BOSTON (CBS) – A 7-year-old boy is being investigated by his South Boston elementary school for possible sexual harassment after kicking another boy in the crotch.

UPDATE: Boy To Be Transferred To New School

The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, says she was shocked by the school’s decision.

“He’s 7 years old. He doesn’t know anything about sexual harassment,” she said.

Lynch’s son, Mark Curran, said the boy that he kicked had been bullying him on the school bus ride home from Tynan Elementary last week.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“He just all of a sudden came up to him, choked him. He wanted to take his gloves, and my son said, ‘I couldn’t breathe, so I kicked him in the testicles,'” said his mother.

Lynch described a phone call she received from the school explaining that the case will be treated like sexual harassment, due to what it considers inappropriate touching.

“‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,'” Lynch said the school told her.

She said she’s been asked to attend a disciplinary hearing at the school Monday.

A Boston Public Schools spokesperson said officials are investigating, but won’t comment further, since it’s a private matter.

Lynch wants an apology and better supervision on the school bus to prevent such fights among students.

“He couldn’t breathe. He was trying to defend himself,” she said. “I don’t find that sexual harassment. I find that defending himself.”

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  1. NikW says:

    Sexual Harrassment? Really? Why not go after the bully!

    1. Dee says:

      Exactly!! Go after the bully, not the victim. Since when does a 7 year old know anything about sexual harassment? He was defending himself.

    2. gramps says:

      Using the rational being ‘spewed’ by these ‘PC’ over educated school bureaucrats…..

      Had the young ‘lad’ hit his attacker with his ‘Tonka Truck’….

      He’d be charged with ‘Driving to Endanger’!


      Who hired & then promoted these ‘MORONS’!

      Our school ‘Tax Dollars’ @ work.

      1. gramps says:

        If found guilty, he’ll have to register as a ‘Sex Offender’ & if he currently lives too close to a school or a playground….

        He & his family will have to move to ‘Dover’, ‘Swellsley’ or ‘Deluxbury’..2 acre zoning…


      2. Tax Revolt says:

        IDK. If he hit him with a tonka truck wouldn’t it be vehicular assault.

      3. Ronald Dimmer says:

        You are thinking That these administrators have intellegence, Their actions indicate something else. You can’t teach ,or reason, or argue with government employees.. I don’t know what a person can do. RJD

    3. SJ says:

      If the school views kicking in the groin sexual harassment, then they should charge the bully with attempted murder for choking the kid. Get real folks! this is a grammar school fight and nothing more take your collective heads out of your butts.

      1. Stan says:

        Darn good point SJ. If I were a member of this community I certainly would call for an investigation into the competency of the school officials involved. Their response to this incident is totally unreasonable for someone who’s job is to educate our children, and I don’t understand how any group of parents would tolerate them.

      2. Joe Lovell says:

        SJ, I think you meant “Take your COLLECTIVIST heads out…”

      3. klg1956 says:

        This is a child defending himself and that is against the school rules of zero tolerance…..which teaches the student not to stick up for themselves because if they do they get punished even more than the bully. It’s a subset rules of engagement to train the student not to defend themselves and then later in life, not to defend their country. And we can even go one step further, will you even stand up for your spouse or your child later down the road? Defending yourself is rooted and ingrained in one’s nature as deeply as if implanted by heredity and the “schools” are indoctrinating it out of our children. Why?

      4. LTCB says:

        That’s the truth. In any NORMAL environment, it would be a minimum of aggravated assault or attempted murder. Kick the bully again, just in the face next time. Is it sexual harassment if you kick him in the mouth and knock out his teeth?

      5. David says:

        Actually SJ your pretty close, had a similar thing happen to one of my kids. I pressed felony charges against the aggressor, Interference with an educational institution. I took it out of the schools hands, made them call the school resource officer. The cop had no choice. The other kid 13 years old was handcuffed and taken to jail. Its legal to defend yourself and the school can’t make rules saying its not. My youngest is now going to that school, they told her she couldnt defend herself, when she was bullied, She laughed and reminded them what I did years before. They didn’t do a thing to her, In fact last week they were afraid to give her detention for something she did do(I made her go to detention) Libs are good at talking big, but run when you stand up to them.

      6. Jess says:

        that is a great point. reading things like this make me either not want to have kids or deal with the ‘social awkwardness’ of having them home schooled.

      7. Jessica Ulanowski says:

        David I agree, my son was being bullied and when I spoke up the school did not like it and neither did the mother of the bully. The mother of the bully actually slammed me into a wall at the school and they banned us both for 6 months. Mine is now 3 months. We are trying to get it removed completly. The principal says that should be no problem but I still can’t volunteer until Jan. after the Christmas break. Even though I have done this for nearly 8 years and the father of the bully child even told my husband he knows now that his wife and kids were lying to him the whole time this was going on.

      8. Jessica Ulanowski says: this has some language. This was a month before the school slamming incident. This is the story our local news ran on the bullying story. It does not say this, but was not a fight. I was slammed into the wall basically for not allowing her son to bully mine.

        Then 1 day before she is to go to court for the assault on me she does this.

        And I am still banned, even though she is in jail, kids are no longer even in the same state as us and we are cool with the husband.

      9. Stephanie says:

        100% agree with you SJ. I really hope this childs parents do just that….

      10. demsvoteblindly says:

        Good luck Jessica!!! It’s too bad they have the dumb and unable running the schools. Is it really any surprise they put out the product they do? Look at the OWS to see what they have been able to achieve….

        I hope this gets cleared up and the right people get punished and you have an apology coming from the school, along with some losing their jobs.

      11. demsvoteblindly says:

        Remove the progressives and liberals from the schools and you will see most of this go away if not all of it…

        Remove this comment too, I will keep posting. There was nothing inappropriate in this message so keep trying to prevent my 1st amendment right and I will keep reposting it. ;)

      12. demsvoteblindly says:

        Remove the progressives and liberals from the schools and you will see most of this go away if not all of it…

        I will add it again just so you have another one you have to “moderate” What’s the matter, the liberals running this site upset with truth?

    4. Tex says:

      Seems to me a school bureaucrat is also a bully here, and needs a good kick in the groin to bring him back to reality.

      1. Turban says:

        There are two classes of people who think they’re above the law, criminals and bureaucrats. The criminal takes what you have. The bureaucrat takes what you have and then demands that you thank him for it.

      2. UpChuck.Liberals says:

        I was thinking a round stick thing to the side of the crainum, knock some sense into them. Remember, when attacked you MAY NOT defend yourself. It’ll ruin the attackers self-esteem. Oh I HATE LIBERALS.

      3. Linebacker says:

        Sue the mother of the other bully for incompetent child raising

      4. Padre of Lakeland says:

        This kind of thing is not new. In ’94 my partner and I were called into the principles office at the elementary school my son was in. [I was in a divorce action at the time and living with a friend.] The principle informed me that my son was fighting and/or causing trouble during recess. These activities centered around a bully (not my son) who was bullying him and other students. Her problem was that Michael would defend himself and others against Joseph (a child in his third year of kindergarten, yes, set back twice.) I demanded she bring in his teacher who stated, 1. Michael was not a problem in class or the playground, and 2. Joseph was a known bully who picked on smaller kids.
        I then informed Principal Politically correct that a. if my son was harmed by her PERSONAL policy I would sue her personally as well as the school and, b. my son was allowed to defend himself against anyone who attempted to hurt or bully him.
        That ended it. I will add that this was a small town school where most everyone knew who was what and why.

    5. disallussioned father says:

      Awesome. My daughter was relenmtleesy bullied by a boy in the 4th grade. She went to the principle and asked her to do something. She told her to handle it herself like a big girl. She went back to the playground, the boy delivered a barrage of names so she kicked at him but missed. The principal witnessed it and she was summarily expelled from school for three days for an “Act of violence!” 4th grader kicking at a boy twice her size. Maybe the teachers need to go back to school at their own expense and just learn how to focus on teaching.

      1. Ronald J Dimmer says:

        Parants have got to fight back .. rjd

      2. pete says:

        HAHA that IS an act of violence you moron. Totally different from this situation which is self-defense. In your daughter’s case she was trying to physically harm a guy that didn’t even touch her and was only calling her names!

        Additionally the title of your post says a lot about your intelligence!

    6. uh oh says:

      you have got to be $%^%$*&^ me. When will you idiots wake up and stop trying to apply adult crimes to children. If he was being choked i would have to say that qualifies as self defense.

    7. Ste1 says:

      This is just more of the same stuff that is going on daily, its freaking amazing

    8. JJohnson Blackbelt Tae-Kwon-Do says:

      This goes to show that if parents do not teach the child better, someone else will when they act out. We still have the right to defend ourselves in this country. Good job son.

      1. Scott says:

        My 9 year old son had the same thing happen to him. fortunately, he’s a green belt in Shotokan Karate, so when he hit back, it knocked out the 2 front teeth of the bully !!!

  2. emom says:

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME…. WHAT SEXUAL HARRASSMENT… this poor kid was being choked by the punk and his gloves where stolen. He did what he had to do to protect himself, By any chance is this poor kid taking karate or some martial arts,, if so He was in his rights to defend himself..
    My kid takes karate and if my kid was being assaulted they are taught to defend themselves and well if their groin is open KICK IT. Hell if a women is being assaulted we are told to KICK THE HELL OUT OF THE DANGLING THINGS.
    Sexual assault I so hope the mother gets a lawyer,, this is one for the books. REALLY THAT OTHER MOTHER Needs a reality check

    1. Rocky says:

      If that was sexual harrassment then the bully is guilty of attempted murder so why arn’t they investigating that?

      1. Ar Amytas says:

        Gosh, the “authorities are a-holes! That kid did the proper thing, kicking the bully.

      2. Mark Matis says:

        The bully is probably the kid of a “Law Enforcement” officer, or is a Preferred Species. This country has become Animal Farm. Everyone is equal. But some are MORE equal than others.

        The stench is overwhelming.

      3. Ed Johns says:

        Ar Amytas—–Very poignant comment. I believe you are on to something.

      4. Ed Johns says:

        Mark Matis—————You are spot on also. The endangered specie was probably the bully if you get my inference.

      5. Inigo Montoya says:

        You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. [poignant, inference]

        Blow up the image and you’ll see that the seven-year-old was accused of violating the Code of Conduct for “sexually related physical contact.” There must not be anything in the Code about choking and robbing someone.

        Incidentally, we don’t know that the bully’s parents — the right word, I’d say — didn’t get a similar letter — _if_ what he’s accused of doing violates the Code of Conduct.

      6. N8 Straight says:

        ROCKY, I could not agree MORE!!! Throw the punk-a** in the slam and convict him of attempted murder and theft!

      7. jobo says:

        Rocky! You have your thinking cap on!! Great comment.

      8. jean says:



        This is what you get when your kids are turned over to the care of LEFTISTS, with advanced degrees in STUPIDITY, from

      10. gil day says:

        the bully will be left alone because this is the slave training going on in schools. submit to opression or else!

      11. Dean Fivex says:

        Spot on! We’re becoming a nation of weenies where mindless dogma and political correctness replaces common sense. Doomed and damned if we continue this slide to ruination.

      12. Jared Larson says:

        If I was this kid’s mom and came face to face with that school bureaucrat that charged her kid, I’d engage in a little “sexual harassment” of my own.

      13. bj says:

        this is not sexual harrasssment, maybe the bully deserve it. What does it take to stop their bully if parents or teachers dont step in.

      14. Smack Dab says:

        Good one! And you are right! So I hope she brings that up at the meeting…

      15. CB says:

        @Mark Matis – You’re an idiot! As a police officer, my son was continuoulsy bullied. When I told him to fight back, his response was “I don’t want to get in trouble”. The bully was probably from a family with the twisted mentality of an imbecile, basically equal to yours!

      16. NRGXMSN says:

        I agree with Rocky, and the school should be investigated to see if anyone with a brain is in charge there because it appears the ones there now are complete idiots.

      17. bumpkin says:

        excellent point. Perhaps administration are all gay at that school and want to turn the near-dead boy into their little example of why you should submit to their way of thinking and behavior. It is the only logical excuse for their frenzy of ridiculous hate that I can imagine. They KNOW the bully was choking him and he couldn’t breathe. That seems alright with them…so it must be about what the bully was trying to achieve, and why else make him a sexual example? BTW, when you can no longer BREATHE, you are near-dead. I’m imagining someone going there and kicking the school officials in like manner! Stupid people abound.

      18. Mark Matis says:

        Of course you’re right, CB. After all, “Law Enforcement” NEVER lie to Mere Citizens…


        STATEMENT: “When I served in Vietnam, I was kicked in the nuts on occasion, by my own troops. For this, I received a Purple Heart. It is displayed at

      20. gil44 says:

        Rocky – Great point, but I’m afraid the idiots will miss it and think that your proposed attempted murder charges are a great idea.

      21. gramps says:

        Tynan Elementary School
        Eileen Morales
        650 E. Fourth Street
        South Boston, MA02127

        Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      22. DougI says:

        and maybe the mother should file suit against the school for allowing child abuse? The best defense is a rousing offense.

      23. Canof Sand says:

        @Mark Matis You anti-police punks are scum. There are the rare bad apples (much rarer than your tiny mind full of lies and exaggerated anecdotes would admit, since you’re a self-blinding useful idiot) but anyone who twists that into blank accusations and characterizations like you do is an evil piece of filth. You and yours are the problem, not the cops.

      24. RTE says:

        Spot on. We are dealing with leftist PIGS here. Hope the bully is sterile now.

      25. Vicki Mowod says:

        Seems about as reasonable.

      26. Brent Caldwell says:

        Bingo! Is this what Boston has come to? Where’s the Zero Tolerance on choking people? We’re losing control of our society, and this is another example. Not that long ago, the kicking kid would have been a hero, and still is to those of us that live in the real world. Nice job, kid, don’t ever be afraid to stand up to tyrants.

      27. IrateNate says:


      28. Henry Bowman says:

        Boston bureaucrats are f*g idiots.

        Whoops, it’s probably sexual harassment for me to say that.

        Well, come and get me.

      29. TexaSooner says:

        Hope Mom sues district for failing to protect her son on the bus.

      30. Bilford Rielly says:

        They should, also, investigate the school authorities for hazzardoust terminal stupidity.

        Lib/Commies at thier very best!

      31. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

        If kicking him in the groin was sexual harassment, would kicking him in the butt be rape? Stupid liberals.

      32. Don says:

        Another case of Jerk heads with so called power showing off because of their selfish egos run amok. Boston City Schools need to go to therapy or a reality show to get educated. They apparently don’t have a clue what sexual harrassmnent is in the first place. What DORKS.

      33. SuzanneL says:

        Right on, Rocky. I think the mother should take it a step farther, and sidestep the school entirely, and file a police report for the attempted murder of her son.

      34. Christine Ball Rinehart says:

        Amen Rocky!

      35. Jim Dea says:

        In this day and age we have the socialist lunatics running our gov’t we can expect to see this. So, self defense becomes se xual harassment does that mean se xual harassment is self defense? I bet justice Kagen thinks so. We are gone folks. Pack your bags. It’s time to leave the loony bin before they eat our livers with Chianti and Fave beans!

    2. reggie patrick says:

      i agree!!! Only from the warpped minds of the learned leftist progressive liberals could defending oneself be twisted into sexual harrassment. Common sense is being harrassed bt the loony left.

      1. REALAmerican says:

        oh shut up.

      2. Anon says:

        RealAmerican is clearly a communist. Reggie, you’re correct. This is SO a liberal thing. Only they would turn something like this into sexual harassment. They’re always thinking with the wrong head. Same people who don’t want to censor p0rn in the school computers.

      3. SilentMajority says:

        Give me a break. I’m a liberal and totally support this kid. Who said being a liberal didn’t mean defending yourself?

      4. Stan says:

        Because liberals are spineless, ignorant weasels. And only a degenerate liberal would even think of pressing sexual harassment.

      5. TheRealKingMax says:

        The school did….

      6. MarcM says:

        The ones voting to take away my second ammendment rights did.

      7. Burl says:

        If you’re a liberal then first of all you’re not the “silent majority” and second of all you are expressly supportive of the mindset and political hackery that not only enables this kind of deliberate, calculated up-is-down subversion, but actually promotes it. Liberalism promotes this way of thinking.

        You as a self-avowed “liberal” are either one of the “well intentioned” brainwashed or are knowingly pushing a duplicitous and backwards “bad is good two-and-two makes five” utterly corrupt “movement.”

        Liberals even try to call themselves “progressive” — and they use other similar semantics — in an example of calculated mockery of forthright language, a mockery that approaches being diabolical.

        It’s worse than insanity; it’s a sin. It’s a very real, very active form of evil. You don’t have to be a genius to see the erosive effects of “political correctness” and leftist-totalitarianism on our government and on the very soul of our society.

      8. Barney Fwank says:

        Absolutely Reggie. Anytime one of these stories pops up it is inevitably in a bastion of liberalism, i.e. Boston in this case.

        What’s pathetic is that the school will probably have its way here since it did happen in Boston, and thus people won’t be all that outraged since they frown on self-defense (unless you are black and your attackers are white).

      9. Slippy says:

        100:1 says the bully is a minority and the hero-kid is white.

      10. Andy McCarhy says:

        Redge, it is the ridiculous right that is afraid of gay people, not the left. Leftist liberals are too smart not to see through what this psycho bully was trying to do. He was trying to make himself look like a victim so he played the gay card. It was the nut job right-leaning school officials who agreed with the kid, that he was being touched inappropriately by a gay kid. Reggie, don’t be fooled by the right. They are playing you.

      11. Doug Ruggerie says:

        Andy are you really trying to parade out that the Boston School District is comprised on conservatives. You might want to check your kitchen for a gas leak. Nobody on the right is “afraid” of gay people. Not condoning or agreeing with something doesn’t mean that you are afraid. Well placed use of the liberal talking points to try to distort the original message. This issue also has absolutely nothing at all to do with sexuality. We are talking about 7 year olds. Only liberals would associate 7 year olds with sexuality. Disgusting and misleading, as are your comments!

      12. Andy McCarthy says:

        Doug, you’re right, I shouldn’t have said that anyone was afraid of gay people. No one’s afraid of gay people. We are harmless. There are plenty of people who disdain gay people, look down on them, pick on them, discriminate against them, disrespect them, etc.

        I didn’t bring sexuality into this discourse–it was the bully and the bully’s parents and the school administrators. Have a nice day, you jerk.

      13. Al Dente says:

        Why don’t I see anything reported about “gays” being involved. That doesn’t come up until the comments.

      14. TxSon says:

        Andy, come back to the light! You have been completely and utterly fooled by the progressive left. The right does NOT fear nor hate gays, that is just the far fringe not jobs that you want to apply to all conservatives. Wake up. You can’t find a single instance of a main stream conservative hating on gays unless you insist on twisting a resistance to giving them preferential treatment as “hate”.

      15. Andy McCarthy says:

        What do you mean by preferential treatment? As far as I can tell gay people don’t get preferential treatment, we get knocked around and then accused of sexual assault like this kid on the bus.

      16. Andy McCarthy says:

        Tex, what do you mean by preferential treatment? As far as I can tell gay people don’t get preferential treatment, we get knocked around and then accused of sexual assault like this kid on the bus. The only Republican candidate who has a respectful view of gay people is Hunstman.

      17. jobo says:

        Why do we think liberals are involved??? Uh….gun control, shut down Gitmo, civil trials for terrorists, whiners, sue others if they so much as dare to say “Merry Christmas”, NOW, etc. Liberals are usually (always) on the side of insanity.

      18. Buzz says:

        Andy, what sort of gay people you hang out with who equate touching with getting kicked in the balls. Or are you making that up? I don’t know why anyone would think someone in education, in Boston might be liberal. Where could they possibly get that idea?

      19. Andy McCarhy says:

        Buzz, it’s the bullying Republicans and Teapartiers who equate a swift kick in the ____ with sexual touch, not gay people. That’s why I think that Boston admins are in league with Republicans, that they’d entertain such an idea.

      20. Andy McCarthy says:

        Buzz, let me break it down for you: The bully doubtlessly teased the other kid about being gay. When the smaller kid kicked the bigger kid, he went to the principal saying that the kid he perceived as gay was molesting him, and the “conservative” principal bought his argument.

      21. John Moser says:

        Andy, there was no “gay card”(that’s the thing you keep in YOUR wallet). Leftist “liberals” aren’t smart and they in fact ARE the bullies. How stupid does a person have to be to think there are conservative school drones in Boston? Andy McCarhy stupid, that’s how stupid. Learn how to spell your own name.

      22. Andy McCarthy says:

        My gay card? I’m stupid? Your post makes you sound like a bully.

      23. JamesAZ says:

        REALAmerican – Ha – REALA-Hole

      24. JON ADAMS says:

        Continue on, you didn’t see anything, everything is fine…YES! eat that piece of propaganda…it’s tasty…continue on.

        FASCIST %^$*

      25. carlos says:

        Yes and Mitt Romney will need 8 years to undo the damage Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Dodd have done.

      26. CDW says:

        Yes, to really make an incredible, humonguous mess of the U.S.economy and U.S. culture will take more time. What an interesting, corrupt Obama presidency.

        Gibson Guitar
        Mike and Chantell Sackett

        *** NObama 2012 ***

      27. truth detector says:


      28. Wake Up Now says:

        Unfortunately, folks, this is what the liberal progressives have implemented upon our society.

        While the communists we have placed into public offices tear down the United States bit by bit, the socialist progressives that have infiltrated our mass media, OUR unions, our schools and colleges, and into our courts slowly shred and tear down our society and legal system.

