BOSTON (CBS) – Rep. Barney Frank of Newton will not seek re-election to Congress in 2012.

Frank, a Democrat, formally announced his retirement in a news conference at Newton City Hall Monday afternoon.

He told reporters he now plans to work on writing, teaching and lecturing.

“I don’t ever have to pretend to be nice to people I don’t like,” Frank said about his leaving office.

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large:

He was first elected to Congress in 1980 and has served 16 terms.  He’s 71 years old.

Frank is also the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee.

A lifelong liberal, he was one of the first members of Congress to announce that he is gay.

He represents the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts, which was recently redrawn.

Read: Current District Map

Read: New District Map

It’s losing heavily Democratic New Bedford, but keeping Brookline, Newton and Wellesley.

Frank said he had planned to run one more time, but the new redistricting map became an issue, because there are now thousands of people in his district that he has never represented.

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“It’s a big loss for Massachusetts and a big loss for the country,” Gov. Deval Patrick said.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz spoke with Democrats

“Congressman Frank and I may have been on opposite sides of the political aisle, but we also found issues of common purpose where we worked together, such as standing up for our state’s veterans and fishermen. I have always admired his tenacity and advocacy, and respect his service on behalf of Massachusetts,” Sen. Scott Brown said in a statement.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

“This country has never had a Congressman like Barney Frank, and the House of Representatives will not be the same without him,” President Obama said in a statement.

“Barney’s passion and his quick wit will be missed in the halls of Congress, and Michelle and I join the people of the Bay State in thanking him for his years of service.”

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Comments (61)
  1. Bob says:

    ABOUT TIME!!! One of the most corrupt politicians in Washington. How much did he make off Freddie and Fannie, claiming they were sound — Knowing they weren’t?? I guess this is what happens when they start looking into insider trading and congress. Look for Kerry to go next!!!

    1. petem says:

      I’m sure you’re right…after all, Newt waited til after he left; oh wait he was forced to leave over ethics violations…anyway I’m sure the guy who lobbied for them and took 1.6mil while beating them over the head every chance he got will be a great candidate for president.

      1. Stuffed says:

        Hey Moron, he didn’t lobby, he consulted. And at least he wasn’t banging the head of the company like Barn Barn was.

      2. tsal says:

        stuffed – if he consulted then he KNEW exactly what was going on – no argument there – yet people are defending him – and even worse considering him as our next president.

        Nice name calling by the way

      3. BostonIrish says:

        tsal, YYYYAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I couldn’t be any happier!!!! I will never say ANYTHING good about Barney Frank!!! Arrogant, corrupt and over-the-top hypocritical are his GOOD qualities!!! Good-bye to bad rubbish!!!!!!

        Next, the Occupy Boston group will demand he stay!!! Hahahaha!!! Oh, this is good news, this is VERY good news!!!

      4. Tsal says:

        BI. Hahahahahaha. The Christmas spirit seems to have you in it’s grips.

        So can newt go with him then???

      5. BostonIrish says:

        Tsal, I wish! Newt Gingrich is a conservative thug! Smug and Holier-Than-Thou!

    2. gramps says:

      He’ll be building & helping the economy in retirement, by opening a new business & creating job’s, the ‘Barney’s-Job’s’ corp LLC……

      Barney will be joining forces with Anthony Weiner (D-Ret. NY) in a new business….’Frank’s & Weiners”, the ‘Progressive HOT DOG’…..

      Chris Dodd will be their ‘Director of marketing’, spreading the product, “Countrywide”!


    3. petem says:

      potato, potato…he was paid to build relationships with members of congress who were not in Fannie/Freddie’s corner. that is known as lobbying. you can call it consulting if that makes the voices in your head quieter…

  2. Ellen says:

    Great news. Just can’t believe how this moron got reelected in the first place.

  3. clymer says:

    Thank you Santa, this is the best Christmas present ever

  4. advguild says:

    My question is…. How did this guy ever get elected?!

    1. Enough says:

      stupid Massachusetts Liberals

  5. FireGuyFrank says:


    Yet have a feeling there might be more to the story… Call me jaded.

