BOSTON (CBS) – The Terrorists don’t want us to have freedom, and would like to see hassle free travel disappear. It seems these days the TSA is helping make that happen. Dan Rea looks at the situation and offers a solution in this Weekend Commentary.

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  1. Rocco Giuliano says:

    I applaud Dan Rea for taking on the TSA, a bloated bureaucracy created by Congress in a blind panic after the traumatic events of 9/11. The fact is that TSA does not want experienced security personnel or combat vets in their ranks, because people who know the score are quick to point out that TSA’s entire approach to security is nonsense. Professionals will tell you that full body scanners are easy to defeat by anyone who knows how they work. Most prohibited items pose no threat whatsoever to the aircraft. The best way to screen for explosives is with K-9 teams. TSA does not want to hear any of this.

  2. Steve Scanner says:

    No returning serviceman or woman would want to work for this dysfunctional agency, who in 10 years has garnered more hate than the IRS in 100 years.

    Soldiers are sworn to uphold the constitution and this is diametrically opposed to the fourth amendment!

    Pack up the TSA and let airlines protect their own property. Send the TSA to North Korea or Syria!

  3. JJDillard says:

    Well, Steve Scanner, you should tell that to the thousands of veterans currently working for TSA. The agency’s workforce is full of former and current military servicemen and women! Any other ideas?

    Rocco, K9s are great at screening for explosives, but they can only work a few hours at a time and I don’t think passengers would appreciate dogs sniffing them up and down. TSA does use dogs in many other ways though, including cargo screening.

    1. Rocco Giuliano says:

      Yes, k9s are perfect for screening for explosives, which are the only valid threat. Two teams (team = one man, one dog) by your math would cover an eight hour shift. Dogs can follow their noses with no need for passengers to bunch up at the checkpoint, one of the most vulnerable and target-rich environments in the entire aviation system. People would appreciate dogs sniffing them up and down a lot more than they appreciate being irradiated by the same scanners currently banned as a health hazard by the EU, and shunned by other countries because they are so easy to defeat. They would also like it better than being molested by the probing blue-gloved fingers of TSA..

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