        You see, as far as the schools are concerned, they are busy programming AND indoctrinating our children into good little communist drones, AND HAVE BEEN DOING SO FOR AT LEAST THE PAST 40 YEARS. Defending yourself is not allowed, so they punish this behavior with absurd decisions like this one.

        But step back, clear your mind from this specific incident, and consider the BIG picture as I have just presented it above:

        This is what the liberal progressives, the human cancer of our country, are doing to us on a long range, continuous basis. Their goal: destruction of the United States in country, governance, society, beliefs, morals, pride, religion and soul.

        And they are making BIG gains, and are winning.

        So, as sad as this specific incident with this little boy may be, it’s just an indicator of how close we are as Americans to the Point of No Return. These communist scumbags know EXACTLY what they are doing, they are doing this as a planned, deliberate and intention effort, and know what is the goal.

        Making the U.S. a socialist/communist Shangri-La. Unfortunately, we would also be ripe for the picking by some other countries who are drooling to destroy the U.S.

        So, we have a choice: we can baaaa like sheep and whine, while generation after generation of children are programmed by the communists to replace us, and when we die, so does freedom, American spirit, and America itself.

        OR – we can identify whomever is specifically driving the idiotic decisions and rulings like this one, and go after them by all means necessary. We would merely be using the very same liberal progressive tactics that have besieged our country for the past two generations. However, liberal progressives are cowards, and can’t stand the light of exposure and truth. They will run like roaches.

        It’s our country to win or lose. What say you? What will YOU do?

        Had enough?

    3. Ivan Yurkenov says:

      Dear emom, don’t you get it? In Boston, and other like-governed cities, where progressives rule, defending one’s self is violence. Self-defense is as morally indefensible as rape, to “progressives”. In fact, if a liberal or progressive commits rape, think Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick, that is far more acceptable than an innocent seven year-old using physical, and I would add, virtuous violence to fend off a bully.

      The lesson here, is that “progressives” begin programming their dogma in children at a very early age so that when the children reach adult-hood they will be compliant subjects. Now you know.


    4. Major Infidel says:

      Why are we surprised that our kids aren’t learning anything in school when we continue to employ the absolute dumbest American adults as our school administrators?

      1. Sgt. Schultz says:

        The boy should be given a medal for standing up to a bully.

        It’s no wonder we have all these occutards taking to the streets, after being raised in these public schools by other occutards pretending to be “school administrators”, who are simply ‘occutards’ with a ‘job’.

      2. Kingfish says:

        Obviously all the carpet baggers did’t leave the north, how can u expect a student to learn when the educators are more ignorant than the children.

      3. phil says: 2 jobs if you must. Get your child into a private school that would NEVER hire an “Educator” who could dream of such a charge for a 7 year old, defending himself from a bully. What parents don’t realize is…this charge will be in the students’ PERMANENT record….guilty or not. 7 year-olds have very limited rights. It is up to the parents to protect their children from the “progressive” left.

    5. T-Texas says:

      Should have kicked him twice more

    6. laws says:

      right on Rocky. This is so ridiculous but then again I am not surprised that this is coming from a school district which are breeding grounds for lack of common sense. Here you have school officials throughout the country that look the other way regarding bullying, when real sexual harassment takes place they may or may not do the right thing and when they decide on what they think is a politically correct course of action they couldn’t get it MORE WRONG. Trying to protect yourself as a youngster you are bound to even accidently hit an area of the body that could be a private area. What does this teach our kids? Girls dont fight off an attacker you could get hit with sexual assault charge, grade school boys dont fight back against bullying. Stupidity at its best again with school officials.

      1. Kingfish says:

        He should have pulled a gun and shot the prick, end of that.

    7. farmgirl1976 says:

      I totally agree….we all know that schools are the heart of the “politically correct” crowd. Sure hope the family of the kid who was being bullied gets a ton of $$$!

    8. Ghostsouls says:

      Anything to get their 15 minutes of fame, the more outrageous, the better. They all want to be in the lime light. I would get an attorney, and sue the school for failure to provide adequate protection for my son, which resulting in this incident. Seek damages of $250,000, and then they can just settle this out of court, that will shut them up.

    9. Mike says:

      maybe they should charge the kid that was choking him with attempted murder. lol what is the world coming to!?!?!?!

      1. JumpMaster says:

        Mike, I agree. To think this is the country the last three generations of my family have fought for.

    10. gramps says:

      Who hired & then promoted these ‘MORONS’!

      Using the rational being ‘spewed’ by these ‘PC’ over educated school bureaucrats…..

      Had the young ‘lad’ hit his attacker with his ‘Tonka Truck’….

      He’d be charged with ‘Driving to Endanger’!


      Our school ‘Tax Dollars’ @ work.

      1. Bihlmann says:

        These “morons” in charge of indoctrination in our schools are simply products of a university system controlled for at least a half century by radical leftists. This is why their knee-jerk reaction is to oppose individual rights and responsibilities. Those who move up to adminsitrative positions are commonly bootlicking-brown-nosing-flattering flunkies who’ve learned to mouth meaningless platitudes.
        Those who promote them are intimidated by anyone they think may be smarter than they; consequently the stupidest syncophants eventually end up in charge. These Boston blockheads are in keeping with this practice.

      2. Kingfish says:

        That would be the dumb ass voters, who would ever want to live under these conditions, looks like Classy Detroit.

      3. gramps says:

        Head of the ‘Boston Public Schools’….

      4. gramps says:

        Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      5. gramps says:

        Tynan Elementary School

        Principal: Eileen Morales

        Phone: 617-635-8641

        Fax: 617-635-9758

        650 E. Fourth Street
        South Boston, MA02127

    11. Trisha says:

      See email address and tele number below! Let’s contact the school… Call or email to support this 7 year-old, his family and point to the absurdity of this accusation!!!
      Main Switchboard: 617-635-9000

    12. TheRealKingMax says:

      Unfortunately, folks, this is what the liberal progressives have implemented upon our society.

      While the communists we have placed into public offices tear down the United States bit by bit, the socialist progressives that have infiltrated our mass media, unions, our schools and colleges, and into our courts slowly shred and tear down our society and legal system.

      You see, as far as the schools are concerned, they are busy programming indoctrinating our children into good little communist drones. Defending yourself is not allowed, so they punish this behavior with absurd decisions like this one.

      But step back, clear your mind from this specific incident, and consider the BIG picture as I have just presented it above:

      This is what the liberal progressives, the human cancer of our country, are doing to us on a long range, continuous basis. Their goal: destruction of the United States in country, governance, society, beliefs, pride, religion and soul.

      And they are making BIG gains, and are winning.

      So, as sad as this specific incident with this little boy may be, its an indicator of how close we are to the Point of No Return.

      We have a choice: we can baaaa like sheep and whibe, while generation after generation of children are programmed by the communists, and when we die, so does freedom and the American spirit.

      OE – we can identify whomever is specifically driving the idiotic decisions and rulings like this one, and go after them by all means necessary. They are cowards, and can’t stand the light of exposure and truth.

      Don’t lose sight of the SOURCE of the problem. It’s our country to win or lose. What say you?

      1. Kingfish says:

        Buy union, support ignorance!

      2. George Renfro says:

        Real King, you are right. We are on the way down, fast. We see all these crazy stories and they cause us distress, but one day soon it will be you or me they get.

      3. Martin says:

        Have you heard of Yuri Bezmenov KingMax?

      4. TheRealKingMax says:


        I gotta be honest – had to jump out to YouTube and get a quick refresher on him.

        I remember reading about Yuri. He was telling us how we were going to be destroyed from within, that it was a long term plan being executed by the Soviets. Too bad so few listened.

        It’s ironic that after the Cold War ended, no one told the “Fifth Column” in this country, and now they’ve pushed us closer towards extinction than we’ve been since the War of 1812, or possibly the Civil War.

        What’s even MORE ironic is that so many of the “useful idiots” in this country are fighting to destroy their own home… and that they are so devoid of independent and critical thinking that they don’t realize that we will ALL go down the crapper if this country goes down.

        Sorta like malignant cancer – it destroys the human host’s critical organs to the point that the host (body) dies… and EVERYONE dies, icluding the cancer.

        Hence, that is why I call liberal progressives the “cancer of America”. It’s more than an analogy, folks, it could well be our fate if we don’t immediately treat these walking scumbags for what they are – our enemies.

        Think about it.

      5. Otto Zeit says:

        I agree — there’s nothing worse than a bunch of whibeing sheep

    13. IN MEMORY OF MARY JO says:

      Good thing is not alive to read that.

    14. gramp's says:

      FYI: Info links

      Tynan Elementary School
      Eileen Morales
      650 E. Fourth Street
      South Boston, MA02127

      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

    15. amtr says:

      Yes, Boston is run by crazy people.

    16. joej says:

      don’t get too excited. the media generally fails to give us the FULL story, they give us only enough to get an emotional rise out of you.

    17. Bruce Frykman says:

      Had the victim been a girl, what would the school have done?

      We can answer this: these schools are so full of PC they cannot comprehend how foolish they sound

      The girl would have been congratulated and rightly so; when confront with an attack by someone with superior strength you look for their vulnerability

    18. JayKay says:

      So how about we charge the other kid with assault and theft. This country is ridiculous. It’s not OK to stand up for yourself and when you do it’s your fault. This country is being wussified from the inside out.

    19. Kingfish says:

      I have $100 saying these inbreeds are union, and inbedded with the POS Odumbo.

    20. Mannie says:

      On a different site, a woman reported that her daughter’s school Nazis told her that , if her daughter used violence to defend herself against a sexual assault, she would be expelled. No Joking!

      I’m teaching my grand kids lethal defense techniques. If they can get expelled for defending themselves, they might as well kill the perp.

      This is very close to the end state of Liberalism. Everything that is not mandatory is illegal.

    21. Tom Paine says:

      He was charged with sexual harassment because you can’t yet charge someone with treason for solving their own problems instead of running to the government.

    22. toehead says:

      Excellent comment !!!

    23. CHRIS says:


    24. Dr. Max says:

      Children are 17 times more likely to be attacked, molested and abused in state custody. Let’s start looking into everyone involved in the Boston school system and especially the people in this particular case. Sounds like a case of transference.

    25. lestat says:

      this is what happens when liberals rule our schools.

    26. Pilot.Dave says:

      Sorry, it too me a while to get back up off the floor where I was rolling around laughing uncontrollably. – have not done that in a few decades.

      This is what happens when the BIG school districts get $7,000 or more per kid. They start paying their “Administrators” well over $150,000.00 per year with the top being closer to a million that 100K. They get so big on themselves that they forget its about TEACHING KIDS !! Yeah, even though I strongly believe in TORT reform, this is certainly why we need some TORT laws.

      1. Robert says:

        Another great Government School operated by over paid Union teachers and administrators. The only way this could be considered SEXUAL harrassment is if the boy who got kicked is homosexual and he went home crying to his Moms.

      2. george says:

        You’re absolutely correct. The problem with education isn’t that there isn’t enough money. It’s that the money — way more than enough! — gets concentrated at the top. The administrators’ offices get fancy carpeting and air conditioning, while the classrooms get by with antiquated furniture and broken windows.

    27. american says:

      SUE THE HELL OUT OF THAT SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the kid was in the right, sue them, and do not let up. If you let a liberal up after getting them down, they will stick a knife in your back as soon as you turn. Sue to completion. Sue including requiring firing everyone involved in the bad decision, and suggest their pension benefits be stripped.

      1. american says:

        If that SOB school district is not going to let anyone have vouchers, then clean their coffers out everytime they make a decision like this.

    28. Jp says:

      Fire all school admins. End of problem.

      1. george says:

        They’ll just be replaced with idiots who are just as bad.

    29. Jeff says:

      I would sue them and make sure that wench the mother spoke to was fired! Where was there staff to protect my child who was being assaulted on their property? That makes them liable! Perhaps they would like an investigation into why kids are being forced to defend themselves and why stupid POS’s behind desks think they can call shots well out of their decision making jurisdiction! What arrogance! Get this kind of trash out of education!

    30. Jim Dea says:

      ‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” Lynch said the school told her.” Lynch is a freak and should learn some common sense. I am at the point that I just want to SCREAM at the injustice and confusion about what real justice is. No more common sense, that went out the window. My dad TAUGHT me that if I was getting picked on by a kid bigger than me and he was really bothering me and wouldn’t let me go, Kick him in the groin! Good advice and kid, you did the right thing. Never mind these jack asses who couldn’t count their own gonads and come up with the same number twice.

    31. nuke boston says:

      Boston – enough said. Didn’t they support Ted Kennedy (a murderer) for like 40 years and Barney Frank for over 20 years?

    32. John Ware says:

      For more insanity, keep voting progressive….

  3. Italo says:

    It’s official, our society has now finally gone over the edge. Now I understand why and how the whole Salem Witch Trials things could have happened throughout this region some centuries back. What’s next–someone is assaulted and tries to fight or kick back, dislodges the assaulting individual’s false tooth or prosthetic arm, and the victim gets charged with vandalism or attempted theft!? I hope that the victim little boy’s family sues the school–including for defamation. Now here is a little kid who has his name publicized online, and associated with the subject matter in the article, at 7 years of age and for the rest of his life already. This is moronic. Time to get back to the days when two kids in a fight were sent to the principal’s office and told they were staying after school or missing recess for a couple of weeks. Give me a break.

    1. Tired of Bullies says:

      I agree! Not only should the school and the teacher be sued, but the bully who choked this kid AND his mother and father should be sued! I was picked on by bullies in school too and they always seem to get away with it… then these bullies grow up and run for office.
      I say this was purely self defense and next time, kick the bullies balls a little harder!!

    2. gramps says:

      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      Office Telephone: 617-635-9050
      Fax: 617-635-9059

      1. gramps says:

        Tynan Elementary School

        Eileen Morales

        650 E. Fourth Street
        South Boston, MA02127

        Phone: 617-635-8641
        Fax: 617-635-9758

      2. ByteRider says:

        Great! Finally, someone with a pair! Thanks, Gramps.

        Can we get personal and work email addresses too? Let’s make this a full frontal attack on their existance in cyberspace… stupidity deserves to be exposed!

        Gramps– what we still need:

        1. Picture of morales
        2. personal/business email
        3. Any links to personal sites, face book pages, etc.

        I’m going to make up a hate-this-bytch blog page and, being an expert at SEO, I’ll make sure the world knows about it.

      3. Jim Vertein says:

        she will probably sue you for harassment, then come kick you in the groin

    3. Rob_NC says:

      …wonder who the bully is….because this craziness can only be garnered by someone who has an influential family…..

    4. Smarterthantheprincipal says:

      Hopefully they won’t attend the disciplinary hearing. I wouldn’t give these _holes any authority over my life or my kids.

    5. Carol Czapik says:

      Why is it the bullies are allowed to get away with their bullying but the moment the other child defends him/herself then it becomes a problem. This is pathetic!

      1. BARRY'S CT. SSN 042=68=4425 says:

        Yeah, sort of like what the Media/democRATS do to conservatives on a regular basis.

  4. Thomas Hood says:

    Sexual harassment? Why not sexual assault? Why not rape? For heaven’s sake, sometimes ITS NOT A CRIME!

  5. tsal says:

    Joe – your post can be clean as a whistle and still not post –

    now let’s see if this posts – I haven’t been able to post all morning

  6. bridget says:

    Give me a break? Really? What a JOKE!! He is 7–kids do this for God’s sake–The Boston schools need a slap!

    1. MP says:

      Or a kick in the nuts.

      1. artemis133 says:

        LOL. Good one.

      2. Bryan says:

        Absolutely… too bad they hung their nuts up on the tree of PC….

    2. emileelee says:

      BRILLIANT Nancy! Good idea, good point.

    3. gramps says:

      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      Office Telephone: 617-635-9050
      Fax: 617-635-9059

    4. Galinda says:

      Outstanding! Take it to these imbecilic idiots!

    5. Barry Levy says:

      You don’t understand, bullying and attempted murder aren’t that serious when compared to a 7 year old boy kicking an attacker in the family jewels.

      But that is only in a land inhabited and ruled by the PC police.

    6. Emily says:

      Really!!!!!! Is the other student being charged for aggravated assault?? Because if not he should be. The whole thing is stupid!! He’s 7!! Agreed the schools seriously need a slap.

    7. DudeZXT says:

      and we really wonder why kids bring a knife or gun to school? Sounds like the kid feared for his life and the negligent school is lucky he didn’t do what CCDW license holders are told they can do, when in fear for their lives… Idiot liberal union members going after the victim instead of the perpetrator.

    8. Lawrence says:

      A lot of the teachers from around the Boston area, including the school administrators grew up eating led paint, which explains their level of understanding and decision making skills.

    9. Fred Williams says:

      If we continue to let our children be “educated” by these kind of sick, warped, idiots we are in for big trouble, we will fail as a decent nation. We need to act now. Get your kids out of the public schools and send them to private school where you have some say so or home school if you have to!

    10. Mary says:

      Or at least slander as I doubt this attack by a child was anything but self-defense.

    11. purplecow says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes!
      These Idiots have a forum and we must take it away from them!!
      Idiots are, I hope in the minority?
      Sometimes I wonder with the President we have.

    12. G. W. B. says:

      they don’t believe in defending yourself. what about a bullying charge ?

    13. alnga says:

      I taught my boys that avoid the fight but if you have to end it quickly and surely. Good job son.

  7. John A says:

    What is wrong with the fools who are posing as enlightened, intelligent, school administrators and officials. This has truly become a parallel universe. When will the citizens of Mass. finally decide that they have had enough of this nonsense? Disgraceful behavior by those who are in charge.

    1. TLS says:

      Another example of being educated beyond one’s intelligence.

    2. MisterJones says:

      Well pard,you need to check out Spring schools and Katy schools if you dont think this kind of illness happens here in The republic of Texas.Sad but true.

    3. blackHat says:

      This has nothing to do with liberalism, Texas Drudge Troll. Please, go fight your sanctimonious crusade someplace else.

      And no, i don’t see this kind of mere absurdity occurring in Texas. As far as i’m concerned, Texas set the bar pretty high when it comes to blaming the victim:

    4. Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large says:

      Rick Perry is absurd, and the fact you people elected him considering all the damage he’s done to your state is absurd. Conservatives are just as bad as liberals. Political partries are ruining the country. Wise up TMF. Don’t be absurd!

    5. Texanlike says:

      A little boy was stickin up for himself and they call that “sexual harassment”? Sounds like the teachers are sexual harassers.

      Take all of your kids out of the perverted schools!!

    6. gramps says:


      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      Office Telephone: 617-635-9050
      Fax: 617-635-9059

      1. Tom Menino says:

        Just another flunky riding the Affirmative Action wave and leaving damage in her wake.. …like our President.

    7. Right in KS says:

      Amazing, these boys would have solved this on their own. The bully forever cured of future bullying by, “a swift kick to the nuts” and the victim faces his future with the confidence that justice is done.

    8. God, Guns, Texas says:

      @blackHat – How does your NY Slimes story relate to any of this? I don’t see where anyone in authority is blaming the victim, anywhere in that story. Here is the story about victim blaming in the Cleveland, TX case:

      To many of us, Liberalism does seem to be a mental disorder…and, it takes a liberal mindset to think that fighting back, to defend yourself, is wrong. And, the liberals in that school district are using the law out of context to try to punish this victim for defending himself.

      I, along with many others here, think the boy should be recognized and rewarded for defending himself. This is just one example of how liberals are destroying our schools and our society, and this is why bullying has increased so much in our schools, today.

      @Spike – Although Rick Perry isn’t my ideal Governor, I don’t see how he has caused our State “damage”, to the contrary, we are doing quite well, thank you! Tell us exactly what damage you think he has caused…

    9. richard says:

      should have kicked the bully in the head too. Self defence!!!!!!!!!!grow a pair

    10. Jeff Campbell says:

      No offense, but this even happens in Conservative areas also.
      My son was 6 years old and was playing Flag Football at School in Missouri and he grabbed a flag from a Girl that was playing that had her’s tucked in the back of her pants, when my Son took the flag she screamed he touched her Butt and it took over a year of going through Juvie and Court to clear his name after th girl admitted she lied and even though he cleared his name, he still lost over a year of his life being accused of being a pervert and hassled at School over it.

    11. Emily says:

      THis reply is to Gods, Guns, Texas:

      Regarding your boy — what a nightmare. So sorry to hear about your and your son’s ordeal. Girls want to play football with the boys and then they scream “he touched my butt!” when he grabs the flag? What if he HAD accidentally touched her butt — so what? (And I’m female but this is just madness.)

      I guess the entire wrestling team should be sued for sexual harrassment.

      Glad the nightmare ended. What a waste of time, money, and emotionally exhausting I’m sure.

    12. JWnTX says:

      Spike–what the hell are you talking about? I don’t like Rick Perry a lot, but that’s because of his trans-Texas corridor project–but other than a few bad policies that one can cherry pick from any politician, he hasn’t “damaged” Texas. What are you reading? DU or DK? He’s been benevolent to a fault compared to what Obama’s done to the country at large. AS for those of you who say that such things happen in Texas–I think the original poster was referring to the reaction of the school board–I don’t think he was inferring that fights never occur on Texas school buses.

    13. dv says:

      It’s Marxachusetts. What did you expect?

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        The baby boomers are starting to die off. Hopefully there will be enough left of the country to save after they’re gone.

    14. old white guy says:

      this is what you get when pc, liberal socialists are in charge. fire them all. if the courts say no to the firing fire them as well.

