates are simply afraid that appearing on the same stage with him will be such an unflattering comparison that pressure would immediately start building for a Trump run for president as an independent.

I am not kidding, that was the gist of Trump’s statement yesterday on why he’s pulling out as debate moderator.

And when might Trump be thinking of launching this ill-fated campaign?

Why, right after the final episode of his TV show airs, look for it in your local listings.

If Trump had ever said anything truly insightful about public policy, I’d say, hey, everybody needs a gimmick, let’s give him a hearing.

But that hasn’t happened.

So my vote is for the rest of Trump’s long quest for the title of most annoying baby-boomer ever to be carried out privately.

And please, forget I ever mentioned this.

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Jon Keller

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  1. Stephen Stein says:

    Wait, did you say something?

  2. tsal says:

    Yet he who shall not be named has supporters. Why? How? Does that tell us more about the American voter than we want to know?

    In Iowa 40% of the voters say they get most or all of their news from FOX. Gingrich was a former FOX analyst. Romney has a rocky relationship with the network. Guess who FOX is portraying and the great hope? How can anyone get all of his input from one network – especially one that runs far right or far left.

    Where is the silver lining – when do people wake up.

    Interesting BTW that Time has named The Protestor as person of the year with of course the focus on the protests in other countries..

  3. FireGuyFrank says:

    Jon, I beg to differ. Perhaps this time the media ought to talk about all the candidates. Four years ago, the media annointed Obama and McCain. Maybe this year it will be different. Trump has his flaws — they all do. Perhaps he can flavor the debate to focus on the economy.

    Just a thought.

    1. tsal says:

      Trump’s flaws are that he wants to make the presidency of the greatest country in the world into a reality show to further his image. I may think some of the GOP candidates are self-serving (revolution#9 doesn’t want me to say idiot:), but I have done the research and spent the time learning about them. They are running to become president and I believe that is the sole intent of their candidacy even if they haven’t a clue in many cases. Trump is playing a game to get ratings and gather adoring fans (ugh that hurt to say). He is a joke and he is using the presidency of the United States for his own gain – period.

      IMHO Jon was too kind in his commentary.

      Now ask me how I really feel about him :))

      1. FireGuyFrank says:

        Well, tsal, never said I’d vote for him, but if he keeps the pot stirred, maybe we won’t have the stilted primary this time around we had in 2008.

      2. Tsal says:

        I’ll give you that frank but heaven help us if it’s the likes of trump that stirs the pot

      3. Tsal says:

        Frank will give you that but heaven help us if it takes trump to stir the pot

      4. revolution#9 says:

        thank you for your politeness

  4. bosmonkey says:

    Anyone who has been on a “realty” t.v. show should never run for president. i.e. Trump and Palin. Get out of politics, you’re done. Trump shouldn’t waste air time. All he’s got is business savvy so he shouldn’t be considered at all.

    Now, I wish everyone would take a look at Ron Paul instead of the two current front runners. I am an Independent and I like everything but Ron Paul’s view of abortion and euthanasia. Hope he can beat out the other two.

    1. rrc says:

      I completely disagree with “all he’s got is business savvy so he shouldn’t be considered at all.” That, in fact, is why he should be considering, running and even win! Most of you people out there don’t like him because he is a successful business man, knows how to run a business, and doesn’t let other countries screw him. None of the candidates make me want to vote, but if Trump was on the ballot, you’d bet I’d be voting. He does know something. So what if it’s a publicity stunt?!?! Everyone knows him so it’s not like he’s trying to get his name out there as it already is. Most people have these type of comments because they are jealous of a successful person. Trump would run the country like it needs to be run … like a business and not take $#!? from anyone! The best to Trump in all his business endeavors and if he wants to run as an independent, I’m with him! Happy Holidays!

      1. tsal says:

        casting a few stones there are you, rrc? How do you presume to know why people do not like him. I don’t like him because he’s used a potential run for president to gain show ratings. He’s done it more than once. He gets attention and then he crawls back into his hole. His last game was to announce on his final show of the season whether he’d run. If that isn’t transparent enough, then please do more research on his games. It’s an insult to say anyone here is posting because of jealousy.

        I happen to like Huntsman – he’s a very successful businessman and has tons of common sense. AND most important, he isn’t grandstanding. Trump is and he’s a joke

  5. mikey says:

    Popcorn! Peanuts! Cracker Jacks!

  6. The Owl says:

    As I recall, it was Ross Perot who heard the great sucking sound about jobs being moved south of the border as result of NAFTA.

    This is not to say that The Donald has a better view of the world than any current candidate, but a recognition that on occasion the view is much more accurate than the view portrayed by Doctrine According to the Mainstream.

  7. Ron says:

    Alas he is neither the first nor the last showman to run for office

  8. Willow says:

    The real problem with The Donald becoming president is that he will not have the “final” say about anything, and cannot tell anyone, “they’re fired,” because they don’t live up to his business expectations. That’s only one reason I can think of that he would never be able to handle the presidency. Besides, one day he wants to be president, and the next day he doesn’t. He’s just playing a game with us all.

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