BOSTON (CBS/AP) – The last total lunar eclipse of the year is Saturday. And there won’t be another one for three years.

Read: NASA’s Lunar Eclipse Coverage

Viewers in the western half of the United States will have the best views Saturday well before dawn, Pacific and Mountain Standard Time. The farther west the better.

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“It’s pretty spectacular, and if you’re not prepared for it, you might think something crazy is going on,” said Noah Petro, a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

The scene from the Pacific — Australia and parts of Asia — will be prime. The action will be unfolding there Saturday night, local time.

The moon is actually going to look red during the eclipse, which is fairly rare.

“Essentially, all of the collective sunsets of the earth are projected back out onto the surface of the moon. It’s a fairly unique experience,” said Petro.

This is the second total lunar eclipse this year, when the entire moon is in Earth’s darkest shadow and will appear red. The first was in June. That’s it now until 2014. Until then, stargazers will have to settle for partial eclipses.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    There is an equally exciting moment occurring May 24, 2012 about 45 miles south of Mt. Shasta, California when the moon will be in perfect solar eclipse to the Sun with its shadow going directly over head. More than symbolic it’s a moment for scientific investigation. According author Richard C. Hoagland, “Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA” by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, Copyright 2007.
    The moment will be a moment that should register “torsion energy” predicted by the young , late, Dr. Bruce De Palma

    Proving the existence of “Torsion Energy” has profound importance on several levels. (1) Mainstream Science does not accept its existence as De Palma’s thesis seems to have a heretofore unknown energy emerge and manifest from the sub-quantum zero-point energy dimension which opens another can of worms on several levels. (2) It seems to be a hidden energy that manifests in our dimension through various effects on planetary size objects (the Red Spot on Jupiter at the 19.5 degree latitude) all the way down to tiny spinning balls and Rolex Watch tuning forks and who among our eminent scientific scholars wants to be the first to go on record as missing a force so obvious any grade school science project could cheaply duplicate.  (3) A hidden agenda in NASA, I won’t do there but Hoagland really cuts them a new one in his book. (4) Von Braun’s early NASA moon-shot colossal misses. (5) Black Ops secret sciences of the symbolists hidden in NASA (according to Hoagland’s deep analysis in his book (6) cheap power production, perhaps 1/100,000 to 1/1,000,000,000 the cost of nuclear power.

    Hoagland and Mike Bara describe a simple experiment to prove the existence of “Torsion Energy” using a Rolex watch electronic tuning fork known for its accuracy — the tuning fork represents a small arc of a larger circular motion. They make a simple electrical vibration-counter on the tuning fork. … something like 370 vibrations per second. They then record all tuning-fork vibrations during the passage of a planet across the face of the Sun in alignment with Earth. I think they conducted the experiment as inner planet Mercury visibly passed across the Sun’s face.  

    Bingo, there are 4 measured disturbance points. (1) the tangent point as the two disks of our star and Mercury first make outside contact, (2) then again on the same tangent point but inside contact, then (3) all the way across the face of our Sun to the “inside” 2nd tangent point before Mercury’s disk exits, then (4) the same 2nd tangent point where the disk of Mercury is outside the disk of our Sun.      

    Now here’s the thing, Hoagland and Bara reported the strongest Torsion Energy in changes occurring in the tuning forks very reliable vibration frequency rate as much as several hundred percent increase in energy into the tuning fork’s vibration rate. I think they said the tuning fork had an accuracy for know stability used in wrist watches of something like 1 second in a year error. (I forget, but very accurate) so a variance spiked the fork off the chart almost at that precise moments 1., 2., 3., 4……then back to its regular reliable vibration rate. 

    Whether or not this same inexpensive observation will work with the moon’s May 24, 2012 solar eclipse is the question. 

    Shasta is a highly symbolic holy mountain to the Native American tribes in the area. But you need not be on the mountain itself as the shadow is south of the mountain. Go figure……I mean go measure.
    De Palma was ahead of his time perhaps:
    ……”Because these individuals and institutions are employed by the ruling elite to forecast the future and satisfy present needs and demands, it is clear that free energy is a threat to the world order constructed by business and the mindset of those who want to own the world. Free energy represents Man’s aspirations and dreams of freedom and equality, uniform division of resources and the ability to choose one’s own future. The fact that free energy is suppressed speaks to the greed and self-interest of a ruling elite which, even in the face of an emergency of global starvation, resource depletion and environmental pollution, will not give one inch if it means loss of control. This is an attitude of paranoid delusion and fantasy which can only arise from the alienation of a class of elitists who, through their money, are completely insulated from the reality of the day to day fight for existence of the common man.”

    1. Matt says:

      Clam down, it is just an eclipe.

      1. Rich Buckley says:

        I’ll try and get a better grip May 25, 2012. Care to join us?

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