    15. terryatrae says:

      This is the price we pay for the dumbing down of the school system in order to achieve ‘fairness’ as described by the Liberal Lefties.
      Being a bully is a ‘bad thing’ that is rewarded instead of corrected. Children are taught to put condoms on fruit, but punished if they ‘touch’ what the condoms go on or in…I have determined that the best and the brightest in the education field have LEFT the field and the students are being corralled by the bottom 50% of graduates.
      Our fools in charges are unable to teach the basics of education so they spend their days turning the children into institutional idiots…

  8. emom says:

    We are being groomed to be like the stepford generation,, where we all comply and do just as they want. Were subliminal messages are played all day and we believe them .. No individuality of any kind. and any one can beat the tar out of you but you can not defend yourself.. what a world we live in.

  9. Joe says:

    This is a perfect example of what I refer to as the social and political pendulum. It refers to any social, socioeconomic or political issue that 30 years ago was completely opposite than it is today.

    Some changes, such as race relations have been an obvious and necessary change for the better. However, other issues such as the environment have swung so far the other way they have created new and opposite problems. New problems are created when an issue passes the middle or plum point of a sitting pendulum to far in either direction. This story is a perfect example of what happens when the harassment pendulum swings to far the other way.

    If the story of what happened on the bus is true then what we have here is a kid defending himself from another kid trying to bully him and steal his gloves. In the course of defending himself, within the limited space of a school bus, a kid reacted to the situation and kicked the other kid in the cohones. Now its fine if they want to investigate what happened, who started it, who’s at fault and take appropriate disciplinary action for fighting at school. But this might be the most egregious, irresponsible and quite frankly the most ignorant decision made by intelligent people I have ever seen.

  10. linda says:

    Why did they put the child’s name in the paper? He’s a minor. This is just the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    1. Barney Fwank says:

      They must have had permission from the mother, otherwise they would not have done so.

      1. george says:

        Get real!!!!

    2. Jackie Greenwood says:

      He’s not female. Everyone knows that women and minorities are the most protected people in America.

      1. blackHat says:

        Why don’t you find yourself a fire and jump into it?

      2. artemis133 says:

        WOMEN?!? Certainly not WHITE women, bucko. I don’t know where you’re pulling your info from. Well, maybe I do…

      3. Japes Macfarland says:

        Lol you brainwashed leftists are hilarious. BTW, woman are 60 to 40% over men in getting a college education these days. Silly leftist.

      4. Mr. L says:

        If this boy is white he’s done. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

    3. Nathan S. says:

      This family needs to hire a lawyer and bring a civil suit against the boy who got kicked for bullying, the school for permitting it, and the school for punishing their boy for exercising his right to defend himself.

  11. CMWalker says:

    Once again, a perfect example of the schools not taking bullying seriously. And I’ll tell you, I don’t condone these kinds of incidents, but I applaud this boy for doing what the schools failed to do: He fought back. I don’t know what it’s gonna take for the school boards to take bullying seriously, but it’s time for these frauds to to stop paying lip service to the communities, the parents, and most of all, our children, and stop the bullying.

  12. Steve says:

    GREAT charge the victim with sexual harassment, What about charging the bully with attempted MURDER!!!!!

    1. Mary says:

      Agreed Steve. If the victim is going to be charged with a sex crime then the perpetrator should be charged with attempted murder.

      1. Ted Huss says:

        Choking can be a form of sexual gratification, so the Bully was probably guilty of not only attempted murder, but a sex crime too….Neither of these kids is as guilty of anything as school officials are of PC lunacy and attempted mind control. The school officials must be shooting to be the Poster Child for Pink Floyd’s “Brick in the Wall”>

    2. Locke says:

      That is what I was thinking too, Steve.
      I would also sue the school personel personally for being an accessory after the fact, child endangerment and slander/libel.

    3. Cranios says:

      Absolutely. if the school pulled something like that on me, I’d be suing the school and the parents of the kid doing the choking.

    4. Brian Macker says:


    5. Joe P. Fritzbocker says:

      He wasn’t attempting to murder the other boy by choking him. He was simply expressing himself, which is protected by the First Amendment. The second boy should also be brought up on Federal charges by suppressing the first boy’s First Amendment Rights. What a wonderful country we live in!!

      1. casusl observer says:

        No Joe,
        what should be done is to put both boys in a boxing ring, rules explained, and a referee present. Both boys should be allowed to express themselves until they get tired of it. All boys need to learn how to fight, how else do people think that they will ever be able to defend themselves and their families when they are grown up?
        The whole of the male population of this country is being systematically neutered by this PC BS that we are conveniently calling civilization.

      2. Texas_Twister says:

        @casusl observer, I don’t like your rules must be observed. There is no such thing as a fair fight with honor. If you want them to learn to fight then it must be that the weaker needs to use whatever means necessary, including dropping someone with a well placed knee to the nuts.

  13. emom says:

    WHAT a bunch of idiots in boston, to charge a 7 year old, I so hope the mother of this child sues the school system they were so wrong

  14. P says:

    Morons educating our children

    1. jag says:

      I am a public school teacher and I agree with you!

      1. lukuj says:

        I was a public school teacher and I agree also. The problem is that teachers are often forced to be imbeciles to keep their jobs or to ensure a good evaluation. Teachers have to be willing to take flak to do what makes sense. Sad, isn’t it?

  15. Charles says:

    How dare you put the child’s picture on Television… that is an outrage! Have we all lost our minds? Let the media concentrate on the real vilians of the world!

    1. Tom Menino says:

      That would mean they have to talk about Obama and his crimes. It’s easier to cover school bus shenanigans. Besdies, the media hasn’t done any real reporting since the late 1990’s.

  16. Joan Hogan says:

    All School Buses Should be Mandated to have Bus Monitors . This will assure the safety of the students and The Driver.

    1. freecheese says:

      Bus moitors? I had a part-time job driving a school bus for two years. If a violent fight broke up on a bus, all a monitor and driver could do was pull over on the side of the road — notify the dispatcher, and ask for police assistance. Then sit back and watch the fight — because drivers and monitors are not allowed to thouch the children — out of fear of being charged with assault.The loving and caring parents of thes darling little angles can sue the drivers for everything they are worth, and they DO try to do so, often, when it does happen !
      The same applies for security guards, unless they are off duty cops on paid detail.

      1. T-Texas says:

        When I went to school the drivers could and would paddle your backside.If that didn’t work he then took you by the hand for a visit to your parents.Small town justice.

      2. Richard says:

        Is the little creep perp still riding the bus?

  17. Indoctrination says:

    Pull your kids out of government schools and let them collapse.

    It might be the best thing you will ever do for your children

  18. NH Common Sense says:

    I am sure the principal performed a thorough physical exam on the boy who was kicked, too.

  19. Nic says:

    Here’s the phone number to complain about these idiots…(617) 635-9000

  20. Larry says:

    this is outrageous…… I simply would not be able to attend a disciplinary meeting if it was my son invilved. I am so pissed off right now, and I’m not the kid’s father. these mindless members of the ruling liberal elite class. regulating, passing laws that have slowly, but surely, stripped us of our freedom. If these people can afford it, take their son out of this school and either home school or send to a private school.

  21. Lisa says:

    This is the most outrageous abuse of power I have seen used by a school. Since when is defending yourself sexual abuse. I hope some attorney contacts this mother and helps her fight this pro bono. The article doesn’t even mention if any disciplinary action was taken against the kid who was choking this victim. The principal and superintendent should be replaced for not understanding the definition of sexual harrassment. Since when is self-defense and kicking considered inappropriate touching. Ridiculous!

    1. FalselyAccused says:

      It became sexual abuse at the same time that parents made the same accusations against teachers, sued and won regardless of whether it was based on any glimmer of truth. I am not talking about teacher/student sexual relationships or pedophiles. I am talking about a teacher breaking up a fight or taking something away from them in class that is causing a disruption or disciplining a child in private so as not create public embarrassment and injure their self-esteem or comforting them because they are upset or catching them as they fall. Believe it or not, these simple acts have been turned in allegations of inappropriate touching (code word for sexual abuse/harassment) even though there was no sexual gratification involved as spelled out in the law and sometimes with no touching involved either. The teacher’s career is ruined by doing what they thought was the right thing at the time. How many parents come to that teacher’s defense? None, because of the student’s privacy rights.

      Also if you read the article, it is from the mother’s side of the story and she is not privy to what happened to the other student, because of his right to privacy.

      You reap what you sow, because everyone is equal under the law. Reread the bus driver’s comment and then think about how you have assisted in turning the education system on its head.

  22. Justin says:

    All of the liberals that have posted above. You have only yourselves to blame. Our society would rather make victims criminals than empower self defense. This case is an extreme example of what has already existed in Massachusetts and even elsewhere nationally–a growing nanny state.

    You get mugged at knife point on the street? You’d better not dare shoot the attack or face criminal charges!

    1. Tom Menino says:

      A Republican is simply a Democrat who has been mugged.

      1. Pround Repubilcan says:

        Or one who isn’t afraid to work, has moral values and/or common sense.

    2. Jeff Campbell says:

      This is no longer about Republican or Democrat, this is about Government against the People. The truth is we have given Government way to much power over our lives in the name of safety and as long as we can watch DWS and Football all is good in our World.

    3. Greg says:

      You have to understand that a weak populace is necessary to a true Marxist state, the one Obama and his cronies are pushing for. A population willing to defend itself is the last thing they want.

  23. Kelvin says:

    The politically correct sissification of America continues.
    The school person who called the mother should be beaten

    1. Robert says:

      “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  24. Eric Sandler says:

    Grinding Down America. Watch it before its too late. This is just a typical liberal joke where political correctness rears its ugly head again. In typical liberal fashion, the victim is made out to be the criminal. I only hope that my child would do the same if she were being bullied or attacked or choked. Someone please tell this boy to call me in 11 years and I will have a job waiting for him. The education system has been infiltrated by these nancy’s who want our children to be weak sucks and train them, to be on the government tit for a lifetime. And if the bully was Muslim, the choked child would be facing charges of a hate crime. You cant win with these ass monkeys.

    1. John Ware says:

      Beautifully said!!

  25. Judy says:

    We pay educators for this, they need to get real soon.

  26. Heartland Patriot says:

    There you go…the evil of filthy Karl Marx blanketing you like his rotting beard…its all about “The Group”…”The Individual” has NO RIGHTS within “The Group” and something like self-defense shows that an individual cares about themselves more than “The Group”. YOU people did this to yourselves, though…you vote for the Democrat Socialist Party. Leftist party, leftist ideology, leftist outcome.

    1. mikee says:

      Defending Marx, whose disciples were responsible for ~100,000,000 deaths last century, is the pathetic mis-understanding you live with.

    2. Mac says:

      Any idiot that would brag about being a Marxist shouldn’t be calling anybody an idiot. I really don’t understand why you stay in this country when you can easily move to a Marxist country. If you are so impressed by the collective life style then make us all happier by getting out of my country. The majority of Americans don’t want your idiotic political system so why aggravate yourself and all of us with your foolishness.

    3. Gonzo says:

      Mac, the blatant anti-American McCarthyism is dead, so please leave it that way. We’re a free country, open to people who delude themselves with Marxism just as we’re open to people who delude themselves that their small crowd of tents is 99% of the country. Free speech is the cornerstone of our country and necessary because everyone is wrong about something – demonstrated very clearly in this string of comments.

      1. George Spigott says:

        You’re showing a bit of history ignorance here, obviously unaware that McCarthy’s list was developed by the FBI, and that not one allegation was proven false. Problem is the MSM had already been infiltrated, so garbage like “The Crucible” and other typical slanderous attacks buried reality and left McCarthy’s efforts wrongly linked with false accusation.

    4. Jeff Campbell says:

      If your a Marxist than you have your own problems and it’s pretty evident you never read his Book. But thank you for helping to murder more people in one century than all religions have combined since the dawn of man kind.

  27. Rooster Cogburn says:

    “Educators” who rationalize everything like this into idiotic polictical correctness need to be kicked in the crotch.

  28. retiredcopper says:

    Keep this in mind when you next go to vote. It is liberals that’s demanding everyone be ‘politically correct’ and it’s liberals that are calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree and who are trying to remove God from everyone’s life.

    1. george says:

      Don’t forget those Easter eggs that the libs insist on calling “spring spheres.”

  29. Contarian says:

    Looks as though this travesty masquerading as intellectual progressive “thought” is being shot down by you good People in and around the area. I will leave this current case of “degree stupidity” in your most capable hands.

  30. Charlie says:

    The kid was defending himself, for Pete’s sake.
    Fire the school administrators and hire somebody
    with common sense. Then kick the bully
    out of school so long that he fail his grade.

    This is what we get when PC becomes the law
    of the land.

    I’ll call that number. Thanked for the tip.

  31. Beau says:

    I’m pleased this Boston elementary school champions the Americans with Disabilities Act by hiring retarded teachers, support staff, and administrators.

  32. Rachel says:

    Kick ’em all in the nads! What a bunch of idiots! Suspend the choker and pin a medal on the boy who was defending himself.

    1. Eggcellent says:

      And it should be awarded by Chuck Norris!!

  33. freecheese says:

    The school is wrong when their response was, “It’s a private matter.” The incident happeed on a school bus paid for by the “TAXPAYERS.” That makes it a “PUBLIC” matter since the citizens’ children and money are involved.
    How much more arrogant can these six-figure “public servants” get ?
    I hope this mom’s driveway are full of hungry young lawyers when she gets home !

    1. LEM says:

      How private can it be when they released the name of the 7-year-old victim? Or – perhaps they’ve realized how ridiculous they look, and now would like to hide behind some kind of veil of privacy? Who knows?

      I’m with the poster above who says the kid deserves a medal for standing up for himself. On the one hand, these schools are full of ‘lip service’ regarding stamping out bullying – yet when a kid defends himself against a bully, he’s disciplined. Here we go, down the liberal rabbit hole once again . . . .

    2. Clearhead says:

      Freecheese, if you analyse what actually happened, you’ll see that it really IS a “PRIVATE” matter.

  34. Calvin Oyler says:

    Boston seems to be in decline. Can you imagine the charges against the original Tea Party or against Paul Revere.

  35. Snaproll says:

    Believe me, there is nothing sexual about a kick in the balls. Crazy!!!!!!

    1. Kingfish says:

      It is for a Liberal!

  36. Dwayne says:

    I agree with the school. There is an obvious pattern of sexual harassment in the little boy’s life. Just seven years ago he committed inappropriate touching during his birth. This is a classic birth/self defense pattern that so many humans are guilty of.

  37. Frankie says:

    IIDIOTS. This is a good example of PC affecting judgement. This made national news for the school and the 7 year old. The mother should sue the school for failure to protect her son from being harrassed and bodily injury then put him in a good private school ( not in MA) where he can learn .

  38. Alej says:

    THis, from a state that has elected Barney Frank to represent it for 30 years ?

    Surprise, surprise !

  39. Bob says:

    The system desperately needs to teach these kids that they are NOT allowed to defend themselves! They NEED the authority of the governing body to assist them. They must make an example aout of this victim and this charge is the best they can manufacture…

  40. Wolf dad says:

    That’s why I send my kid to school with an ice pick.

  41. RalphSchmalph says:

    Thanks Matt Drudge for once again revealing the INSANITY that passes as our educational system. I guarantee this matter will now be rectified due to the glare of the public spotlight. Thank God I left Massachusetts for a red state years ago!

  42. trish says:

    To quote a Queen song: “Reason’s out the window, better hold on tight”. It’s absurd to charge this child with anything let alone sexual harassment.

  43. CharlestownJack says:

    There’s a reason these people are teachers and petty bureaucrats (and not engineers and doctors). Years ago people didn’t take too seriously what took place in schools. However, with a dumbed down public, a bloated bureaucracy, and impersonal mega schools, there is no end to the silliness. Add to that the proliferation of news media outlets hungry for content, and kids acting up on a school bus becomes grist for the proverbial mill.

  44. Lazybum says:

    Mass-you reap what you sow. You have been supporting these union thugs through your elected officials. You reelect corrupt officials again and again.

    You will whine about your schools and government, but next year Mass will be one of a handful of states to vote for Obama. Semi-RINO Scott Brown will struggle for reelection against a full-blown socialist straight from the ivory towers of academia. You will continue to install union supported leftist sycophants in all levels of gov’t.

    Then you again will wonder why you live in an over taxed cesspool.

    Good luck, you morons.

  45. Chili Boots says:

    Fire the Teacher. Fire the Superintendent. Fire the Driver.

  46. Finbar says:

    Does somebody make this stuff up just to stir the pot?

  47. libertyville says:

    Where did these authorities go to school, or did they? The Boston area is known for its fine schools, but these nitwits either are uneducated or majored in basket weaving.

  48. Stan says:

    Just thinking…You gotta wonder why these morons are more interested in the one kids gonads and don’t seem to care about the other kids windpipe being choked off…..go figure…I’m just sayin…seems like an inappropriate fixation to me.”

  49. me3tv says:

    Sue the school for 8 Million Dollars for defamation and destruction of the kid’s future over his own self defense.

  50. Greg says:

    Classic waste of time. The teacher who made the call, “we consider this sexual harassment,” was obviously raised on Little House on the Prairie. Of course, they always go after the one forced to defend themselves. Funny, this is what makes bully’s even stronger, they garner support from their oblivious and seemingly clueless school officials and teachers. I wonder if that teacher was being raped, and she defended herself by kicking someone in the “testicles,” should she be a registered sex offender or a self-defender!!!!! The schools have decided that good kids and students no longer have the right to protect themselves from assault. However, the assaults are allowed and ignored. PRIVATE schools are the only way to go in this country anymore. SAD!

    1. Stephanie O says:

      No, Greg…. on Little House on the Prairie, another big boy would have stepped in and popped the bully in the nose. And he would have been the hero in the eyes of the school, town and all the kids!

  51. Brad says:

    I would be shocked but then again, it’s Boston we’re talking about.

    This kind of ridiculous PC garbage usually only happens in states controlled by the looney-left.

    1. Ar Amytas says:

      Move to Kentucky, or Indiana, away from barney frank land.

      1. Bahney Fwank says:

        The name is FWANK. Bahney Fwank.

  52. Jim Busse says:

    Looks like the idiots in the Boston school administration don’t watch AFV. Don’t they know that being kicked in the groin is funny!

  53. herb says:

    The people in Ma have the life they voted for- secular liberalism- You wanted it-live it- no complaining OR else vote to change it.

  54. Charles says:

    Just another example that shows the public school system is full of idiots. I know this from first hand experience.

  55. Brittney says:

    This is why kids are affraid to tell parents, teachers, etc they are being bullied…. this is why they are killing themselves!! The bullies are “winning”. This is so INSANE to me that this society is letting this happen….. They even have celebs preaching to us “stop the bulling” but really its your gonna be bullied and if you do anything about it YOUR gonna be in trouble, arrest, etc etc…. so freaking stupid!

  56. ENoughAlready says:

    Another example of our Liberal Education System.

  57. Colonel Klaxon says:

    My jr high school had a reputation for punishing the victim instead of the bully. I fought back against a bully’s attack and I got sent to the principals office. He gave me three swats with a pingpong paddle. When my dad met him the next day to object, the clot got right in my dad’s face and yelled at him. My dad slapped his face so hard the SOB crashed into his office chair and fell into the corner. The bully was eventually banned from the school. The principal never told anybody what happened in his office.

  58. Michael Baram says:

    Liberals consider self defense a crime. What does anyone expect from a city that elected and re-elected a POS like Barney Frank?
    Sam Adams and Paul Revere must be spinning in their graves.

  59. Martin says:

    Are we serious?….with all these kids committing Suicide due to bullying….SCHOOLS ARE THE PROBLEM FOR NOT KNOWING HOW HANDLE SITUATIONS…..PARENTS SHOULD UNITE….MY SON have instructions to do whats needed to handle a bully…Period.

  60. hebgb says:

    Anyone here need more proof that our schools are being run by people with an agenda and are unqualified to make decisiions based on common sense

  61. Lebek Johnson says:

    The stupidity of the bureaucracy still surprises me (sometimes). So now self defense is sexual harassment? And so the decline continues….

  62. L-Dave says:

    These liberals want to take away every single bit of self-reliance and independence (ironically, in Boston – our country’s cradle of independence.) What is more fundamentally independent than the right to protect yourself? The schools likely want to hire a team of “dispute resolution experts” to deal with every conflict which inevitably occurs when kids are forced together in the government-monopoly-reeducation system. God bless this little boy for doing what millions of little boys wish they had the “balz” to do! Way to stand up for yourself kid!

  63. fantasin says:

    It’s not hard to understand the mediocre quality of education children receive in American Public Schools after reading story after story about the reactionary stupidity of the administrators in these same idiot mills that pass for learning institutions. The reason Johnny can;t read is because many educators cannot think, which one would assume is a major requirement for the authoritative position in which competence plays second fiddle to filling in the boxes of a multiple answer test, by which the right answer does exist, because the test was designed by morons.

  64. Bonedaddy says:

    2 words. Public Schools.

    1. jne says:

      Government Schools. If they were public, this wouldn’t happen

  65. KC says:

    My instructions to my kids have always been: “Avoid fights at all cost. If the fight can’t be avoided, open that other person up.” If that means opening their face, or their sack, so be it.

  66. hebgb says:

    The parent of the child who defended themself should show up at the conference with a lawyer equipped with a lawsuit against the head of the school board et al for wasting their time and embarrassing their child. Papers should be served in a very public way, to include the idiot teacher who formulated the original report.

  67. Bob says:

    Do you fine folks give your school personnel an IQ test and don’t hire them if they score too high?

  68. Widepath says:

    Some school administators need to be kicked in the groin!!

