BOSTON (CBS) – A world-renowned surgeon just received an award that’s rarely given out – not from any medical group, but from the Boy Scouts.

Dr. William Hardy Hendren III, who for 25 years has performed life-changing surgeries, received the distinguished Eagle Award.

He’s Chief of Surgery Emeritus at Children’s Hospital Boston, an honorary surgeon at Mass General, a Professor of Surgery at Harvard, and in 1942, became an Eagle Scout.

The Boy Scouts honored him on Wednesday.

Another Eagle Scout, former Governor Michael Dukakis gave him the award.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    This article does not give the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award or Dr. Hendren the recognition that they deserve. Less than 2,000 individuals have recieved this award since it was established in 1969. More about the award can be found at

  2. Lisa DiBello says:

    Dr. Hendren saved my sister’s life, and the lives of many many more children. My family will never be able to thank him enough. For me, there is no award big enough for him but this certainly is a great honor. THANK YOU for recognizing this wonderful man.

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