By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

High pressure has settled in which will provide more sunshine on this Friday.

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However,  an eroding cold front will produce patches of clouds later today as well as a slim chance of a sprinkle/flurry, especially north and west.

Watch Melissa’s forecast:

Highs will fall within the 45-50F degree range.

Skies will be completely clear tonight along with the first quarter moon.  This will allow for a decent amount of radiational cooling.  Temperatures will drop down to the middle 20s to lower 30s.

This Weekend: 

Sunny… AND sunny!

Yes, more sunshine for the entire weekend!

Highs will be cooler on Saturday as the mercury hangs in the lower to middle 40s. Sunday will be milder as temperatures make their way into the lower 50s.

All of the long-range models are showing a dry start to next week.

However, there are a few discrepancies with timing/precipitation type by mid-week.

The GFSx and the EURO show rain moving in Tuesday and sticking around through Wednesday.

Wednesday has a chance of producing a wintry mix during the evening hours for areas north/west/higher elevations.

Thursday is going to be dry according to the GFSx, while the EURO keeps the front around through Thursday afternoon.

I took the ‘dry’ road and dried us out on Thursday.

We will watch this stalled/slow moving front closely as new model runs become available.

Happy FRRRiday!

Melissa :)

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  1. matt souza says:

    3 major tracks for next few weeks
    track1- storms form in pacific northwest moves down into droughted areas/centeral plains up through husent valley through new england (rain makers for southern new england mix northern new england)
    track2- clipper systems tracking form canada giving cool shots to new england with snow and or rain showers to northern new england with clouds for the rest of the area
    track 3 storms track from south west united states and tracks across the plains to southeast/ mid atlantic. to far south for snow . it will be cool enough but precipitation will be to far south . but the ski areas will be able to make snow

    1. matt souza says:

      wih this said the storm that will be tracking across the U.S will be to far inland to give us any accumulating snow it will be to warm but it will be really close . call if it ends as a mix but northern new england could get a healthy dose of snow.
      temps will be in the 40s and 50s through out the week.
      lows will be in the 20s and 30s. and low 40s in the warmer locations towards the coast and Boston.

    2. coastal says:

      Email me if you want to join another blog.

  2. Matt Souza says:

    coastal i just emailed you again … tell me if it does not go through

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