  69. Bonedaddy says:

    A quick follow up open hand to the throat and after he dropped to his knees a side kick to the face would have been appropriate, followed by one more good walking on the nuts for good measure.

  70. kj says:

    Wouldnt you have to bring the other child up on Attempted Murder charges also??? LMAO!


    Tynan Elementary School
    Principal: Eileen Morales
    Location650 E. Fourth Street
    South Boston, MA 02127
    Phone: 617-635-8641
    Fax: 617-635-9758

    Phone: 617-635-8641
    Fax: 617-635-9758

  72. raindog says:

    It’s scary that people who make insane decisions like this one are in charge of educating children.

    Homeschool your kids.

  73. ANON PAYBACK says:

    Phone: 617-635-8641
    Fax: 617-635-9758


    1. azcraigrr says:

      I was just looking up the same information. The phone numbers are correct. Website is

  74. TexasForever says:

    Another fine example of teachers’unions, political correctness and NEA running amuck in the schools.
    Our schools cannot produce students who can read, write, add or spell yet they can find time for THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of female teachers to rape underage male students.
    Our public school systems is a JOKE.
    Full of highly paid, inept underachievers.
    Bostonians untill you remove the unions from your lives you only deserve the misery they bring.

  75. j says:

    fork fork fork

  76. P.L. Williams says:

    Them that can, do. Them that can’t——TEACH. What a bunch of morans running that school.

    1. smiity says:

      forget the morans – let’s turn the school over to the lynchs.

    2. Oberon123 says:

      The word is morons. I take it that you’re a teacher.

  77. Tom says:

    It appears everyone commenting here believes this school has taken the wrong tact. Yet there will probably only be a few hundred comments here when all is said and done, and how many millions live in Massachusetts?
    This stuff happens because MA is a communist run police state that is so secure in it’s pogrom (sic.) it no longer feels any need to disguise it’s true agenda. So long as most of MA’s populace are communist’s they will continue down the merry road to serfdom. The same goes for NY, CA and all the other lefty States! If you don’t like it… move to Texas! …… oh…. wait…

  78. William says:

    And this is why decent kids don’t fight back against bullies. The bullies know how to game the system so they won’t get in trouble, but the victim will.

  79. buildmeister says:

    Why stop at sexual harassment? Isn’t it assault too? Why not try him as an adult as well? If you’re going to be insane about it, go all in. After all this is Massachusetts.

  80. jerrykregle says:

    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT Obama : now little Johnny it wasn’t nice to kick Mikey in
    the nads. IN FACT that is not the action you should have taken, the last 4 years I have ordered you to re-distribute your wealth. you should have given your gloves to Mikey, as you can see he is improvised and your family is affluent, your parents could have just bought you a new pair of gloves.

    Therefore I am ordering you to a soy milk summit and you can be counseled
    on your aggressions

  81. Atlas Shrugged says:

    F’n Liberal Political Correctness gone wild. If I was the mother I would choke the POS who brought the charges then kick them in the ball and ask, how do you like them apples?

    The person who works for the school system that brought these charges should be fired on the basis of their STUPIDITY.

  82. Constantine says:

    The school should charge the Bully with attempted Murder and Dismiss the bully from school.

  83. Logic says:

    I always say. The dumbest people end up in education adminstration. Cannot teach, cannot work in real world so they “run” our schools.

  84. SomeDude68 says:

    The bully should be charged with attempted murder.
    That makes sense in this stupidity.

    Our society is getting out of hand with all the PC crap. Common sense is out the window. We have bottles of water with labels that read “liquid inside keep away from electronics”. Our nation is stupid… clamoring to the justice system with useless criminal activity like a boy defending himself. The only ones making money on this are the unscrupulous lawyers taking COMPLETE advantage of all this stupidity.

    I will say it again… If the boy defending himself is charged with sexual harassment… the bully who choked him should be charged with attempted murder.

  85. NTPC says:

    Somebody needs to kick the school official in his crotch. He is the one who harrassing a little boy for protecting himself from a bully.

  86. Carl says:

    minutes or hours before these morons issue a retraction and clarification and impose a “new’ policy to deal with things

    this is what happens when idiots are in charge and exposed – they retreat quickly upon exposure because they have to ground to stand on

  87. Ron says:

    So much Idiocy comes from Democrat controlled areas

  88. JOSE says:

    everyone was taught to kick a bully as hard as possible in the gnads when i went to school in fact many bullies were quickly changed into no bullies by many kids using that method usually taught by our fathers. Today kids dont have fathers just baby mommas who have about as much testicles as this school.

  89. Larry says:

    this just shows how screwed up America is and it’s the people letting those so called experts just institute any rules they want and act on them as they see fit that has brought us to this point, America (the people) you better start paying attention to what’s going on in this country on all levels or your going to be getting more surprises just like this one, you talk about injustice, this is the worst kind because it’s a kid and that’s our future, start learning about who you are electing to these offices and positions, and if this child is being held accountable for sexual harassment then the other kid should be held accountable for attempted murder and robbery!

  90. JOSE says:


  91. Conservative Democrat says:

    TO ALL PARENTS: GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM NOW. Take a second job – like I did. Use your 401(k) – like I’m doing. Do whatever it takes to get your children out of these pathetic liberal institutions – NOW!!!!

    Your children are depending on you – do not forsake them!

  92. T Ray says:

    So choking isn’t inappropriate touching?

  93. peacenlove says:

    I can’t believe how foolish all you right-wing violence and hate lovers are! The correct course of action for the seven year old would be to peacefully let the bully choke him until he passed out, then lay calmly on the ground while the bully helped himself to his gloves, bookbag, lunch money, etc. Then he could report him to the school administrators to handle the situation properly, without violence!

    1. Michael Baram says:

      You are absolutely correct. In fact, the bully should have been permitted to choke his victim to death. That would give the school board and the mayor of Boston a chance to blame “America’s gun culture” and call for a ban on firearms.
      (Of course, guns have absolutely nothing to do with this incident, but we are dealing with liberals, after all.)

      1. Eggcellent says:

        Perhaps he may have seen a PICTURE of a firearm?!

  94. Tax Revolt says:

    I hope this mother files a civil suit against the bullies parents. Like some of the other posts why isn’t the bully being charged and investigated for attempted murder? Since when is kicking someone in their genitals harassment. I would think that is more like assault.

    1. Oberon123 says:

      I hope the parents file a lawsuit against the bullie’s parents and against the school. The behavior of the school is worse than that of the bullie. Adults are supposed to know better. This is the same nonsense that labels children delinquent for having an aspirin.

  95. mac says:

    Every time I read one of these ridiculous stories I keep thinking it’s from The Onion (for those of you who don’t know, that’s all satirical made-up news stories in the form of real news)…..but much to my disappointment, it never is. What the hell is happening to us?!?!.

  96. Phillip says:

    Watch out women, if your being mugged or being sexually assaulted and your kick the guy in the groin, your sexually harassing him and he might bring charges against you. Damn libs just don’t want anyone to defend themselves, they want you to rely on their authority, which is pitiful at best.

  97. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    Apart from the ridiculous decision, these ignorant clowns don’t even know the definition of “harassment.” Is it any wonder they’re “graduating” uneducated children unable to compete?

    I lived in Boston for 25 years. They elect morons who appoint morons. What else would you expect from PC liberals in a one-party state?

  98. Sam in Sag Harbor, NY says:

    Remember on Happy Days when The Fonz jumped the shark? That episode gave us the phrase “jumping the shark” which describes the point at which a given situation has gone so far overboard as to become completely desperate and, therefor, meaningless.
    That is precisely what we have here – this belittles those who have been or will be sexually harassed in the future.

  99. TnHomeschoolMom says:

    Reason #2564 to homeschool.

  100. Scooby Doo says:

    Liberal bureaucrats and polices at their finest… I don’t know about the rest of you but in the words of Peter Finch ” I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

  101. Mandy says:

    Parents really need to consider living on one income and home schooling their children. The education system in this country has become too powerful and way too insane.

  102. Lydia says:

    Sexual haressment *slaps forehead*??? The insane educating our children in the PUBLIC schools will raise a generation of the insane. Oh wait they have already done that and that is why this country is where it is. What this is, is another great example for homeschooling.

  103. Nunya says:

    whatever happened to the concept of self defense?

    1. Michael Baram says:

      Where liberals reign, “self defense” becomes a criminal act.

  104. Captain Stanko says:

    If we could just get rid of the North East and California…. the USA would be a pretty good place. Boston in particular is full of nothing more than useless eaters.

  105. Bob says:

    I’d like to kick all the liberals in the nuts. Most liberal women are men anyway.

  106. Bob says:

    I’d like to kick all of the liberals here in the nuts. Women too since most are really men wearing dresses.

  107. Carolyn Meece says:

    Society has gone insane. Yes, they will allow bullies to harass, intimidate, threaten, beat up, etc. and do absolutely nothing to these who endanger others lives, etc. Yet, the corrupt and violent will go out of their way to try to charge, prosecute, and punish those who are made to fight for their rights, life, sanity, etc. Society has become very violent, corrupt, etc. and they are catering to those who are out of control and a danger to society. They cater to violence and attempted murder and illegally demand that the victim/target/”Victim of Violent Crime” cannot defend himself/herself. Sick

  108. Deaunna says:

    Where the hell was the teacher when this poor kid was being chocked?! This is such bull! When i was in school I got in trouble for slapping a boy in the face! Why the hell would they charge a 7 year old kid with Sexual Harassment my 10 year old lil sis doesn’t even know what it is! Jeez!!!!

  109. ron murray says:

    This sounds like a GOP bully getting his butt kicked and being angry…..hence….. sexual harassment.


    1. CB says:

      No – a bully is uaually a whimp – more like a Democrat who has to find a Republican to fight practical battles, like WARS!

  110. ron says:

    A 7 year old defending himself considered sexual harrassment. Guess that means the rest of America has been ridden hard, put away wet…betcha know what THAT is called, eh?

  111. Dan says:

    I tell my 6 and 8 year old boys that if someone touches them, or they feel threaten in any way,that they should defend themselves what ever way they choose, kicking, biting, , punching, baseball bats, knee to groin, I don’t care,,, my Boys will not ever be bullied. I also told them that if they Bully other kids, or if they start fights, I will finish it and they will lose.

  112. Gil P says:

    I don’t know what to say… who ARE these morons?

  113. blancojoe says:

    This is Massachusetts. This is Liberalism, folks. Had enough?

  114. George Somsel says:

    This is simply another example of the ignorance and total incompetence of educational administrators. Perhaps we should demand a basic competency exam for both teachers and administrators. I would wager that a large number would fail.

  115. James says:

    Are you serious???? I think that it is time that boston checked its statutes, that does not constitute sexual harrassment, that people is SELF DEFENSE. If someone is attacking you in any physical manner and you defend yourself, that is what it is, nothing more.

  116. Pete S says:

    Wow, I’m glad I don’t live in that idiotic liberal city. What kind of city would stand for having total morons like these “educators” acting as authority figures over their children?

    Come on Boston!!! Wake the heck up and bring some common sense and sanity back to the town that launched a revolution against tyranny. Cowering to these politically correct jerk offs has to stop.

    1. Liberty Jane says:


  117. Arlene M Coleman says:

    are we not supposed to defend ourselves any more? This is a farce!

  118. dan1951 says:

    People in authrotiy who act this way towards this child should themselves be
    fine or jailed. Of course, when America wakes up and abandons the state school system, they will finally get rid of all this nonense. Read Why Are So Many Conservatives Liberal? at, a truly conservative
    newspaper .

  119. Brian says:

    Ever hear of “intent”? A 7 year old doesn’t know what sexual harassment is, let alone know enough to form “intent”. Perhaps a trip to the museum of tolerance would help this 7 year old understand the plight of the bully. After all, the poor bully just wants to choke kids and steal their gloves. It does make perfect sense following liberal logic, however. Make the criminal the victim and the victim, the criminal. Of course, all the idiots are really saying is that anywhere else would have been ok, just not in the balls. Next time son, punch the kid in the throat. Also, you take out anyone’s knees- no matter how big, they’re goin down. Hope that helps.

  120. tman0758 says:

    Sue the School department! By any chance was the Bully “of a different Ethnicity?” if so counter claim “Racial Attack”!
    Questions to ask. Where was the bus monitor?, where are the video tapes of the bus incident? Don’t attend the meeting on the defensive; attack them ! BRING YOUR OWN LAWYER! SPEAK OPENLY WITH THE PRESS! How can the school system leave your helpless child unattended where he should be safe!

    Don’t make your son out to be a victim again!

  121. Smitty77 says:

    I stopped going to movies because stories like this on the net are so much more entertaining!!

  122. Thomas says:

    America is OVER. The Marxists have won. Get out now while you still can. America is headed down the drain and will soon be nothing more than a rotting, chaotic, violent, third world hell hole. Then eventually the Chinese will invade and straighten it out. Get out now while you can. Good luck to everyone.

  123. Jason Harwood says:

    Boston…what a surprise.

  124. rob6752a says:

    This is typical of the liberal way.

    If that was my kid I would remove him from school and home school him. And I would try and get other parents to do the same.

    The more we get away from the government schools the better America will be.

  125. AJZ says:

    Every single time you cast a ballot for a Democrat, this is what you’re voting for – take note people

  126. tramky says:

    This is so unbelievable it defies explanation. Who ARE these people? Where do they COME FROM? Every single employee of Boston Public Schools involved in this fiasco MUST BE FIRED! WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE! These people are kinky if they think a kick to the B__LS is sexual. Perhaps they need to call the authorities to investigate the self-defense courses offered to women in Boston.

    And to take this action on our CHILDREN?! These are OUR children, not theirs? And they presume to apply the full power & resources of the state against a little kid??!!!! Seven years old??!!!

    This IS an incitement to violence. The administrators who instigated this in particular need to be PUNCHED OUT–slapped in the face at least, for their stupidity and temerity, and the enormous THREAT they represent to children and families.

    This is, in fact, child abuse.of the highest order. What kind of country is this. You go to the airport and you are nearly strip-searched. You send your kids to school and they are considered violent sex offenders at the age of seven.

    This is a liberal, Progressive sickness, sociopathological in nature. And very dangerous.

  127. OB says:

    SJ. The real crime here would be that the Attempted murder charge would all but disappear when the kid grew up but the Sex assault would haunt the other for his whole life.

  128. Farmer Bob says:

    The “authorities,” such as they are these days, think this is sexual harassment because the thought of a kick in the groin excited *them.*

  129. koczani says:

    As the government and bureaucracy grows, this will become common place. There is no room for individual thoughts or circumstances

  130. Joe says:

    Whoever is in charge of the school board needs to be immediately fired and subsequently institutionalized.

  131. Larry Croft says:

    There must be more to the story.

    But, if this is all there is I would like to have a few minutes with the dubm-ass school officials, one at a time, behind closed doors with no cameras or voice recordings.

    Jesus, O, Jesus

  132. jb says:

    Moral inversion. The good is treated as evil, evil is treated as good. The protectors extend their protection to the aggressors and abandon the innocent.

    Break the teachers’ union and shut down the government schools. They are destroying the culture and the society.

  133. Anthony Weiner says:

    Turnabout is fair play.

    I say we publish the names and addresses of all those morons who let this minor incident get this far out of control.

  134. Farmer Bob says:

    Only a full-blown pervert could consider a kick to the groin to be sexual. I think MA must have a bit too much Barney Frank among its authorities.

  135. Smitty says:

    Kick the bastard again and the school officials too.

  136. Bob Dobbs says:

    whoever made the determination that this incident was sexual in nature ought to be fired

  137. mike says:

    The school need to be investigated. This is a complete travesty. I have a 7yo and a 9yo. If I ever got a notice from the school that my son, while being bullied, defended himself in a similar way and is now being charged with a serious crime, the teacher would never be able to show his or her face again. I’d make it my lifelong mission to destroy everything they hold dear. I would make sure that they never taught or stepped foot in a school again. I would massacre their character at every turn.

  138. Tod says:

    Does anyone think this is really the “norm”? This made the news because it is so completely idiotic, so obviously asinine. This does not represent school administrators or teachers as a whole, most of whom are probably as mystified by this stupid decision as the rest of us.

    The fault of “liberalism”? Please. Grow up.

    1. BigRed says:

      Would you happen to be a unionized teacher working for the State of Marxichusetts?

  139. tory says:

    My experience in school taught me that the bullies that beat up kids and stole their miney and stuff were supported by the teachers and principals. They believe it keeps the other kids in line. If ever you stood up for yourself you would get in trouble while the violent oppressive parties would get away with almost murder. These people who are pursuing this need to be kicked out of the school system and publicly humiliated. They need their names in the press plastered on billboards and in headlines for the world to see. They need to be shamed, the bully too and his parents. It is time we took down this corrupt system.


    WOW! WE’VE LOST OUR MINDS! This is a perfect example of what I refer to as the social and political pendulum. It refers to any social, socioeconomic or political issue that 30 years ago was completely opposite than it is today.

    Some changes, such as race relations have been an obvious and necessary change for the better. However, other issues such as the environment have swung so far the other way they have created new and opposite problems. New problems are created when an issue passes the middle or plum point of a sitting pendulum to far in either direction. This story is a perfect example of what happens when the harassment pendulum swings to far the other way.

    If the story of what happened on the bus is true then what we have here is a kid defending himself from another kid trying to choke him and steal his gloves. In the course of not being able to breathe and defending himself, within the limited space of a school bus, a kid reacted to the situation and kicked the other kid in the nuts.

    Now its fine if they want to investigate what happened, who started it, who’s at fault and take appropriate disciplinary action for fighting at school. But this might be the most egregious, irresponsible and quite frankly the most ignorant decision made by intelligent people I have ever seen.

    Let’s not forget, a group of ‘intelligent’ and ‘educated’ school officials sat around a table and discussed if they should bring sexual harassment charges against a seven year old boy for defending himself by kicking another seven year old boy in the jewels. Charges that would require him to register as a sex offender.

    Can you imagine years from now when he has to explain why he’s a sex offender at a job interview? That my friends is so far beyond just a lack of common sense or a rational thought process that everyone of them should be immediately fired and subsequently institutionalized.

    I come back to my pendulum analogy. The pendulum has swung so far the other way that it has taken any semblance of common sense or intelligent discretion out of intelligent peoples brains and more importantly out of their hands.

    With everything going on regarding the horrific Penn state crimes, they are more concerned with public perception about following laws and regulations that carry mandatory charges without any room for discretion. Such as having enough common sense discretion to realize that this is nothing more than a seven year old defending himself by kicking another seven year old in the nuts.

    Which is exactly what I think the people making this decision need in order to bring their common sense pendulum back to the middle.

    – Joe

  141. Mark Jessup says:

    Take that 7 year old kid to the school board meeting and kick ALL of the members in the head, maybe knock some sense into them! Idiots!!

  142. Delphinus13 says:

    Yet another reason why more parents are choosing to home school.

  143. Joe Carb says:

    All the drudge-bots have shown to call this some liberal bs, predictable. And full disclosure, I’m a conservative, but not a Gingrich/Bush neo-conservative, I’m a Goldwater/Reagan/Paul traditional conservative.

    So if a woman was being raped and she kicked her attacker in the crotch like most women have been taught to do, will they now become the sexual predator? As a US Marine I was taught in our hand to hand combat training that your first strike should be a “softening blow” and that was more often than not a swift punch to the groin area. I guess we’re gunna start seeing US servicemen/women tried for sexual harassment against people attempting to take their lives.

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      Joe I really don’t get it. You criticize those with the same opinion as you and call them Drudge bots? I am also a traditional conservative but I sure don’t think Ron Paul is.

      1. bullrider says:

        I don’t get the ‘Drudge-bots’ comment either. If it wasn’t for Drudge, a lot of stories like these might not get very much exposure because the Left who runs the schools, runs most of the media.

      2. Liberty Jane says:

        Paul is a libertarian not a conservative.

  144. Al Phresceaux says:

    Yet another example of what happens when schools are run by educators insread of teachers.

  145. RHO says:

    The death of America, courtesy of the democrat party and their insane way of thinking.

  146. Bosque Flores says:

    The parents of the victim should go to the police and file an attempted murder complaint against the bully. Forget working with the government school system. They will not handle this correctly. There only concern is how fast can it get swept under the rug.

    Anytime your child has an issue with a bully at school. DON’T go to the school, go to the police. If you rely on the school administration, then the problem will never be solved.

  147. Mike G says:

    Just when I think California is the craziest state in the union, something like this story pops up and makes me reconsider and believe that Massachusetts is.

  148. John Ross says:

    They forgot some charges: disturbing the peace for loud gurgling noiseswhile being choked. Hate crime for aggressively assaulting the bullies hands with his neck. I wonder how this school handles rape or murder?

  149. JonSEAZ says:

    It only is a matter of time that this nation will break apart. When it does, the entrenched elitists. Leftist Progressives, and bureaucrats will find themselves on the other side of the power fence. When the monetary system falls completely apart and the government has no money to lavish upon on the entitlement slaves, and when the specious printed script no longer buys anything of value, then even those who support the current system will fall away and that is when things fall apart. At that point, the only ones left standing in much of the vast country will be those who have hard skills, the reasonably young and healthy, and those who can think for themselves and who can and will do for themselves, including defending themselves. In the meanwhile, we get what we deserve, and we deserve what we support, even passively. If the citizens of this school district collectively stand by and allow this perversity to happen, then they collectively deserve the school system they have. Personally, i suggest that sufficient members stand up and act out until this decision is dripped, changed, or otherwise dismissed, and further agitate until whoever heads up the system is ousted. Anything less is passive support.

