By Mark Saidnawey, WBZ-TV Gardening Expert

BOSTON (CBS) – Daffodils, crocus’s, forsythia, cherry trees, rhododendrons and even azaleas are sprouting up in many homeowners’ back yards so far this fall.

Alas, have no fear, Mother Nature will surely bring us colder temperatures and our plants will once again be reminded that it’s winter and return to their dormant phase.

All your deciduous plant material (perennials and bulbs) will be fine once the cold returns. They will go back to sleep underground and will come up fine next spring. To be sure, you can add a layer of fresh mulch, compost or salt marsh hay to protect them.

WBZ-TV’s Todd Gutner reports.

As for the trees and shrubs that are blooming now, it’s a slightly different story. As you may know, many early spring blooming trees and shrubs set their buds in the fall. Therefore, if the buds are popping open now, they will not have time to reset and bloom again in the spring.

Fortunately, I do not suspect this to be a widespread problem because blooms on trees and shrubs have been sporadic. The only difference you may see is slightly fewer flowers when April and May roll around.

Either way, there really isn’t much we can do except hope for a nice insulating snowfall come early January that lasts into March.

In general, no snow protection and extreme cold temperatures are not good for plants.

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Comments (2)
  1. Excellent blog. I certainly agree that you can leave your bulbs in the ground, but if you do live in a very cold climate that’s prone to hard frosts, then it’s better to dig them up and store them somewhere cold over the winter months. A garden shed works fine, but you do need to keep them dry to prevent them from rotting.

  2. Mark Saidnawey says:

    Thanks Great advice… Happy Holidays to you… Mark

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