    1. Jeginathol says:

      Agree…I’m sure he and Olver were given a sweet bribe to step down

  6. massman says:

    Too bad, he’s done some great things as our representative. You’ll be missed.

    1. tsal says:

      agreed massman – I also hear from family and friends outside of MA how admired he is.

      1. Italo says:

        Ditto. Oops, that’s right, he was a politician who didn’t shy away from stating exactly what was on his mind. I keep forgetting that’s not allowed if someone decides to run for elected office anymore–they have to memorize the party script and not stray from it even if they are being pried by a tsunami for a F5 tornado!

      2. tsal says:

        Italo – :))))

    2. johnnyangel10 says:

      Name one

  7. Jeginathol says:

    It’s about time…what a disgusting disgrace for Massachusetts that this man kept getting reelected. He should be going out in handcuffs for his part in Fannie and Freddie. Not to mention all of the illegal activity his lovers were engaged in that he knew nothing about even tho he lived with them…no loss for MA, just a rat deserting a sinking ship

  8. sunny says:

    thank god the country is better of with out him, no lets pray that john takes the hint and leaves

  9. Son says:

    One less disturbing individual in the Swamp.

  10. boitsky says:

    Goodbye Mr. Mumbles! Now you will have lots of time outside the limelight to do what you truely want to do. Maybe a nice vacation with Mr. Weiner. Oh, yeah, get some teeth with your pension money supplied with my tax dollars.

  11. massman says:

    TSAL – There are only two things the right knows about Mr. Frank. He’s a Democrat, and he’s gay. After that, facts don’t matter.

    1. Stanley11 says:

      massman, tell us some of those facts. We already know about Fannie and Freddie, so there’s no need to revisit that one.

    2. response says:

      He was one of only 3 reps who voted AGAINTS the Rspect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act.

      There is a lot I know about him and the rest of the right as well.
      For someone who has held his position for so long, he could have done so much to help others, instead, he helped made a laughing stock out of this state.

    3. BostonIrish says:

      Santa got my letter!!!! YYYAAAYYYY!!!!!!

      massman, I don’t care that he’s democrat or gay. He was the absolute and sole person of influence to crush Fannie and Freddie. Gigantic conflict of interest the entire time. Should have been removed from that position long ago. Save the gender bender argument for some other topic. This is real politics and real impact on the financial handlings of such important financial institutions as Freddie and Fannie.

  12. KK says:

    Thank God! So long sucka!

  13. John A says:

    Do you think Barney and Chris Dodd both decided to bail because their Fannie & Freddie , and House and Senate Banking Committee antics were begining to take on an odor a bit like last months garbage. Go now, preserve that Pension, say good- by while you still can: what a couple of dirt bag crooks they are. Maybe we’ll see Barney doing some Elmer Fudd voiceovers with all the extra time he’ll have in the near future.

    1. tsal says:

      yes because as we all know the banks and mortgage companies didn’t need regulation – they were doing just fine on their own

      1. petem says:

        as they say on Huff Post; fanned and faved!

  14. andyme says:

    Funny tsal, when I lived in Virginia most people felt that Mass resents were a fodder for a good laugh reelecting him. You travel in funny cirlces, probably just like Barney.

    1. tsal says:

      I can’t help but wonder why the so many feel it makes their point of view more valid when punctuated with insults or in some way degrading those who do not share their opinion. Do you honestly believe you have the only right opinion?

  15. Mondoray says:

    Excellent news! I bet he will end up as a paid contributor for the Boston Globe or a travel “consultant” to Thailand.

  16. emom says:

    SO who will be the next joker to take his seat and how will they mess up this state even further.

  17. Xray says:

    His assets still need to be seized. Where is the Occupy Wall street now? Occupy Wall street needs to occupy his assets. Start by occupying the front lawn of all his homes, places of business and his corrupt buddies lawns and places of business. Their lawns are nice and plush to set up tent. You won’t need a sleep mat. Now go Occupy correctly and make it worth while for America and the media to get real news with real substance.

  18. steve mcfadden says:

    When barnie leaves this world he won’t be taking any of his stolen $$$ with him.