  150. glen whitten says:

    Certainly the teachers involved should be fired. But dont put the kids name in the paper…. Its OK to put his mothers name … Those in the school could never figure out which of her kids was the bad apple. If firing is not enough make them pay 3 times the damage. By the way are they making the kid register as a sex offender ???? Personally I prefer Lashing or Kheeling ( Tieing the hands and legs and dragging the perpatrator under a boat) If they dont survive give them a beautiful funeral. g

  151. Richard_Iowa says:

    During the first week of middle school for my daughter some guy that she had never seen started messing with her and then did something very inapproiate to her. She had been in judo and the next thing he knew he had been body slammed and was staring at the ceiling. If only more kids would take this approach to defending themselves then this crap would stop. The parents in Boston need to press this matter before the school board, and then the state if need be.

  152. Joe says:

    WOW! WE’VE LOST OUR MINDS! This is a perfect example of what I refer to as the social and political pendulum. It refers to any social, socioeconomic or political issue that 30 years ago was completely opposite than it is today.

    Some changes, such as race relations have been an obvious and necessary change for the better. However, other issues such as the environment have swung so far the other way they have created new and opposite problems. New problems are created when an issue passes the middle or plum point of a sitting pendulum to far in either direction. This story is a perfect example of what happens when the harassment pendulum swings to far the other way.

  153. CT says:

    The school’s administrators might be Massachusetts natives by birth, but they are clearly Mas$$holes by choice.

    Is Massachusetts showing more of its trademark “progressive” thought by firing teachers, and not school administrators and support staff, to save money in public education? That’s how “progressive” doctrine is shaping schools, if they are still worthy of the name, in my Midwestern area.

  154. ricardo maxwell says:

    We have the left wing teachers unions, liberals, Democrats, and politically correct Gestapo to thank for all this craziness today. Pretty soon the regime will have a reason to arrest anyone anywhere at anytime. Think about it. Stop electing Lawyers and Democrat s to public office today!

  155. Jeff says:

    Sounds more like self defense to me. The kid was being attacked and needed to protect himself.

    I’m glad I don’t have kids in the liberal indoctrination school sysytem anymore.

  156. J Alan says:

    This is what You get with wussy weak Liberals in charge…..enough is enough.
    Lets get rid of these blights and vote in real People with stronger realistic values!

    “Down with the Nanny State!!!!”

  157. Mike says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. This is proof positive.

  158. dyankee says:

    Before we all rack a shell in and begin a second civil war to take our country back from the decay of liberalism, socialism, and democrat control, funnel your energy one more time to the voting booth next Nov. and vote every peron out of office with a “D” next to their politiacal name. Vote on behalf of this 7 year old kid that is already being indoctrinated through the re-education camps called public(government)schools. It will be a kick in the groin heard around the world and make a 7 year kid a hero that he really is. The irony of this kid’s actions is a screaming example of foreshadowing what will be necessary to bring this great country back from the brink of extinction.

  159. massman says:

    “As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.”
    — George Washington

    The charge of sexual assault is ridiculous. But the attack on liberals by conservatives is more idiotic.

    1. mikeykid says:

      “But the attack on liberals by conservatives is more idiotic.” Demanding common sense is Idiotic ??? It’s obvious where you stand?

    2. JoJoKokomo says:

      Say what? Attacking Liberals is idiotic? People are attacking the idiotic souls who make decisions like this; it just so happens that such decisions most frequently are made by so-called Progressives and Liberals. Sorry Bud! Facts is facts, so to speak.

    3. Michael Baram says:

      You ignore the fact that “liberal” today does not mean what it meant in Washington’s time. His “liberal” is today’s “libertarian”. The current travesty on political philosophy known as “liberalism” is a development of the late 19th/early 20th century “progressive” philosophy, such as espoused by Theodore Roosevelt and wedded to socialism.

  160. Tom Menino says:

    Boston Schools are a swampland of incompetence. With functional retardation like this at the administratve levels, no wonder the schools are only capable of graduating imbeciles year after year.

  161. Apocalypto says:

    Rome is burning… what is the most extreme word one could use to describe a bunch of effing morons?

    1. Climp Jones says:


  162. Dangling Participles says:

    Ring the bell, Little Man — win a prize!!

  163. bullrider says:

    We pay unconscionable sums to run the public schools, who fail to teach our kids anything but NONSENSE. Yes, let’s put the government in charge of our health care too!

    Idiocy. My kid would be told to mash the other kid’s privates into sterility.

  164. Squidly McNerd says:

    The phone number to the school is 617-635-8641 should anybody care to express their opinion directly.

  165. Turban says:

    Authorities are bullies. An example must be made of this child so that even adults will never dare to fight back. Emasculation by bureaucracy must occur at a very early age in order to instill the appropriately submissive attitude in the future adult population. Get with the program, folks.

  166. KEVIN says:


  167. mikeykid says:

    Liberals, Liberals, Liberals……It Takes a Village…..Would any reasonable thinking person call this sexual harassment? The Left in this country have gone off the deep end. It’s up to the rest of us to take our Country back !!

  168. bullrider says:

    Our education system is being run by:
    1. Democrats
    2. Unions
    3. The educational “establishment”
    …and none of the above are qualified to run ANYTHING.

  169. olderthandirt says:

    Sexual harassment? Nah, a workable defense to a life threatening attack? Yes! The at this school district need to go back to school to learn the difference. I was also the victim of bullying when I was younger. That ended after I was taught some self defense tactics. I sent a bully flying across a school hallway into some lockers with a hand pop to the chest. Witnesses. No more bullies to worry about. The current teaching of children to not retaliate to bully attacks does not work. Thought out superior defense works almost every time.

  170. Dave says:

    First thing mom needs to do is contact the police and file a criminal complaint against the bully for assault. This is a simple self-defense issue. Next she needs to start talking to some lawyers about suing the school.

  171. bold_one says:

    The kid was just trying to qualify himself for a job with TSA as a “pat-down” Specialist 1.

  172. Kevin says:

    I wouldn’t take everything this kid says as the gospel truth. Who knows, maybe he’s actually the bully. The only way is to look at all the facts, and we certainly don’t have those. If he was being bullied, he is rightfully allowed to use deadly force, as being choked (if true) is a situation in which you are legitimately put in fear of your life. Let the facts come out, before we all reflexively pile on the school system. I knew kids, when I was in school, who would bully other kids this way.

    1. Shannon says:

      I understand what you are saying but kicking someone in the nuts, whether the kicker is the aggressor or acting in defense, should never be considered “sexual harassment” or “sexual assault”…especially if it comes from a 7 year-old. I know if I’m attacked by someone the last thing I’m going to worry about is whether I’m going to be charged with a sex crime.

  173. Mike says:


  174. ZZMike says:

    Boston is a laughingstock for the world. So they figure that kicking your assailant in the balls is “inappropriate touching”, but choking the victim is perfectly OK?

    You’ve all gone stark raving mad.

  175. Bruce Gregory says:

    What a progressive society we’ve become.

  176. Eric Jahnke says:

    Figures this happened in Big Brother Boston, home of the sissy and the crappy politician.

  177. Will says:

    This is the result you get when you have a country that has sexoffender laws taht make anything even talkining about sex a crime at any age. And then they lump evenyone in the same boat. This boy kicks a bully in the nards and if found guiliy will be placed in the same boat as a person who rapes a child. Theo the law there is no difference to them its all about votes,votes,votes. If they are not hard on all the ones they call sex crimes theh they get no votes. Who is to blame for this. we are the people we allowed these idiots to pass these stupid sex offender laws with the false claim it stops sex crimes and protects our childern akll it is doing is destroying our childerns futures. If this child is let go and they do not prosicute hin, it won’t matter to us the people he has been charged so he must be guility. See Herman Cain and others who were falsely accused the press and people say he must be guility. This boys life is ruined in any outcome and we are to blame because we allowed our leaders to get away with this just for votes.

  178. Ian McDermott says:

    College educated Liberal Atheist here, serving active duty military with a family and I teach my kids to kick bullies in the groin or whatever else it takes to defend themselves and each other. All of the stereo typing here really makes me sick. It is starting to feel like McCarthyism all over again.

  179. charjan says:

    What a waste of the city’s tax money. Girls are taught to aim for that area if being choked. My daughters would have had the punk singing high G for a year. Someone, like his parents, need to whip the tar out of him for choking and bullying. They need to reenforce what could happen if you get in a fight But,all this attention by these so called official, just gives the bully reason to continue his actions. He’ll be in the news again, a few years from now.

  180. wildbill6996 says:

    Don’t you just LOVE where the PROGRESSIVES have taken EDUCATION !!! Don’t it make you so f—–g PROUD !!!!!!!!

  181. SallyH says:

    Obviously those powers “in charge” want to make a nice little fascist example of this child whose response was the correct reaction. Instead of praising him for standing up for himself, they would rather praise the bully for succeeding because that is what we have on our plate America.
    Don’tcha know, because “Yes” has somehow become “No.”

  182. yarply says:

    I guess some people like being kicked in the balls when they are choking someone if they consider that sexual

  183. carlos says:

    This is Barney Frank country….what do you expect?

    1. yarply says:

      You have to wonder about the sexual urges of people who accuse a 7 year old boy of sexual harassment because he kicked some other kid in the balls while he was being attacked and choked.

  184. jerryglen says:

    Fire the School administrators for stupidity

  185. cjhsa says:

    When is “Kick a Liberal School Administrator in the Nuts Day”?

  186. dano says:

    The Guestapo’s got it wrong, absolutley ridiculous, The police state and judicial system is corrupt.

  187. Tom K says:

    Oh America, it’s amazing how all you Obama voters were duped. Is this the CHANGE you were looking for? I’d suggest Wikipedia-ing Fascism, prob because you don’t own books anymore.

  188. Jerry C. says:

    I have a 5 yr old grandson who caught up in this same type of political correctness. His mother has for years gentlely patted his behind to get him to move on when ever the situation presented itself. He got suspended for two (2) days from K-5 for patting the behind of a classmate who was holding up the line at lunch time. Talk about going off the edge, his mother was about to lose her temper when she got the call. When can kids be kids and learn to deal with each other has human beings.

  189. yarply says:

    Boston elementary schools are probably filled and staffed by a bunch of child molesters if they consider this sexual.

  190. PabloKoh says:

    Can we stop making everyone paying middle class welfare yet? Where else in our world do we demand money from one homeowner to pay for the perks of another where both own a $200,000 asset. Public education is the worse form of wealth distribution. And what do parents and neighbors get in exchange for their labor is a dangerous violent indoctrination camp full of untested, repugnant teachers and bureaucrats.

  191. FreedomFan says:

    Liberals are insane. QED.

  192. mark says:

    the more news this makes, the more attention the internet will give it, and this school board will crumble like a week old cookie….. WTF??? – If I was the poor kids’ parents I’d go for attempted murder charges against the bully and failure to protect my child on the school……

  193. Will says:

    I am a hard core conservative but I have to agree with some of my liberal adversaries here. This is not caused by liberals. George Bush let the Adam Walsh Act get passed and signed and then made retroactive. It was the forefront of the other laws passed that now lead to this kind of action taken against this child. As always the original intent of a law is bypassed and destroyed by those with hidden agendas. We were warned that “if you pass these sex offender laws as they stand then it will lead to our children being labeled for life with those that are the worst of the worst.” This was said by the only man in the senate that was against passing these laws. Ted Kennedy…but in the end he too bowed to the voters and gave in and voted yes. Don’t just blame liberals we are all at fault. Here is a fact… the youngest person charged and convicted of a sex crime and has to register for life was 8 years old in WI. The oldest was 102….Are you proud of the laws now…your child or great grandpa could be next.

  194. Da Troot says:

    “‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” Lynch said the school told her.

    “Your school failed to protect my child on two occasions. I call that repeated child molestation.” Lynch replied.

    Nice to dream.

  195. Frizz says:

    This is the result of years of inbreeding of the PC’s and/or bureaucrats/”educators” and/or liberal lawyers and/or liberal politicians. ‘Nuff said?!

  196. duck breath says:

    ONLY in Massachusetts…. can somebody please beat the f’n living sh!t out of the person who filed these charges….
    sexual harrasment, my butt… the bully should be charged with assault and battery or even attempted murder….
    you’re all crazy in Massachusetts, i hope you begin to recognize that…

  197. Senior Viking says:

    I hope someone takes that 7 year old out for a Happy Meal.
    He’ll be the campus hero.
    The bully will walk a wide birth around this young hero.

    This is how we fought when I was a boy.
    In fact, we often still have to fight this way.

    Nothing works better than fear.

    You go boy.

    1. Liberty Jane says:

      It won’t correct the bully’s actions. Not now. He’s been given carte blanche to do whatever he pleases and all his victims have been told that the people there to protect them not only will not stop it, they will promote it by calling the bully a victim.

  198. tiliyeah says:

    my grandson was beiing bully’d by three punks on the school bus, instead of punching one in the face he punched the window and cracked it..guess who was at fault…my grand son…it was .suggested he neede to get into an anger managemen class., the punks were kicking his back pack around..and punching him in the face…he is big for his age..and they were calling stupid for being in the seventh grade..the principle did nothing..nor the bus driver..we took him out of school..into is a jungle out there…our children are not safe..

  199. Capt. Ron says:

    “public school administrators”
    “occupy protesters who sold out and got jobs”

  200. matt says:

    $100 and my right arm says that this “victim” is most likely not white…

  201. tiliyah says:

    YOU mean to say that a child 7 years old will be tagged as a sexula preditor..just like the perverts that are molesting children….LORD HAVE MERCY..what is thei world coming to…w

  202. question4u says:

    Will he have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life?

  203. jbspry says:

    You know, choking is becoming a popular form of rough sex/foreplay…maybe the little 7 year old could file a counter-complaint against the bully for attempted rape.

  204. Chris says:

    The first state that came to mind when I read this headline on Drudge Report was Massachusetts, and voila!

    Gotta’ love the morons that run the “blue” states. Liberals think they are so smart, yet in general theirs are the states with the most severe issues… hmm, that’s weird.

  205. BigBoa says:

    This is yet one more example of the sort of thing that SHOULD have people in the streets. Every parent in this district should be picketing this school. But as usual, people are too apathetic and will do nothing.

    But we’re to believe all these self-proclaimed patriots will risk death to take on O’Bozo and the military when he makes his move…… Yeah, sure they will……

  206. J.V. says:

    The bully must be a son of an union government employee for the 7 year old to be charged just for defending himself.

  207. UDT/SEAL says:


  208. Joe says:

    Hey BZ, can you throw me a bone here and tell me why u won’t allow my comment to post that doesn’t contain one vulgar word with the exception of the phrase ‘kicked in the nuts’? Well, guess its not the word nuts because I just used nuts 3 times.

  209. grnma says:

    next we will hear that the child went to prison as an adult..cause he kicked the bast–d in the balls for pushing him around..he should have let the lil beast..choke him..the lildarling beast is a bully but thats ok…sheech…home school your children if you want to be safe…

  210. BigBoa says:

    Yeah,,,,,, what slippy said….

    Attacker…. Not

    And after all. We can’t have this type of behavior. If the kid stands up for himself against a bully, he might do the same thing when he’s older. People like O’Bozo can’t pick his pocket without him trying to fight back…..

  211. Greg says:

    Okay, they want to call one sexual harasment. Lets call the other attempted murder.

  212. Jimmie Meehan says:

    There is just no money in good kids….if you have bullies you get government grants, help extra money….and this is good preperation for the “real” world where the criminals are offered every protection and the victoms just suck it up

  213. Common Sense says:

    As a teacher I have to say that these administrators missed a perfect “teachable moment” (as they usually do in these situations). What they should have done is reinforced the bullied kid’s right to defend himself and his property and make the bully aware that you can’t get what you want by simply taking it from another person. A 5 minute discussion that would have a greater impact on these two kids than hours of “official” PC training.

    1. Trisha says:

      You are right…this is the common sense missing!

  214. DivideByZero says:

    It’s important for Ms Lynch to realize she’s dealing with the clinically insane. Most of these “educators” are the product of liberal brainwashing in the pull the lever, get the reward, so called “university” system. The “sexual harassment” weapon used by the self loathing, sexually challenged progressive is a favorite weapon in their arsenal of deceit.. Keep in mind, the progressive male is a sissified worm, and his female counterpart a confused, often drug addled, self absorbed opportunist. Use this to your advantage Ms. Lynch, get in their face, and they’ll fold like the spineless slugs they are. Soon we’ll drive these vermin away, and spare our children further emotional and intellectual distress. Next, we’ll cleanse our universities of these deviants, masquerading as educators, that have nurtured this insanity. Have a lovely day.

  215. Dash Riprock says:

    This has MAJOR lawsuit written all over it!! I can’t wait for that kids mom to sue the school district. I also hope she doesn’t settle out of court. Looks like little Johnny’s got a free ride at a nice private school, courtesy of the taxpayers.

    Those who can’t do, teach.

  216. Clinger True says:

    This is what happens when the parents and their kids are smarter than the tenured NEA professionals(I use professionals in jest).

  217. Joe says:

    WOW! Our state officials have officially lost their minds! This is a perfect example of what I refer to as the social and political pendulum. It refers to any social, socioeconomic or political issue that 30 years ago was completely opposite than it is today.

    Some changes, such as race relations have been an obvious and necessary change for the better. However, other issues such as the environment have swung so far the other way they have created new and opposite problems. New problems are created when an issue passes the middle or plum point of a sitting pendulum to far in either direction. This story is a perfect example of what happens when the harassment pendulum swings to far the other way.

    If the story of what happened on the bus is true then what we have here is a kid defending himself from another kid trying to choke him and steal his gloves. In the course of not being able to breathe and defending himself, within the limited space of a school bus, a kid reacted to the situation and kicked the other kid in the groin. If that’s what happened the this is the most egregious, irresponsible and quite frankly the worst decision made by “intelligent” people I have ever seen.

    Let’s not forget, a group of ‘intelligent’ and ‘educated’ school officials sat around a table and discussed if they should bring sexual harassment charges against a seven year old boy for defending himself by kicking another seven year old boy in the jewels. Charges that would require him to register as a sex offender.

    Can you imagine years from now when he has to explain why he’s a sex offender at a job interview? That my friends is so far beyond just a lack of common sense or a rational thought process that everyone of them should be immediately fired and subsequently institutionalized.

    I come back to my pendulum analogy. The pendulum has swung so far the other way that it has taken any semblance of common sense or intelligent discretion out of “intelligent” peoples brains and more importantly out of their hands without any room for discretion. Such as having enough common sense discretion to realize that this is nothing more than a seven year old defending himself by kicking another seven year old in the nuts.

    Which is exactly what I think the people making this decision need in order to bring their common sense pendulum back to the middle.


  218. Keir says:

    Astonishing. I’m a real educator at a school just outside Dachau in Germany. These idiots you have running your kids’ education don’t know the first thing about bullies and how important it is to stand up to them. Shame on the America of today.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      Shame on the leftists in America, you should say. There are plenty of us who are appalled and angry with them. Unfortunately, most of the media are secular left, too. So you just don’t see us. The world’s news is filtered through their eyes.

  219. OccupyAreFascists says:

    Wait till these types of bureaucrats take charge of your healthcare! hahaha

    1. Doug Ruggerie says:

      excellent response.

  220. Shannon says:

    First of all if I were the mother of the kid who choked the kicker I would be embarrassed and infuriated! I would tell the school that there was no way that they were going to charge that little boy with sexual harassment. I’d let them know that my kid DESERVED what he got because he made a choice to basically rob and harm the other child.

    Is the boy who started the whole thing getting punished for anything? I certainly hope so. Something like robbery and attempted murder would be a good start. If you want to play the game you need to play with all the pieces, you can’t just pick and choose.

    I can guarantee you that the little boy who choked and stole the other kids gloves has also been told by his parents that if he is ever attacked to kick the aggressor in the nuts. I was told that as a child and so were my kids.

  221. seanoairborne says:

    He should have grabbed the bullys Cods with his hand and ripped them out.I done it one time and it worked for me.The anus never bothered me again!!Good for you young Man!~!

  222. Malcom says:

    Wake up America, LIberalism is killing America. And being a liberal is treasonous. Do not support ANY liberals and their agenda. You should not even be friends with a liberal. Choose your side, take a stand. and Take our country back!

  223. Hawkdriver1961 says:

    Liberalism fails every time it’s tried….This is a perfect example of that….

  224. Steve says:

    This is what happens when liberals are in charge. I hope they investigate the extortion, bullying, and possible attempted murder of the other boy. LOL

  225. appraiserman says:

    Sorry, Ms. Lynch to you, and your HERO son. Now that the Kook Liberals are running with this, hindsight tells us the hero should have either let the bully choke him to death, or he could have had homosexual sex with the boy and everything would have been okay in their liberal eyes.
    I say, the boy did the right thing. That bully will no longer be a bully!
    Now a great local election should take out every idiot carrying the Bully side, and replace them with LOGICAL thinkers, that would exclude any Liberals.

  226. Michael Henson says:

    Mass, is one of the few states where first cousins can marry. Thankfully few of us do but out of the few their spawn seem to want to get into administration of our public schools.

  227. Uomo Del Ghiaccio says:

    If a woman kicks her rapist in the jewels so she can get away, who is the victim?

  228. goat says:

    Oh…I understand why some people are confused. You thought that when the education establishment proclaimed its firm commitment to stamping out bullying, that it actually meant bullying, when, in fact, by “bullying,” it meant opposition to homosexuality, and holding related traditional beliefs.

  229. Elsewhere says:

    Democrats doing their best work.

