By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – This should give the economy a boost. Holiday sales are up; 226 million shoppers waited in line at stores this weekend and online, Cyber Monday sales alone hit $1.2 billion.

For some people there’s nothing like walking into a store, picking out a gift and walking out with it, crisp paper bag dangling from your fingers. For everyone else there’s the thrill of finding an online only, basement bargain.

And this Cyber Monday is breaking just about every record. There are more deals and more shoppers not just browsing but buying what they see.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez Reports

“I think there’s an easiness and facility to shopping online that especially if they’re living out in the suburbs and don’t necessarily have access to stores it’s just so easy to do it online,” says Boston shopper Allie Dalglish.

Tim Lloyd who admits he prefers trying things on before paying for them says, “It was craziness all over the malls over the last weekend and I think people are trying to avoid that.”

But both shoppers we spoke to agree that a quick and easy way to fill up the bottom of the Christmas tree isn’t the only reason hundreds of millions turned to the Internet this year.

“It’s harder to get people to pay full price now that so much of the economy is focused on the bargain deal,” says Allie.

And experts like Molly Wood of C-Net say cyber retailers have taken notice, “The economy has everybody sort of trying to put things on sale as much as they can plus there are so many sites that are devoted to coupons and daily deals and rebates that there’s always a way to find a good price these days.”

If you didn’t take advantage of deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Wood says bargains will continue through the holidays.


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