  19. Liz Thompson says:

    Several months ago the Daily Rash ran a post claiming Barney Franks was in salary negotiations with DreamWorks studios to portray Elmer Fudd in Steven Spielberg’s new “Loony Tunes” movie. I guess Barney got the role!

  20. BOB SMITH says:

    guess who takes bwaneeys place as senior rep…..guess who? MAXINE WATERS…. BAD TO WORSE….

  21. massman says:

    TSAL – Here is Barney Frank’s voting record. I’d say the man did a very good job for his constituents, but I’ll let you judge for yourself.

    I’m also attaching this article for your enjoyment. It contains some brutally honest, yet amusing statements regarding Newt Gingrich and the Republican party.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love the sheep hailing Barney Frank as a reformer for his part in Dodd/Frank. Let’s not let the facts get in the way here. Let’s overlook the fact that Goldman Sachs is all over this adminstration, and the last one. Let’s overlook the fact that industries involved always seem to have a hand in writing their own regulatory legislation. Let’s overlook the fact that after Dodd/Frank was passed the theft of the US Treasury was sped up and flaunted before our eyes because nothing could be done. Let’s overlook the fact that the Government (i.e. Freddie and Fannie) forced banks to loan money to people who couldn’t pay it back. What happens when folks can’t pay their mortgage?? That’s right, the property is foreclosed on. Who owns that property then?? The lenders. That’s what this all boils down to. This was a scheme cooked up by the big banks and they used stupid Chris and Barney as pawns. Now, big banks own your land thanks to legislation that should never have seen the light of day. Go ahead you sheep, laud Barney as a reformer. But when the Government finally socializes (Sorry, Maxine), uh basically takes control over the banks, that land will be Government property.

  23. Eric says:

    No insults here. but I’m glad he is done! 16 terms? seriously!

  24. Brenda Casey says:

    he created so much caos with the Fannie Mae fiasco and just gets to walk away!!

  25. joni says:

    Please tell me why the people of this state kept reelecting him ?
    Fooling around with the young pages should have ended his career.
    Oh wait. Kennedy killed a girl.

  26. taxedout says:

    There IS A GOD!!!!!

  27. BIGDOGDADDY says:


  28. sloopjohnB2 says:

    Great news! He should have been thrown out of the House of Representatives twenty years ago for his outrageous behavior. He wouldn’t have won anyway. There are not enough moonbats to vote for him in his new district. Hopefully, the new 325,000 members of his new district haven’t drunk the liberal cool aid.

  29. Jason says:

    I say “Good Riddance” to this scumbag! Too bad he isn’t taking Kerry with him right now!

  30. Amy says:

    One of the biggest crooks in D.C. (if that is possible) is leaving, when he and his partner Dobbs should be in Federal prison. Instead he will retire with a hugh pension plus all the money he got off the Freddie and Fanny deal. What a disgrace and yet we have morons like Scott Brown praising him. Once again, they have proven that they are above the laws of our land, and Americans sit back and do nothing.

  31. johnnyangel10 says:

    This guy not only is foolish,but corrupt to ‘boot’! There will be ,in the future,why this poor fellow is REALLY retiring.The story(and I have it) will be out after he leaves and whether there is an indictment remains to be seen.Keep watching the follow ups @ JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group.

  32. truth says:

    A pathetic corrupt piece of human debris. I predict that Barney will eventually be held to account for his part in the housing collapse, and he knows it’s coming, no pun intended…

  33. Dining Table says:

    I love how people are defending Barney saying things like, “how come you guys have to stoop to name-calling and insults.”

    Isn’t Barney Frank the same elected official who told one of his constituents in a public forum that he’d rather have a debate with a dining room table than talk to one of the voters in his own district?

    Let’s all admit that Barney had the corner on the market for ad hominem attacks.

    1. tsal says:

      dining table – I don’t believe I was condoning Frank insulting anyone. Do note however he does not hide behind a computer screen – what he says is to a persons face.

      I’m not sure where it became acceptable to do something that is clearly uncalled for because another person does the same thing, but perhaps that is now part of our society as well as anonymous attacks.

  34. The kid says:

    There IS a God! To rid ourselves of this bloated arrogance is truly a wonderful thing. We don’t have to pretend that we like him anymore!

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