  230. Bob Billings says:

    When are the hard working and loving Democrats in America going to realize their party has been taken over by lunatics!

  231. hmmiller says:

    I taught my children to stand up to bullies using any means necessary. Its true they were suspended more than once for defending themselves. And I took them out for ice cream each time it happened.

    After just a couple times, the bullying stopped. In fact, others not wishing to be bullied enlisted the help of my sons. The school hated it, but it brought bullying at the school to near zero in short order for the entire time they attended that school.

  232. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Give the ballskicker a frkn medal and karate lessons and horsewhip any of the teachers or bureaucrats who tried to punish him.

    1. Doug Ruggerie says:

      I said fire them but horsewhipping prior to firing them would be ok as well.

  233. Climp Jones says:

    time to call in The Master Fondler, Bwarney Fwank, to arbitrate

  234. Alice Ramirez says:

    These teachers’ union-dominated public schools are run by individuals completely devoid of common sense. Also, sex is everything to liberals. They interpret everything through the prism of their own sexuality. The only freedom they care about is the freedom to pursue one’s own favorite sexual perversion.
    Dollars to donuts these school administrators are all Obama-bots

    1. seanoairborne says:

      right on Alice!!!

  235. greg says:

    Our society is out of control – too many liberals in power making rules and laws on the fly – kid has no idea what sexual harassment is – let them fight ther own battles and stay out of it.

  236. deedee says:

    so what now use to be a way for a woman to protect herself from a predator /rapist…or being now a form of sexual harassment??
    Hmmm what’s happening to this country?

  237. Doug Ruggerie says:

    Every single person involved in that decision should be immediately fired. They clearly don’t possess the common sense and intellect to hold any position of authority that is involved with the education of Children and unfortunately those things can’t be taught or acquired. If these are the kind of decisions that are brought to light I would wonder about the other decisions that are made on a daily basis that nobody hears about but are just as ignorant. It’s time to stop talking and take action. Send them all packing.

  238. Pete says:

    The school principal should be kicked in the testicles and then fired for such nonesense. I bet the bully has already been reprimanded for bad behavior in the past. The lawyers are to blame for most of this.

  239. AtlasObjectivist says:

    He should have kicked him and then held him so every kid on the bus could line up and have a kick too.

  240. Michael says:

    Is not compression of another persons trachea also considered “inappropriate touching?” If not, I guess it is not legally permissible to commit battery…

  241. Phyllis D Anderson says:

    Everyone who reads this needs to google the school and call them first thing Monday morning. Tie up their phone lines and let them know WE are tired of their stupidity. This is why when revolution breaks out the educators and the media are usually the first to go.
    Be polite or raise some hell BUT CALL!!!
    It doesn’t matter where you live this is America and we need to take it back!!!

  242. Big Tex says:

    The school said “‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” . I wonder what they call choking someone in order to steal their property, tiddly winks?

  243. JOE FRISELLA says:


  244. Guy Macher says:

    Print the name of the person who decided this was sexual harassment. These idiots should be exposed to public ridicule,

  245. Gigi DeNinno says:

    I was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks too. You can bet any amount of money that the kid with the blue balls is related too or friends of the family from someone from the DA’s office, the police departement or the school board.

    BTW this is the second time I am writing this and it gets blocked??????

  246. LFAMerican says:


  247. BobB says:

    I’ll bet the assailant quickly released his stranglehold on the victim’s throat. Now we need to start kicking some of these liberal idiots and get them to release their stranglehold on our children as well.

  248. Philabias says:

    I hope she sues the county into bankruptsy. and i hope the kid gets a free college education from this assult on his god given right to self defence. good going young man. some day i hope you get to be president and fix this trajic broken system. America USED TO BE THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND THANKS TO BUSH AND OBAMA IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A BAD FRENCH EXPERIMENT

  249. Timuchin says:

    That’s better than a pencil to the eye!

    The school just wants money which comes from counting noses. If they have to suspend a bully, their noses aren’t in school. Whereas the punching bag just keeps on helplessly coming to school to get his nose counted. Typical Democrats.

  250. Tyrone "T" Thump says:

    I would really like to know the names of the school officials involved. Why won’t WBZ give out that information?

  251. INFOWARS says:

    face it, folks, you live in the largest Police State in the world. Our cop worshipping-find something to charge someone with mentality has destroyed our country. Now that the military can snatch you off the street for any reason they like, without due process, there’s going to be some serious Tyranny ahead.

  252. SpfldeJimbo says:

    Have we, in this country lost our freakin’ minds? Whatever numbskull is pursuing sexual harrassment charges against this 7 YEAR OLD KID, should be fired for lack of common sense.

  253. Durpadeedurp says:

    Wonder what he would’ve been charged with for breaking his foot off in the little punk’s @$$. Because that’s where he should’ve gone after the nut-kicking. I hope he kicked him hard enough to remove the little miscreant from the gene pool

  254. Art Anderson says:

    Rotton left wing filth, seems you just can’t like the boy who rightly defended himself as all boys should, at least the few who are not yet defective as programmed. Dirty leftists, must you always come down on the wrong side even when it’s so obvious? We need to rid ourselves of your influence among us, we need freedom from your ilk by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. You just keep pushing us, we’ll eventually rise up. Someday things will be better when we’ve finally punched back at you and your kind. I’m sick of you wingers ceaselessly persecuting decent, normal human beings. You think you have the right to meddle in everthing, you don’t. We need to meddle with you for a few decades as you have done to us, then let’s see how you like it. Leave the little boy alone you rotten left wingers!

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  255. rufus levin says:

    F-ing Boston Liberal Nanniers….what a bunch of losers…no wonder they elected Barney Frank and the Kennedies….the LOVE TO ID PERVERTS.

  256. Abe L says:

    Behold the results of a Democrat-controlled school system.

  257. rufus levin says:


  258. pitter43 says:

    Every time I think liberals can’t do anything more stupid, they prove me wrong.

  259. pokey says:

    Are there no sane people working in our school districts anymore? More and more we see such stupid decisions by school districts.
    I applaud the 7 year old for defending himself against a bully. I see it as self defense.
    Maybe the bully should be charged with attempted homicide because he was choking the 7 year old and he couldn’t breathe. That would make more sense.

  260. John says:

    If I had a knife I would have eviscerated the SOB trying to choke me to death. After that we can al sit down and talk about who, what , where, wen and why this whole thing happened. In the mean time I am alive to participate in the discussions.

  261. MassJim says:

    The kid employed a tactic that is as old as fighting itself and probably did more for the fight against bullies than all those foolish posters combined. Sexual harassment, please! This is part of the reason we must get the “educators” out of education. My hat is off to the kid.

    1. Joan Hogan says:

      Boston Public Schools Should Become Under Federal Receivership Again. The
      Administrators are always onesided. The Perpertrator should be charged Criminally
      In Juvenille Court. The School Department avoids the many problems that exist throughout the school Department. The Child Who was being choked Is a Victim of
      a serious crime. I atleast know now that The Public now knows how corrupt and Idiotic the School Department Employees are.

  262. HMichaelH says:

    Anyone in the School System who has anything to do with charging this child with sexual harassment needs to be fired. I MEAN FIRED, and kept from having anything to do with children, EVERY! The fact the administrators in the School System have their heads up their anal orifices is about as sexual as this thing gets.

    Good for the kid who taught the bully a lesson. I bet the bully won’t bully that kid again. He needed a good kick in the nuts so he can focus on his bad behavior. But to attack the victim of the bullying, such as the School System is doing, is criminal. FIRE THEM ALL!

  263. John says:

    This entire escapade is so ludicrous that it really isn’t worth discussing. The entire matter is an attempt to find out how people react to situations. This is a simple matter of do or die. Defend yourself from an attack or suffer the consequences. After 9-11 I think the world realizes we are a bunch of panzies. 9-11 should have triggered a marine assault on western Africa to clean out the entire continent of Muslims. This article is a microcosm of an example of what is wrong with our republic. We are not willing to fight for our freedom as is demonstrated in this article that we are not to fight back if assaulted. This is a reflection of the entire country and is indicative of a mass psychosis taking place. The terrorists are winning the mind game. There is no question about that. The recent Senate approval of a bill subverting the Posse Comitatus law of 1878 clearly reveals the fear the Federal Government has regarding our collective will to strike back at an offender. This article reveals the same fear as we see at the federal level regarding threats and our response to them. The time has come to stand our ground and make a collective stand against aggression in whatever form it takes. Be it a bully to a kid or a terrorist to our republic.

  264. Jim D says:

    So the kid defending himself is being investigated for sexual harassment. Why is the aggressor, the bully who choked another without provocation, not being investigated for assault and battery.

  265. rupert pupkin says:

    If only he was a defensive coordinator at a division 1 football college, then there would have been no problem at all. They may have even let him start his own foundation to help the very bullies like that kid on the bus…

  266. somewhereinus says:

    Public schools in America are nothing more than babysitting sites. They do not teach children or even babysit them adequately for that matter! A word to the wise parents out there.. get your kids in private school or home school them. If you do not, your kids will not be able to get college degrees for sure. Yea, they might be able to “attend” college, but that college experience will be rather brief if they do not have the skills needed for success in college studies.

  267. David Arbogast says:

    Sorry, it too me a while to get back up off the floor where I was rolling around laughing uncontrollably. – have not done that in a few decades.

    This is what happens when the BIG school districts get $7,000 or more per kid. They start paying their “Administrators” well over $150,000.00 per year with the top being closer to a million that 100K. They get so big on themselves that they forget its about TEACHING KIDS !! Yeah, even though I strongly believe in TORT reform, this is certainly why we need some TORT laws.

  268. America--where did it go? says:

    The point is simple. Homeland Security, FBI, TSA, local law enforcement are all on this instructed trip. Purpose is to get as many names in the criminal database as possible. Congress thinks because they are all criminals, that the rest of the population must be as well. ProgressCommies rule USA.

  269. Neednewpresident says:

    Can we recruit this kid to go to the White house ? THere is someone there that needs a kick in the balls.

  270. Tatiana Covington says:

    Sometimes, one must fight. The 7-year-old boy was being choked, that is, denied air. Fight or die! He considered himself at risk of death, so he did the right thing. As for the bully, maybe that will teach him to leave others alone.

    Sometimes the correct response to a bully is a bullet.

  271. Clarity-jane Seer says:

    What the hell is going on in America! Its becoming a really weird tyranny state! When are you going to take your country back and stop all this nightmare!

  272. walter12 says:

    One would have to be crazy to live in the State of Mass. nowdays. Are there any real men in the state? How many communists are there in your public school system? How do you guys like your taxes? How do you like having your schools run by radical leftists, feminists, half-men, neutered guys, etc? What a place, no thank you.

  273. american says:


    If it is not available to the public, its time to put it on an initiative ballot to do so. This legal procedure RIPS a non-law following public official out of office, period.

  274. mustang453 says:

    Boy, its a good thing that we have the media providing us with all the information and not just one side of it. Oh wait, they are giving us one side. Schools cannot legally comment on disciplinary issues. Period. So, the media and the mother in the interview can say whatever they want and the schools have to take it.

  275. Darrel says:

    The school administrators need to be kicked square in the crotch. Multiple times.

  276. Stephen says:

    You opened the door, friends. Sexual connotations aside, Barney Frank sure isn’t harmless. He and his liberal pals managed to kick the studs right out of the housing market.

  277. J Bradford Dawson says:

    By these rules, the other boy should be charged with attempted murder. (SI)

  278. Bart Gatrell says:

    What is this world coming to?

  279. Tex Expatriate says:

    Give little Mark Curran a medal. Half-kudos to to CBS Boston for saying Mark kicked the bully in the crotch. Should have said balls, but . . . And Anti-kudos to drugereport for using the word groin.

    The sad thing, what you have here in that school system is a bunch of east-coast sissies running it. In Massachusetts, pretty likely Marxists, too. Are there any men left in Massachusetts? Is everyone there a junior Barney Frank?

  280. Noamsayn? says:

    One look at Dr. Carol R. Johnson is all it takes to understand this situation. You’ve got an affirmative action Obama voter, who probably doesn’t have the IQ to clean toilets, running the Boston schools.

  281. Doubltap says:

    How much you want to bet the bully is some minority POS?

  282. Doubltap says:

    How much you want to be the bully was a minority POS?

  283. The Highllander says:

    The modern Marxist defiles humanity with inverted philosophies, indifferent bureaucracies, and government edicts designed disconnect mankind from God and the birthright of freedom. They seek to replace God’s blueprint for life with a godless socialist global economic police state built upon humanist new age fantasies of neo paganism and animal worship, wealth redistribution ,intrusive surveillance, DNA manipulation, and a genderless spirituality topped off with non- life producing sexual perversion that shuns truth, faith, life, decorum, honor , virtue, and mocks the true meaning of femininity and masculinity.They are minions of Lucifer and their time will come to an end. May it happen sooner than later

  284. Liquidators1 says:

    The people in this school are not fit to be “teachers” if they don’t know the difference between self defense (fighting) or sexual harassment.

  285. Aubrey says:

    Fascist Muther Fockers!

  286. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Would it have been sexual harassment if he kicked him in the ass?

  287. cm204 says:

    in the public schools, the victim is REQUIRED to submit and allow himself to be beaten up. if he attempts to defend himself, he is guilty of fighting or worse.

    i will bet anyone a year’s salary that obama and his friends will NEVER put their OWN kids into the public school monopoly system that they expect the rest of us to suffer through.

  288. Pyronaught says:

    OK, since when does sex involve a kick to the crotch?
    Wife: “Hey honey, wanna have sex?”
    Husband: “Sure!”
    – WHAM! –
    Wife: “Was it good for you too?”

  289. Chuck says:

    Someone need to publish the names of these people so we can take care of it properly.

  290. C Mc D says:

    As someone who has often had to fight bureaucracy for a living (I live in DC), here are some reasonable –> low cost steps.
    1) TAPE everything. Camcorder preferable, but definitely audio. Just put it in the middle of the table. Put the bureaucrats on the spot.
    2) Admit nothing. Sign nothing. As many others have said, tell the administrators they are guilty of being complicit in an attempted murder. Just keep hammering that point, firmly, but forcibly. Your son did nothing but defend himself from their incompetence –> should be the thrust of your argument.
    3) Should they continue, start with the lawyers, which will take money. You don’t really want to go this path (as no one gets satisfaction, except for the lawyers –> who will try to pit each side against each other….). You will likely have to sit on your lawyer, but ask for all school emails relating to policies, previous incidents and this incident, as part of discovery. School will likely not be able to comply, seek default/damages.

    It sucks you have to go this path, but if the school district is going to make poor, stupid, inane decisions, well then… they get what they deserve. Really make it the principal’s problem. You don’t want to, you have to…..

  291. av says:

    Hey America, Harden the funk up!

  292. Larry Burdge says:

    Hell, It’s Baustin for God sake,,,,, What do you expect?? The Liberal,Socialistic,Democrat world center..

  293. blackcurry says:

    It’s frightening, the kind of people who are teaching our kids. They have absolutely no common sense. Why didn’t they suspend the little bully that instigated the incident? The little boy had a perfect right to defend himself by whatever means necessary. I’m beginning to think you have to have your brain removed in order to be a school “official.”

  294. This Time says:

    This is what happens with the sexualizing of children by school officials without common sense.

  295. dave says:

    So what we’re teaching the kids of today is this. Some a hole thinks he can f with you. You defend yourself and the next thing you know you are the bad guy. That being said – the kid should have grabbed the bullys nuts twisted them until there was zero chance the bully could ever reproduce. I mean what the heck is the difference? At least this way there is some satisfaction. Yup yup yup I am the one who got charged, but hey – I’m 7 you on the other hand are minus 1 nut. I’m not a lawyer and I’m not sure I;m spelling it right but is that what they cal quid pro rpo?

  296. fred says:

    No doubt the parents of the bully threatened to sue so they went after the victim instead. It appears that being an “official” involves having your brain removed but in reality these \people are attracted to these jobs because they are authoritarian, stupid and mean.

  297. Joe says:

    Our state officials and educators have officially lost their minds! This is a perfect example of what I refer to as the social and political pendulum. It refers to any social, socioeconomic or political issue that 30 years ago was completely opposite than it is today.

    Some changes, such as race relations have been an obvious and necessary change for the better. However, other issues such as the environment have swung so far the other way they have created new and opposite problems. New problems are created when an issue passes the middle or plum point of a sitting pendulum to far in either direction. This story is a perfect example of what happens when the harassment pendulum swings to far the other way.

    If the story of what happened on the bus is true then what we have here is a kid defending himself from another kid trying to choke him and steal his gloves. In the course of not being able to breathe and defending himself, within the limited space of a school bus, a kid reacted to the situation and kicked the other kid in the groin. If that’s what happened the this is the most egregious, irresponsible and quite frankly the worst decision made by “intelligent” people I have ever seen.

    Let’s not forget, a group of ‘intelligent’ and ‘educated’ school officials sat around a table and discussed if they should bring sexual harassment charges against a seven year old boy for defending himself by kicking another seven year old boy in the jewels. Charges that would require him to register as a sex offender.

    Can you imagine years from now when he has to explain why he’s a sex offender at a job interview? That my friends is so far beyond just a lack of common sense or a rational thought process that everyone of them should be immediately fired and subsequently institutionalized.

    I come back to my pendulum analogy. The pendulum has swung so far the other way that it has taken any semblance of common sense or intelligent discretion out of “intelligent” peoples brains and more importantly out of their hands without any room for discretion. Such as having enough common sense discretion to realize that this is nothing more than a seven year old defending himself by kicking another seven year old in the nuts.

    Which is exactly what I think the people making this decision need in order to bring their common sense pendulum back to the middle.G

  298. Jose says:

    The Bully should be arrested for assault and battery? The kid was practicing self defense? The bus driver should be fired? Mother should get attorney to represent kid and sue school district.

  299. Jeff NIchalson says:

    This is obviously a case of self defence. The child did nothing but defend himself.Apparently this school is run by idiots.

  300. Jimmie Meehan says:

    Kids have just gotta learn….if a bully wants to choke them they are to just stand there, or lay there and be choked if they die someone will apologize to their parents…..But never be a trouble maker and resist a bully…this is just one of the Changes We Were Waiting For.

  301. Joe Lovell says:

    Let me see if I have this right. Choking someone – that is attempted murder – is just fine, and isn’t considered ‘inappropriate touching.” But acting in a manner to save yourself is inappropriate.

  302. ira siegel says:

    They have the balls to do this. Kick the punk there one more time…and see if he has anything left.

  303. Ira Siegel says:


  304. Jerry Brandt says:

    The problem with the Seven year old was his response. He should have gotten a pipe and beat the bully into a bloody pulp. Then he should have bitten into the bully like a wild dog and torn out flesh. Then the school district would have said the 7 year old was so traumatized by the bully that he couldn’t take it anymore and went temporarily insane. They would have then gone after the bully and kicked him out of school. So let’s recap here. Kicking bully in the groin. Not good enough. Go for serious permanent damage. You will be ok.

  305. Jubal says:

    I wonder what the decision would have been today, when I beat the literal c r a p out of a bully that had laid me open so many times that I was used to stitches. Was 3rd grade. Sorry, the only things that bullies understand is devastatingly overwhelming force. As on the playground, as in the world theater. Turn the other cheek, until you run out of cheeks. Then total the clown.

  306. Jack says:

    This is the Republicans fault by using every trick in the book to emasculate plaintiffs’ rights, the idiot school should get sued and pay a stiff settlement that will teach them

  307. Nosgoodforme says:

    The seven year old was defending himself .
    I do wish everyone would really think for a moment the word “Bully”

    and cease the use of that word . the majority of those in favor for defending ( rightfully ) the seven year old , doe’s not do victim justice…
    its assault or assault and battery.
    and God forbid this gos to trial .. and if it doe’s a finding of self defence hopefully would prevail.

    i think the use of the word “bully” diminishes the seriousness nature of a crime done . and victimises the innocent from getting true justice.
    Yes no one has a right to verbally attack or hit or attempt to hit another.. But
    just think about it .. most of you who are angry with Police and school administrators and media are the very people who helped coined and make use that word
    think of this by being in the victims shoes.

    This child will be victimised by not only the child that started this , but by the school and the courts. this poor kid .. Thank you for telling us we have no right to self defence where in hell do we live.. only in this sad excuse of a state.

  308. AJ says:

    I F^%KING hate The lukewarm, muslim-loving, spineless pieces of S*&T that run the Boston school system! If I was this child’s dad I would pay a visit to the dad of the bully (at his house) and it after I was done his punk ass, undisciplined little turd would never touch my kid or anyone elses’ for that matter again! Then, after that, I would pay a visit to the assclown that calls himself the “principal!”

  309. Jackie Hammer says:

    Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings , one of Barack Obama’s long list of admin appointments like HLS/ TSA Big Sis Janet the help ensure that we will loose our identity as an exceptional nation. Kevin Jennings set the tone to proceed with absurdity.

  310. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Boston schools should be ashamed.

    The child’s mother should get a private attorney and file suit against the thug bully for felonious assault.

  311. Joe Marshall says:

    I was bullied abit in grade school, but each time I beat up the bullys and they would not bother me again. Same thing happen once in my HS (We had 245 students) A friend was bugging me to the point of destraction in class, I swung around in my seat and connected my fist to the side of his head and knocked him over into the next row. The teacher turned and asked what happened, I told him and he just told the other kid to pick up his desk and pay attention and went back to teaching. Now days I would have been arrested for assult and battery. There is no question this school district is PC Liberal from top down. Nosense of rational whatsoever. This is one of the primary reason that we have these idots like “The Occupiers”..That is also why we have a preident who does not know his fecal exit apeture from a hole in the griup. He is nothing more than a total puppet.

