BOSTON (CBS) – As the economy slowly begins to turn around, the trend of self-gifting is on the rise again.

Ken Perkins of Retail Metrics in Swampscott says shoppers are ready to reward themselves after a tough couple of years.

“The national retail federation is suggesting that self-gifting, which had sort of disappeared during the height of the recession is been slowly returning,” he said. “It’s going to be up 16% this year. Consumers are going to spend $130 dollars on themselves, in order to get what they want for Christmas this year.”

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports

If the holiday theme  is always suppposed  to be that it is better to give than to receive , should you feel guilty about picking up a few things for yourself when you are out shopping.

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Dr. Charles Foster of the Chestnut Hill Institute says getting exactly what you want is ultimately more rewarding.

In Photos: CBS Boston’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Dream Wish List

“The most satisfying gift is the one you’ve asked for. Surprises, the ones we all say we want tend to be the gifts we’re in fact least happy with,” said Dr. Foster.

Comments (4)
  1. Julie Kelleher says:

    Bought myself a new watch!

  2. coach23 says:

    Spent more than that on myself today! At least I know it’s something I will like.

  3. Tsal says:

    Why not. It’s all about “me”. How sad

  4. The Batman says:

    I call it the “Alvin syndrome”. To quote: “It’s a gift from me, to me!” That’s just wonderful. Now we want to emulate cartoon characters.

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