BOSTON (CBS) – State Police were investigating a deadly crash in the Tip O’Neill Tunnel involving a pedestrian.

The crash happened around Exit 20 on the Southbound side Friday morning.

Police say 75-year-old David Dang of Somerville had stepped out of a disabled car into the travel lane when he was hit and killed. He had apparently been involved in a “minor side swipe” crash prior to exiting his car.

The breakdown lane in that area of the tunnel is not wide enough to accommodate a car, and the victim’s vehicle was partially blocking the right travel lane.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

The driver who struck Dang, a 64-year-old Ayer man, stopped at the scene and was interviewed by police.

Two lanes were shut down while police investigated.

Those lanes were reopened around 11:15 a.m.

State Police urge drivers to stay seat-belted in their car and call 911 to report their location if their vehicle becomes disabled in a tunnel or on a road with no breakdown lane. If  you are able to get to one of the tunnel catwalks do so only if you can get on to it safely.

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  1. Name says:

    Aww thats so sad and rude how to driver didn’t stop!

    1. bm says:

      It says the driver did stop.

  2. MassWatchOne says:

    It would be interesting to see why the security cameras we’ve heard so much about and monitoring for the tunnels didn’t help prevent this..
    What happened to any warning lights being activated for the screens?
    “Drivers Warning
    Disabled Vehicle Ahead”etc.
    I recall the big dig folks pushing their new state of the art tunnel monitoring system just in case such events did happen. Where was the monitoring that was supposed to be done? Especially since its the busiest travel days of the year. What the heck happened to all those monitoring devices?
    Have a look—-

    A highly advanced traffic monitoring and incident response system is in place to ensure the smooth operation of the road infrastructure. The CA/T’s Operations Control Center (OCC) has one of the most advanced ‘smart highway’ systems in the world. The system uses a range of ITS devices. The OCC can monitor all of the traffic in the tunnels, ramps and highways constructed as part of the Big Dig as well as the majority of other roads and tunnels in Boston.

    The equipment and facilities used by the OCC include more than 1,400 loop detectors to measure traffic density and identify and project traffic patterns, 430 CCTV cameras, 130 electronic message signboards, 300 lane control signals and carbon monoxide detectors.

    The computer system has more than 35,000 data points from which to collect data to compile a detailed picture of traffic events. This enables the OCC to effectively manage traffic flow, incidents, ventilation, security, fire detection and emergency response.”
    Come on guys- its your money too –and– could have been your family involved. How do you call in the tunnel if there isn’t a phone or the battery is dead? We need to figure out what didn’t work here and why?

  3. MassWatchOne says:

    Sarah and Kim
    See if there’s a followup for why the signs and response didn’t happen.
    My sympathy and prayers go out to the family.

    But we really need to know why all the system monitors failed to help this person. We owe it to him to find out…
    If this unfortunate accident had been a deliberate terrorist incident, what would happen?

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