  312. Pam says:

    Women have always been taught to kick where it really hurts if they are being attacked by a man. Does that mean that women can now be charged with sexual harassment during a sexual attack? I guess it’s who gets who first. Who can explain this to me? Boston Bozos!

  313. TexanPatriot says:

    Massholes, you gotta love them (not). They’ve completely ruined the cradle of Liberty.

  314. jamadan says:

    So they simply charge the other kid with attempted murder and see how fast the sexual harassment charge is dropped.

  315. TOM JEFFERS SON says:

    The insanity perpetrated by the school and state by making a 7 year old out to be “sexual harrasser” in this case, is beyond any rational comprehension, but typical of the thinking (if one could even call it that) today, which is more like a witch hunt when it comes to any kind of supposed sexual “touching” leading many to be falsely accused of crimes and having their records permanently stained just by the accusation, if nothing else, no proofs.

  316. Gerald R. says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that educators have to be the biggest idiots in this country.

  317. Jackie Hammer says:

    Homeland Security reminds the commenting public that if you see something say something. We would also like to remind the commenting public that Sexual Harassment is a serious charge, and the “Groin area” is exclusively our territory, this young citizen made a serious trespass on our territory and we appreciate the Boston School District for saying something when they see something and we are grateful that they acted in a manner that is very close to the way deal with the public everyday.Although we do our best to monitor all online comments that could be dangerous counter-productive nationalism and therefore certainly be classified as proto-domestic terroristic activity, please help us monitor comments we may have missed that you may see that might come from individuals promoting the following: RON PAUL, JESSE VENTURA, and proto-domestic terroristic organizations such an the TEA PARTY the NRA and any Christian organizations that promote agendas with the following title or similar to it: “FAMILY VALUES”
    Remember, we are watching, If you see something say something!

  318. DJMc says:

    The powers that be should investigate the school system for more than lacking judgment but for being collectively stupid and unreasonable. They should be pursuing and punishing the bully, not the victim. But I guess picking on the victim is easier for them so they do not have to confront the bully or his parents and maybe get yelled at. That way the school system continues and promotes the bullying. Entrenched bureaucrats at their best.

  319. lwayne says:

    Do you have to be a total fool to be a school administrator.

  320. crypticguise says:

    Definitely, the mother should sue file a criminal charge agains the other kid for attempted murder and a civil law suit against the school for an unsafe environment. Attack thest incredibly STUPID jackasses. Is the superintendant an affirmative action hire?

  321. Scott Battles says:

    May they send the person that made this decision to Planned Parenthood for a retro-abortion for criminal stupidity.

  322. George says:

    No wonder this country is going down the toilet fast. Get these Liberal Aholes out of power.

  323. me says:

    Charge the bully with attempted murder.

  324. Chris Tucker says:

    Wow! Is this the Herald’s comment sections?

    Come for the story, stay for the hate, racism and ignorance.

  325. CoSteve says:

    So I assume this means they’ll be charging this boy with sexual harassment means they’ll be charging the other boy with attempted murder?

  326. Harvey says:

    Citizens do have a choice. They can start executing civil servants like these school idiots. That would be the patriotic thing to do.

  327. Reefer says:

    Let’s just cut through all the BS!!
    Determine EXACTLY WHO made the final decision to treat this as a sexual
    harassment case. Then…laugh this creep out of town. NOBODY likes being laughed at. Some people like law suits….naaaaah!…..LAUGH THIS JOKER OUT OF TOWN! All comments would be aimed at this one BOZO, instead of dissecting the case ad infinitum. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BOYS AND GIRLS!

  328. Robert Mancini says:

    It’s now official… school officials are bureaucratic idiots with the brain power of pre-cambrian haploids (not very smart).

  329. daveugber says:

    sounds like self-defense…case closed…

  330. Pete says:

    I hope the little focker bully is rendered infertile for life, which he won’t discover until age 35 or so.

  331. Gregor Stephan says:

    This has little to do with politics directly, nothing to do with sexuality. What I see happening on a daily basis – particularly in the USA – is unconscious reactions to stress. Your society is falling apart economically and morally, cracks in so many places and so many dimension, there is no way for people and institutions to respond. What happens in cases like this is a form of “transference,” such as we see in dogs or parrots who are in a state of anxiety. Not able to grasp what is wrong, not knowing what to do, they start chewing on themselves.

  332. TJ says:

    How absurd a decision by the school administration. I think the boy who kicked the bully should be commended. I’ll send him a card if you could forward it to him. The real question is what are we really teaching our children in schools today. Don’t stand up for yourself? If attacked and you defend yourself, it is sexual? The school administrators need to be fired. It sounds like they are obsessed with sex.

  333. BigBoa says:

    That reminds the mighty Boa. Always taught our son that if he got in trouble fighting in school, and he STARTED it, his REAL problems would start when he got home. Also told him the same if he got picked on and DIDN’T defend himself.

    And wouldn’t you know it. Some f’in chimps ganged up on him on the bus. Well he beat a couple of them up. Mind you, he had problems with them prior to that and the mighty Boa went to the school and got the cops called on him for threatening to beat up the principal. The mighty Boa told him that if they messed with his son again, he was going to make sure his son beat the living snot out of them. And he did. So of course he got suspended for a couple of days. The mighty Boa called the moron again and told him it was not going to “teach” him anything because he would simply be told to make sure the next time was even worse. Fortunately that was the end of it. Seems beating them is the only way to get through their primate skulls. And in case you’re wondering, the little thugs weren’t suspended. And we rewarded our son by taking him out to a very nice dinner……

    Chimps beware.

  334. Ann says:

    Can we sue for all the things people did to you when we were in school—I would go for trillions—I think I will, I could us some more printed money!!!

  335. Lily says:

    Wow, I can’t remember how many times I did that as a kid to defend myself. Can’t say I knew they were called testicles at that age though. The progressives are sure obsessed with sex and sexual harassment.

  336. DJmore says:

    I said it before, and I’ll say it agaain, the world is getting craizer and craixere by the day.

  337. J.Morcan says:

    Lots of comments here, all from people who don’t know the facts. The school will get it right.

  338. J.Morcan says:

    Wow, did CBS Boston actually reproduce the familiy’s home address on Sydney St. in the accompanying photo? Is that typical of Boston’s reporting standards?

  339. lawrence, d. h. says:

    He didn’t kick the bully in the groin to see what balls felt like against his feet. That would be inappropriate touching.

  340. Farmer Bob says:

    If this goes to trial I hope the kid walks up and kicks the prosecutor right in the nuts. Or maybe the judge will.

  341. JTF says:

    I can’t believe what I just read; sexual harassment? A seven year old? It seems like the people that are teachers are getting nuttier than ever, and their bosses are goofier than they are! And it’s not even California!

  342. klg1956 says:

    Dr. Carol Johnson, probably a Ph.D….which means “pile it on higher and deeper….

    B.S. bullsh**

    MS More of the Same

    Ineptocracy–a system of gov’t where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and service paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers….and Dr. Carol Johnson is what we get to fill this ineptocracy slot at this particular school district.

  343. DCON says:

    This is what happens when libkooks get their claws into the justice system. Get rid of the libkooks, and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sure must have made that poor kid happy to stand up for himself!! Pfffft — Boston, eh? Yeah, just about the most corrupt state (due to their unions and their politicians) in the union! Laughable.

  344. Joe Golfendude says:

    Americans are becoming the laughing stock of the world now… How is this PC stuff working for ya… Like that change you have been waiting on… What did he say… We are the ones you have been waiting for… SUCKERS

    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

  345. Ursus Indomitus says:

    How did school officials become such IDIOTS? Is it their Frankfurt School indoctrination or were they born that way?

  346. stan_in_usa says:

    When I was in grammer school, someone poked me with the pointed end of a compass, and left a mark. I defended myself, nearly ripping the punk’s head off. These days I would have been facing a judge in court.

  347. General Sherman says:

    Feminazification of our schools. Sick.

  348. ImaHippyBurning says:

    It’s time to start kicking these ignorant, Union run, Liberal, panty waste school czars in the groins!!! and bring back some common sense to a world where Political Correctness is destroying us…

  349. Rational says:

    Only in the Orwellian People’s Republic of Massachusetts can you have the toughest Anti-Bullying law in the nation that prosecutes the victim. Our Motto: Up is
    Down, Right is Wrong, and Self-Defense is Bullying.

  350. Dan Larson says:

    The kid should get a medal, the bully should be expelled and the principle should be fired.

  351. Dan Larson says:

    The kid should get a medal, the bully should be suspended (at the very least) and the principal should be fired.

  352. D Goode says:

    So we let the public sector run wild and this is the crap we get. “Government by the people, for the people”. Wake uo America!

  353. Pkpost says:

    This is the inevitable result of having liberals in positions of power. Only a truly effeminate group of busy-bodies could come to this type of conclusion. They probably resent the kid for defending himself instead of begging the people in charge for the privilege of having them intercede on his behalf.

  354. K. Reuxa says:

    Andy, huuuuhhh???? I didn’t see anywhere in the article where the bully labeled this as sexual harassment. That was the school who did this. They called it sexual harassment because it involved someone “touching” someone else’ genitals without their permission. (Not to defend the school, it is a stupic call).

    You are certainly reading your politics into the article. The article mentions nothing about conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat. Injecting politics into this is disingenuous. Is it just possible the school is casting around for anything to tack on to this? I think it is bureaucracy gone amuck.

    I think I’d prefer just to address what we do know in the article rather than speculate over issues that just aren’t there. If you want to deal with the issue of homosexuality and conservative vs liberal then address an article where that is actually the point of discussion!

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      You wrote:
      “The article mentions nothing about conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat. Injecting politics into this is disingenuous.”

      Rubbish! The secular Left has run the government school system almost exclusively for over 40 years now (since Carter and the start of public unions in education) Arguably over 90%, or at least a clear majority of teachers and administrators vote Left, i.e. Democrat. So the issue of politics is inherent in this, whether you like it or not. It is the Left’s MO to grow bureaucracy and the State; and garbage like this is a defining example of the foolishness of the Left in general.

      “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
      Dennis Prager

  355. vinny says:

    what is the goal of this by the people making this sexual harrassment charge??
    and what is motivating their use of the laws to make a point with a 7 yr old kid
    are they looking to totaly demasculate society at a young age or is it in response to their own personal problems that they are projecting on society as a whole???

  356. vinny says:

    no Im sorry but I agree. one day its kicking someone in the balls on the bus and the next day before you know it; your in Chicago doing it to a fellow politician running against you for political office; whats next??? paying a woman whos having financial trouble that lives in the same building and goes to the same gym as your campaign manager money to ruin a threatening candidate. no kicking below the belt and if you dont eat your meat ;how can you have your pudding

  357. Jimmy says:

    Just one more case demonstrating society’s departure from any semblance of common sens!!!!!!!!!!! The inmates, are indeed, running the asylum!!!!!!!

  358. bagocheese says:

    And these people are responsible for educating our children….Liberal philosophy run amok.

  359. Bridgett Rinker says:

    again people with all their priorities screwed up. if someone is choking you, with a history of bullying you! are you not supposed to defend yourself. wtf, give me a break, and what are you doing about the kid that was doing the choking, sounds like he may have some issues. again our school system at work, no wonder our kids get so screwed up!

  360. Lipo says:

    What’s amazing is how stupid school administrators can be when dealing with these types of issues. Unbelievable.

  361. TexasMiddleFinger says:

    Unbelievable. And you blue state, liberal moon bats wonder why red states find you to be lost in space. In Texas, my son damn well better bust that bully’s ass. In Boston, however, the bully’s feeeeeeeeelings and upbringing made him do it & the well-adjusted victim should be ashamed of exploiting that poor, innocent bully. Liberalism is a mental disorder & nothing inspires mediocrity more than a union. Kick them all in the nuts ,

  362. Miguel Saavadera says:

    I am sorry: I thought the left coast was the only place that was filled with idiots … I was wrong the Bay State seems to have its fair share. These administrators need to be removed, with EXTREME prejudice, before they breed any more idiots. A gnat has and has learned more common sense than these idiots.

    Should we charge a young assaulted women, who in defense of her person who has the where-with-all to give a swift kick or strike to a her assailants groin? That has from the end of time been the most effective, appropriate, and quickest defense of assualt. Oh, I am sorry Madame, that is inappropriate touching, and is sexual harassment!

    Which came first the choke, or kick? The young man, who doesn’t really know what ‘sexual’ is had the great luck in his dying gasp to find a way to get his assailants attention … ‘good on ’em!

  363. Mark Hallenberg says:

    Don’t forget – the liberals’ goal is to get ALL kids into the ‘system’. This case serves as good example.

  364. Melissa says:

    I keep thinking there just has to be more to this story than is reported!! If not, this is just insane!! If someone is hurting me, I am kicking or grabbing whatever is going to hurt them the most!!

  365. Thron says:

    I am continuously amazed how the Boston area with all its educational institutions sees itself intellectually superior to other areas of the country yet it daily competes with its left coast twin San Francisco for which city has the biggest void of common sense.

  366. Godot says:

    Bearded wonder Ivy League “policy makers” ran to Moma when someone “wasn’t nice” to them. Now they run school systems.

  367. Take Action says:

    Homeschool or private school is the solution. The school loses a student and the funding (tax payer money) that goes with it. Your property taxes only pay for part of school – the rest comes from the state proportional to enrollment. When the student is gone, the state funding stops.

  368. Take Action says:

    We homeschool, and it is tough cause even though we pay property taxes to support public school and get nothing back, we get tax breaks. So I have a second job to pay for it. But it is worth it! My one son will finish calculus before graduating, and my kids can read well and write well.

  369. Mom of 4 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. This poor kid was being choked and he defended himself. I’m sure that any kind of “s_exual harassment” never even entered his mind. He wanted to BREATHE. My God, how can people be so incredibly stupid today? Parents – please be aware of the idiocy in today’s public schools, especially in placed over-run with liberal imbeciles like in Massachusetts. Home school or put your kids in private school. I hope the parents sue. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows darn well that s_ex had nothing to do with this incident.

  370. mike says:

    Been better off stabbing or shooting the bully.

  371. kbworkman says:

    Give some idiots authority and they are going to find some way to use it, inappropriately.

    A little girl kisses a boy on the play ground, the TSA stops a girl for a gun design on her purse and now a kid defends himself from a bully.

    If they get away with it once they will do it again.

  372. 2BFree2B says:

    next, they’ll be charging an infant sexual harrassment for nursing on it’s mama. Will someone please get rid of these idiots that are making rules and regulations for htis country. We need a good old case of anarchy…this time Occupy your elected officials front yards.

  373. cat says:

    A Boston Public Schools spokesperson said officials are investigating, but won’t comment further, since it’s a private matter.
    Public, yet private? This BS needs to be public so there is outrage and this namby pamby feely touchy education system gets back to teaching, not attempting to diagnose sexual issues while they teach grade school children to doan a condom. Geez

  374. Dixie Recht says:

    Wow, talk about political correctness run amok!!

    It is simply silly what these ‘educators’ want to do. When we get rid of the teacher’s unions, when we discipline the students for misconduct as they should be disciplined, when we go back to expelling the troublemakers, when we go back to demanding students learn to read and write and learn math, despite their “cultural” issues, school and the nation as a whole will benefit.

    “Sexual harassment”. I don’t think so. Looks more like self defense to me. Yeah, these “educators” are penalizing someone for defending himself. Great!

  375. jonathan says:

    As long as you morons keep voting for democrats this is what you’re going to get. Live with it.

  376. Louis says:

    This wouldn’t be an issue if people didn’t support public education. Compulsory public “education” amounts to false imprisonment of the most powerless members of our society. These school administrators are nothing but self-intersted scumbags who live to pawn off children for their own gain. End the public school system. PERIOD.

  377. DJH says:

    Sue the school for not protecting your son and then making a victim again by charging him for conduct a child his age is typically incapable of.
    It is clear why education is so bad in our country, the administrators are ignorant, stupid and lazy – we see the stories every day and there is no escaping that fact.

  378. Sickness says:

    File a law suit for defamation and file a criminal complaint against the bully. And hurry.

  379. Rob Cook says:

    Who’s the bully here? Somebody else needs a kick in the crotch!

  380. Jackie Greenwood says:

    How dare a slave try to defend himself from a future TSA agent.

    That be sarcasm with probably more truth in it than I think we’d care to admit.

  381. dydx says:

    I agree with some here….

    If kicking someone in the balls is sexual harassment, then bullying someone is aggravated assault and choking someone is attempted murder.

    “When you are merciful to the cruel, then you’re cruel to the merciful”

  382. john pitcher says:

    they should also file charges against the school district foe aiding and abetting

  383. don448 says:

    A kick in the crotch in defense of attempted murder by strangulation? Who should be arrested here?

  384. Buck Ofama says:

    They should kick the school admin in the ASS.
    Then they should give the ball-kicker a medal.

  385. Charlie says:

    What’s going on here? Kicking him in the nuts is sexual harassment but him getting choked to where he can’t breathe is ok? What’s wrong with this picture. You gonna punish one, punish them both.

  386. Delaware Refugee says:

    Any mention of the races of those involved? In Delaware, white kids can be kicked out of classess and told to only use the nurse’s restroom when they report that white kids are being targeted for daily threats, robbery and assaults.

  387. Gary says:

    I do believe the second word of the inserted letter from the Boston Public Schools is the word “right”. This is unbelievable. Truly incredible. So, the sentence of that letter begins…” I right to inform you…”. Tell me this is a joke. If not, fire anybody who had a hand in drafting and approving that letter. It would be the “write (excuse me, right)” thing to do. The revolution is not far away with this type of stuff happening in schools where the adult employees cannot communicate either.

    1. Gary says:

      I stand corrected. The word is “regret” not “right”. Whew!!

  388. Gary says:

    I do believe the second word of the inserted letter from the Boston Public Schools is the word “right”. This is unbelievable. Truly incredible. So, the sentence of that letter begins…” I right to inform you…”. Tell me this is a joke. If not, fire anybody, including Dr. Carol Johnson, who had a hand in drafting and approving that letter. It would be the “write (excuse me, right)” thing to do. The revolution is not far away with this type of stuff happening in schools where the adult employees cannot communicate either.

    1. Gary says:

      I stand corrected. The word they used is “regret”, not “right”. Whew!

  389. MickeyG says:

    I think the ” grown ups ” need to be charged with stupidity.

  390. John K. says:

    What else can you expect from a school system where the “teachers” routinely cuss at their students. Where the superintendent wants a new 15 million dollar headquarters to house her 500 unproductive helpmates getting their dole of about 25 to 30 million dollars while schools are unable to properly educate the students.

  391. jim says:

    In the famous words of a beloved and esteemed character, a recognized pillar of all that is Americana, a virtual Solomon of the cinema:

    “Stupid is as stupid does”

    —— ~ Forrest Gump ~ ——–

  392. Mike says:

    Just be happy you don’t live in Seattle. The inmates truly run the asylum over here.

  393. Eric P Turner says:

    being a mass resident nothing surprises me at all here we have the worst drivers we have politicians that warship money and power and we have idiots that continue to vote them in office. when i was in middle school i was bullied every single day finally i took it upon myself to teach the bully a lesson and did the same this kid did he was told to stop being a bully i got a 5 day suspension and i dont regret it one bit cause that bully never ever touched me again and im sure every time he sees someone get kicked in the testies he remember the little skinny kid that put him down with one well aimed kick. good for you kid as for the school thisn is what happens when you hire control freaks and democrats.

  394. JimAroo says:

    Has anyone started a web site yet called: STUPID PRINCIPAL TRICKS? Every day
    there are stories about the morons who run our schools. Such a site would be as entertaining as Stupid Criminal Tricks but a lot more tragic since these people form our kids.

  395. propwash72 says:

    One of the reasons we have school shootings is because victims are punished just as harshly for defending themselves. We’re creating generations of kids that are trained that they have no right to defend their physical well-being nor their dignity. They’re trained to depend on those in authority over them (the school when they’re kids, the state when they’re adults). The problem is, the state can’t protect us. Schools shouldn’t be a free-for-all, but I think dealing fairly with bullying victims might help prevent that same victim from eventually “snapping:.

  396. Bill Jones says:

    Liberals are destoying the United States.

  397. Lester Hunt says:

    Please: don’t say “public schools,” say “government schools.”

  398. Ken Puck says:

    Liberalism/progressivism/PC = advanced dementia. This is what you get with one-party government.

  399. Jack says:

    Marxists love bullies. They themselves are bullies and lord their power over everybody under them. The leftist-marxist will always be against the individual who defends himself from an assailant.

  400. Fu Manchu says:

    Matt Drudge headline: “7-Year-Old Boy Charged with Sexual Harassment for Kicking Bully in Groin…”

    Only thing is, the kid is not being “charged” with anything. It’s an internal school system thing, and although it’s stupid, it does not involve “charges”. The word “change” or “changed” does not even appear in the frickin’ article.

    Drudge is fun to read, but he really is a simple, uneducated man who loves being inflammatory.

  401. desert says:

    no wonder these perverted ass holes can’t teach anything in schools…they are so preoccupied with sex…they can’t think of anything else! Hey ass hole..come after me and I will kick you in the nuts too…..sexual harassment? no….revenge…? you bet your ass!

  402. Fuzzy says:

    Is putting a 7 yr old in a stranglehold considered “inappropriate touching”? If not, why not?

  403. mark says:

    Standing up for one’s self is always an anathema to liberals. It does not conform to the fascist utopia they have in store for us.

