AMHERST (CBS) – Students at the state’s largest university are on edge after a co-ed at UMass Amherst claimed a man grabbed and pinned her up against a wall.

The Sunday evening incident had led police to beef up patrols.

Police say just after 5 p.m. Sunday evening, a female student was approached by a young man who asked if she needed a ride home. She said no, “He then reached behind her and grabbed the backpack that was on her shoulders and dragged her about ten feet and pushed her up against the wall of Herter Hall,” explains Deputy Chief Patrick Archbald of the UMass Amherst Police Department.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

After a brief struggle she broke free and escaped. The victim wasn’t hurt and the attacker didn’t show a weapon, touch her inappropriately or try to force her into a car so right now this is only being looked at as assault and battery.

“It’s just a little scary, it’s a really big campus and we feel safe walking from cross campus to get to class. So something like this to happen is kind of rare,” says Junior Samantha Santiago.

The school got the word out quickly via texts and e-mail But students like senior Peter Ding say he is still worried when his girlfriend walks to class alone, “This university campus has a lot of young girls who live and work around here so campus safety is very important.”

The last time something like this happened here on campus was in 2010 and police were able to make a quick arrest. In this case police say they are working on a few leads.

Anyone with information is asked to call UMass police at 413-545-2121.

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  1. Cathleen O says:

    Sick People !!!

  2. Tracey Mitchell says:

    This is NOT the first time a young woman has been attacked at UMASS Amherst. My daughter was raped in a dorm room when she was a junior, she did everything she was supposed to hospital, police etc., The police out there tried to sweep this incident under the rug for fear of the bad publicity. My daughter did not let this deter her she has been interviewed by the local newspaper, was on NECN addressing the lack of concern for female students. What makes this worse is that her rapist was allowed to continue going to school there, he was taken before a student board and given a slap on the wrist. Wish more stories would be done about the lack of concern given to there female students.

  3. buddy says:

    This is bizzare? How can someone be raped and simply let go? If the evidence exists then certainly the DA’s office should have intervened?

    As far as the putz who assaulted the women last night….His day will come. Hopefully sooner than later.

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