  404. Farmer Bob says:

    Whereas anyone in authority who is so delusional as to be able to equate a clear act of self-defense with sexual harassment is a danger to herself, society and the innocent victims of her delusions; now therefore be it resolved that said authority, regardless of rank or putative educational attainment, be removed forthwith from any from power, great or small, over human beings, dogs, cats, rats, chickens, vegetation and any other beings with more sense than a PhD. Be it further resolved that said former authority, upon removal from office, be henceforth never allowed to a) operate heavy machinery, b) work with pointy objects, or c) play with matches. Said prohibitions shall endure until such time as the former authority has been cremated and her remains fired into the sun.

  405. HPS says:

    First of all KIDS do NOT belong riding a bus to and from school UNLESS they live in RURAL areas.. Schools should be within walking distance.. by making the schools smaller and closer to kids homes they would reduce class size and lower the maintenance cost..As long as Public Schools are allowed to be run by the Federal government we are going to have all sorts of kids being bullies, etc with no option but to defend themselves since they are confined to a close area with NO ADULT to watch them.. Actually I feel the Public Schools are training our kids to be cattle by forcing them to ride a bus.. NOTICE the last generation and this one are MORE apt to ride public transportation regardless of the risk than to use their own form of transportation.. this teaches them to be submissive to bullies for fear of harm.. while the generations before are more likely to take their own transportation.. thus exerting independence and not having to be submissive.. This mother is right that her son had every right to kick this kid WHERE EVER it took for him to protect himself.. I hope she took her son to the doctors than she can sue the school for allowing the bully to even be on the bus..

  406. GF says:

    Let me guess: The schools are being run by a bunch of stupid blacks with Affirmative Action “Phds”

  407. Elizabeth Conley says:

    The only thing the 7 year old did wrong in the school officials eyes is to defend himself effectively.

    America’s public schools hate self-sufficiency of any kind. The goal of modern public education is to churn out sheeple. Sheeple can’t be self-sufficient.

  408. whatsdadiff says:

    This is so bull. i got kicked in the nuts by a little punk ass kid in 3rd grade. same age. Del Mar Hills wanted nothing to do with it. They left it up to our parents to figure it out. Kids are become the biggest sissies ever cuz of policies instituted by the school district they don’t understand. get the bully for trying to choke him out.

  409. Knightflyer says:

    Let’s see.This mean,murdering,phyco 7 yr old defended himself and kicked his sttacker in the balls.Now the screwl system as usual has chosen the victim as opposed to the attacker.America has gone nuts(pardon the punn),That screwl system is a mess.Insted of punishing the innocent,how about taking the attacker to task.The only thing this screwl has done has inspired the attacker to become more of a threat to other students.Shame on the morons that run that system.Sexual harrasment? If this screwl finds this child guilty,it will stay on this childs record till he is 18.Arm up America,the day will come when it is time to take matters in hand as the US constitution directs us to.To this screwl system,I think they all need a swift kick between the legs.

  410. Knightflyer says:

    Pull your child out of that wackey screwl system immediately.They are wicked and have little concern for your childs safety.My guess is that the boy being attacked is white and the bully black.

  411. John McFadyen says:

    Sounds like the entire staff of the Boston public school system should be immediately replaced by people who have enough sense to come in out of the rain, because the ones running the show now are idiots!!!

  412. carlb says:

    to all the girls who aim for the crotch to disable. you could be sued for sexual harassment! lol only in a democrat run state could this stupid thing happen. you vote them in live with the consequences!

  413. Drake says:

    It’s a knee to the crotch nothing more nothing less. The school officials that claim sexual harassment (due to what they considers inappropriate touching)
    May need to look into another line of work.

    These people make judgment calls quite often in the school they work for and I personally think this sexual harassment claim shows a total lack of judgment skills.

  414. Steven Scott says:

    all bullies should be kicked in the balls,, several times…

  415. chuck in st kpaul says:

    two things, if it was my kid I’d buy him a favorite toy for defending himself properly against a bully

    second I’d do as the others suggested and bring attempted murder against the other kid and then sue the crap out of the school for aiding and abetting child endangerment for not doing something about the bully in the first place

  416. Bubba Johnson says:

    “‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” Lynch said the school told her.
    Yeah – and choking someone is called attempted murder. Level the playing field, then you can talk. More stupidity from our eroding educational system. But don’t worry – Obama just need a few more hundred billion for the teachers unions and everything will be just fine. Money solves everything, didn’t you know?????

  417. Drake says:

    It’s a knee to the crotch nothing more nothing less. The school officials that claim sexual harassment (due to what they considers inappropriate touching)
    May need to look into another line of work. These people make judgment calls quite often in the school they work for and I personally think this sexual harassment claim shows a total lack of judgment skills.

  418. Van Wehrle says:

    Public schools overall are a danger to children; physically, mentally, and ruin their capacity to reason.

  419. daveg says:

    Just why isn’t the instigator/bully being charged with anything at all?

  420. violasurvey says:

    I couldn’t find any email contact for the Superintendent of Boston Schools. Perhaps they deal with irate customers on a regular basis and decided to pretend all is OK.

  421. norvet says:

    Bully’s always think they have “big balls” to pick on smaller kids. Those “big balls” also make “big targets”,. Great shot young man.

  422. Clearhead says:

    I ride a bus in Texas. You Boston “school-teacher” types send one of your shills down here to choke me on one of my bus rides, and I’ll show y’all what REAL “sexual harassment” is.

  423. Ray says:

    Fire anybody involved. Anyone that crazy or stupid should not be allowed near children.

  424. Bobby says:

    Seems like I hear more and more about bullies being considered the victim when their victims stand up to them. Too bad he didn’t kick him in his nuts twice, or maybe even three times, sounds like he deserved it. When are we going to start rewarding kids for standing up for themselves instead of punishing them, This is just ANOTHER example of a woman controlled school out of control. Ah, the feminization of our school system continues unabated…

  425. philly says:

    Teaches unions promote mass mediocrity and group-think stupidity. These actions are the results of mindless teachers and bureaucrats. The second time that I had to go to school for a meeting about my kids, I realized that the problem was these people can’t think – that is why they have to belong to a union, they are too stupid to think and do for themselves. I took my kids out of public schools and put them in private schools… The all went on to good colleges and are contributing to society today.

  426. Bobo says:

    If I had my way every big mouth liberal in the country would get a good kick in the nuts.

  427. Deny says:

    Is this supposed to be the Liberal idea of an early April fool’s joke? This is freaking insanity gone wild in Liberal kingdom. This school teacher needs to be redirested to serving burgers or mopping floors because she obviousy lacks any semblence of administrative skill sets

  428. nobullyo says:

    Everytime I hear of a kid finally striking the bully back there is ALWAYS a teacher around to witness it. Of courte the bullied kid is in trouble then and the bully is scott free. On the other hand as much as the school systems says they want to stop bullying, they really don’t want to. They would have to face the bullys parents, which is where the kid gets if from in the first place. No bully parents for the teachers!

  429. ByteRider says:

    You know, instead of reading these stories and bytching and moaning about hit here on some gawd forsaken blog… why don’t we get the addresses and phone numbers of theses “officials” and start taking action into our own hands? We need to call them and write to them and tell them what scum bags they are. We need to stop allowing them to do business in our businesses. Time to make this personal, folks.

    And until it becomes personal, nothing will happen.

  430. Stupid liberalism says:

    What about charging the buliing kit with attempted murder?

  431. Cranios says:

    I wish he had cut those things off, not just kicked them. What is wrong with school officials in some of these towns? Are they COMPLETE idiots? Any school official with this little judgement ought to be fired on the spot. But of course, he can’t be because teachers unions are more important than prtoecting kids from idiot administrators and teachers.

  432. John Hancock says:

    A woman can defend herself against a man by kicking him in the groin….and a man can’t?? Ridiculous!!!!!!

  433. Gary says:

    I’ll wager if the boy was gay it wouldn’t be a problem

  434. Bryan F says:

    I guess they do not teach women to drop kick some dirt bag in the twins whom is trying to rape her?

  435. CF says:

    Dear Boston Public Schools,

    The bully was choking the boy. I consider choking to be attempted murder. Better prosecute that as well!

  436. TEXAS TIM says:

    How y’all enjoyin that liberalism, Boston? Great aint it? You FOOLS

  437. Tom T Troll says:

    Liberals are traitors, they want children to be passive and not fight back when advanced upon. This is why liberals want child rape to become an accepted, legal lifestyle.

  438. happydots says:

    My son was recently assaulted on school grounds by numerous children. One got student of the week last week, the other was not punished because of his home life situation…. the principal said “this is America, the land of equality” so my son got the shaft and the little creep that beat him up was coddled because he doesn’t have a daddy at home. Not so much as an apology.

  439. Morgan says:

    “A Boston Public Schools spokesperson said officials are investigating, but won’t comment further, since it’s a private matter.”
    -“Private matter”??!! The boy was PUBLICallly choked on a Public school bus!! The only thing ‘private’ was the area of the bully he had to kick the bully in- and righteously so!
    If the principle of this school is a man I’d like to go kick Him in the crotch!
    G-damn liberals

  440. Gerard Donovan says:

    Lesson leanred. Next time kick the bully in the teeth. Good for you, young man.

  441. Marv says:

    What that 7 year old did was a perfect and appropriate defensive move when you are atttacked. Have told my wife to do that: kick in the groin or gouge eyes or scratch or hit in the throat. Anything that will make an attacker back off. The 7 year old taught the other kid a valuable lesson. By the way, what did that idiot school official call the choking anyhow, a love hold?? Someone should send that school official to the unemployment line and theiy should probably sue the school for not better protecting the 7 year old. Are they interested in bullying only if it is an attack on a gay? You hear a lot about that. Bullying is bullying, no matter who the victrim.

  442. JonB says:

    This sickens me. What was he supposed to do, suffocate? This school has nothing on him.

  443. honestjohn says:

    I’m sure the school officials are charging the other boy with attempted murder for trying to choke this young man.

  444. Jim Vertein says:

    Welcome to unionized nanny state liberalism, what happened to the “bullying” policy? or is that trumped by some made up sexual harassment policy. Liberals are destroying the schools, too bad the unions have gotten ahold of our kids and are brainwashing them, i feel bad for the teachers that actually do care and are stuck in the unionized cesspool they have created. Id home school

  445. kimdi01 says:

    Hey you Boston NE Liberal Twerps, what charges have you placed on the “bully” or do you just condone that behavior because they are kids? Don’t you think the actions of the kid might have been SELF DEFENSE or do you believe everyone should just give in to others because they are people too?

  446. kcsparky says:

    Typical reasoning and interpretation in Kennedyville. To anyone living most anywhere else in the country, it would be called self-defense. Academia has lost what is left of what little common sense that just might have been present years ago.

    1. kcsparky says:

      Oh….I almost forgot…..GO BRUINS!!!!!

  447. Pau C. says:

    Many school administrators are criminally insane, such as the ones in this case. They ought to be taken away in straight jackets.

  448. OCMichael says:

    “Those who can’t teach, Administrate.”

  449. peter says:

    What sort of ‘sex’ involves a kick in the nuttsack? Either a very stupid woman or she is into some weird stuff….

  450. Jeff says:

    Get real people, give the boy a medal and haul the bully and would-be thief’s parents in for the hearing. When is defending oneself a crime while the perpetrator (who got his just desserts in this case) gets off scot free?

    If I were a parent in that school, I’d be going to the mom’s hearing with her in order to demand justice for her and her son.

  451. Artic Slayer says:

    “A 7-year-old boy is being investigated by his South Boston elementary school for possible sexual harassment after kicking another boy in the crotch.”
    Soooooooo whas the kicker white or black???? I rest my case!!!!

  452. Northlander says:

    The bully got what he deserved. That’s how REAL AMERICANS have dealt with bullies since the founding of our nation. REAL AMERICANS FIGHT BACK.

  453. Japes Macfarland says:

    Oh I hope somebody goes after the teacher who pursued this, or sues the school and hurts these animals somehow. They are abusing a child, psychologically, by making such an accusation. If anyone tried to hurt my kid like that, they’d wish they hadn’t. It’s time for us to stand up to these leftist, heartless, overwhelmingly racist, perverted, Godless creeps.

  454. Burl says:

    Isn’t liberalism wonderful? They have subverted, they do subvert, they will continue to subvert.

    Popeye would say, “that’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more.”

  455. Burl says:

    I hope some high-octane big-name attorney offers to sue this school – and if possible, personally go after each cowardly and malicious “administrator” involved — for every penny they’re worth.

    These subhuman creeps are worse-than-worthless.

    This is one instance where I would love to see a lawyer stand up and do the right thing.

  456. Bill Koehler says:

    Interesting? No battery charges against the bully???
    I guess being a bully is OK, but self defense is not…

  457. IGetItAlready says:

    The ONLY thing that allows these “schools” to continue to ruin our children like this is the government mandated monopoly the retain in education.

    Can you imagine something like this happening in a charter school? The next day half the students will have been pulled from the school by their parents, the next day the other half would leave and the very next day the dump would close.

    And don’t talk to me about all the great educators that would find themselves umemployed in the process. In the places where charter schools are the norm educators and administrators alike strive for excellence. Just as with EVERYONE ELSE on earth EXCEPT public school educators their continued employment depends on their ability and succes. They’d never allow the low life breed of “teacher” who sees their students as a political sounding board or a social test tube.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      I so agree. It seems to me the most effective weapon of leftism is that they present a presupposition of their distinct world/view philosophy as ‘normal’, or all there is, really. We need to get leftists away from our children. The State schools have clearly done a lot of harm these past 40 odd years since Carter. Probably a lot more harm than I can even imagine.

  458. Steve Smith says:

    Under the new Homeland Security law this kid is already declared a terroist and could be sent to Guantanamo Bay. Please vote for Ron Paul who is the only one who will stop the police state. Dont say I didnt warn you.

  459. Denizio says:


  460. R. Smith says:

    Putting a child’s name in a nationwide news article? Sue for millions. And use the money to home school the child for a far superior education.

  461. PrairieHawk says:

    Pull the boy out of the public school system. Form a homeschool cooperative with other like-minded parents and beat the system by leaving it in the dust.

  462. marginal_blog says:

    when my son was young we went throught that mess too. i finally told him to go for the eyes and rip them out. if you act like that in public you have no right to expect any certain kind of punishment for it. you are at the mercy of your intended victim. shut up and deal with what you brought upon yourself.

  463. RLABruce says:

    Where are the assault charges against the bully? I thought bullying was illegal!

  464. Jamesandheather Woods says:

    If This world gets anymore politically correct. you wont be able to do anything. a story like this and then the next thing you know its a rapist sewing becasue you hurt his feeling by screaming while he was hurting you….. but i will remember that hititng someone in the crotch during a altercation is a sex crime… wound what the statue of limitations is on that. going to start sewing peopel to pay for my car.

  465. kcsparky says:

    The people running your school son are dead wrong. If another bully tries to choke you out again….do it again. Kick’um in the jewels so hard that they can’t breathe! Nice job kid…don’t sweat it as it is purely self-defense.

  466. ralph martin says:

    So much for the no bullying policy. Wouldnt want any kids defending themsevles now would we?

  467. Ellie Light says:

    Why would a parent take it’s most precious gift of life, their child, and subject them to government indoctirnation in a government controlled school? I have no sympathy for these peasants. If you trust the government to edjumacate your child, then you live by their rules. Take control of your child’s life and either send them to a private school or home school them.

  468. Richard C says:

    This is just another example that proves beyond a shadow of dount that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER!

  469. Ranger01 says:

    The Bully got what he deserved. The 7 year old was attacked, was defending him, and the act was justified. I would get an attorney, send a letter to the school to back off or get sued, and furthermore, send a letter to the parents of the bully that legal action will be taken if the harassment continues. If neither back off, I would take them on, and get as much as I could out of both in court.

  470. Chris Lee says:

    It was self-defense, pure and simple. If someone was choking me, they would probably get the same treatment, and probably a couple of shots to the head afterwards. Why is it that society can’t seem to find a happy middle ground. It is either no one does anything, or everyone takes it way out of hand and to the extreme. If anything, the aggressor should be the one punished, as he was in the wrong place or if I was the mother, I would counter-charge with provoked attack and see how the school likes dropping stupid charges on a 7 year old child. I really don’t understand the world anymore, but if my child came home from school and told me he kicked someone in the groin because he was getting choked, I would be proud of him standing up for himself, not ashamed of him “feeling someone up with his foot in an aggressive manner”.

  471. disturbed teacher says:

    Sexual harrassment is defined as: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment

    I don’t think this qualifies as an unwelcomed sexual advance, it qualifies as self defense. one of the first things they teach in self defense class is this exact tactic, especially for smaller folks against bigger folks. maybe the teacher who “considers this sexual harassment” needs to get some education.

  472. Tara i says:

    Hmmm what crazy with all you’re guys comments is how easy you will defend the kid that kicked his victim whom his mother claimed it was “self defense” I am a mother and I would defend my kids that way tool, however there is clearlty a reason the kid was tryin to choke the boy, the boy is clearly a bully, I do think sexual harrassment is a step to far however schools need to have better control of their kiids. And parents need to take responsiblity for their children and start disciplining more find out what your kids are up to at school that is what parenting is all about than their wont be situations such as this to actually see what your child is really up to at school!!!!!!!!!!!!

  473. Floridian says:

    If the child felt sexually harassed, a good kick in the groin will do the job! Good for him!

  474. Jane Fulmer says:

    . Our children are being intimidated and brainwashed into blind compliance by a tyrannical leftist few. Until American schools stop poking their noses into social issues and attempting to change our childrens American values, Americans should educate their own children if they do not have a choice of schools. There are a lot of online programs to help. If your state forbids it, move. Let the unions and leftist kooks live there.

  475. Rico says:

    So, the victim defends himself and then gets punished for it??? DAMN… that just makes sooo much sense! Schools in this country are FULL of idiots!!

  476. Jim White says:

    I assume they are going after the bully with attempted murder charges then, right? Complete fools. I would say that this will be laughed away, but you never know nowadays. What I would suggest is that the mother of this child run for school board and and facilitate the firing of the idiots that were part of this decision. They answer to you, not you to them. This kind of sick logic cannot be tolerated, and they must go. Anyone that stupid needs to go and go now.

  477. Christina says:

    I hope the mother gets a lawyer and has the school officials charged with accessory to attempted murder since they want to charge her son with sexual harassment to an obvious self-defense case. Idiots!

  478. khokuu says:

    That’s my purse, I don’t know you!

  479. Randy Howard says:

    The reason the bully gets away with it is that among the TEACHERS they are just the greatest students in the world. They are believed, their victims are not.

    I used to live in New Jersey. I learned there that there IS no ‘self defense’. If someone is coiming after you with a knife or a gun, you are supposed to RUN AND CALL A POLICEMAN!!!! If you cause your asailent harm, YOU go to jail.

    The little guy has my vote. And if he comes after you again, DO IT AGAIN!!!

    In-appropriate touching? Come on…. Nobody could possibly be ‘stimulated’ by this.

  480. FtRileySoldier says:

    Well Folk’s, This is what No child left behind gets you. No teacher or administrator left behind as well.

    It used to be we hired the best and the brightest people in order to teach children. Due to legislation and the wonderfully ignorant people we have elected in our leadership positions we are now on the verge of collapse. It should be no shock to anyone that this is occurring.

  481. Niqqers in Charge says:

    Just keep putting niqqers in charge falsely believing that they can be domesticated or educated. Fools.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      You’re either a Leftist creep trying to perpetuate the Left’s lie that non-leftists are generally racists. Or you are a racist, therefore inherently evil.
      Most conservatives know that it is the Left’s fault that there is disproportionate crime with blacks. If you were told that you were a victim since the day you were born, you’d have a bad attitude too. Besides, you obviously do., so you’re no small government conservative/libertarian…no way.

  482. teachersuniontrash says:

    The teachers’ unions are run by inbred, sociopathic jewish criminals like Randi Weingarten. It is long past time for White Christians to take back our public schools and ensure that subhuman criminal trash like Randi Weingarten is SMASHED AND DESTROYED, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    1. MattGMD says:

      It’s high time to bring back the lions. And you might want your Dr to adjust your antipsychotic Rx.

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        You’re right, the guy’s a nut-job, anti-Semitic creep (…like much of the OWS crowd by the way.) What he doesn’t get is that believing Jews can’t stand this garbage as much as any other non-leftist. It is a matter of differing values, not so called race, or even religion.

        “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
        Dennis Prager

  483. Arnoldson says:

    Thanks Ted

  484. Meri says:

    WOW this is CRAZY!!!!! My daughter was molested by a 12 year old when she was 3 years old and the punk ass kid was NOT CHARGED because he was under 13 and did not “know better” at least that’s what the California “officers and detectives” told us they have to prove sexual gratification (sp)?…..And that you could not prove it with someone under 13 this kid turned 13 2 months later. He was charged with NOTHING my DAUGHTER is messed up for life and he had no mental help at all… I feel so bad for the 7 year old but he will come out on top after all is said and done… As far as the bully GOOD HOPE HE GETS MANY MORE KICKS IN THE BALLS SO HE CANNOT REPRODUCE!!!!!!!

  485. Denver says:

    In that case the boy’s parents should be pressing charges for attempted murder. The boy was being choked and restrained by the bully. What does the school call that?

  486. a_diamond says:

    Dr. Carole Johnson, superintendent of the Boston public schools, makes well over $300,000 per year !!
    This just shows the end result of decades worth of affirmative action, NEA, sleaze bag attorneys, and corrupt politicians A vicious circle of “vote me in and I’ll pay you back”.