By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – State lawmakers are now in recess for the holidays until the end of the year.

What have they accomplished so far this session?


Last year, Gov. Deval Patrick vetoed a casino bill that would have approved slot parlors and kickbacks for racetracks.

The bill he’s expected to sign this week allows for one slot parlor and a significant chunk of the revenue stream from casinos to the race horse industry. Did he cave in this time around?

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“I think (cave) is way overstating it… I think what really happened here is he called the shots. He was opposed to two or more slot parlors,” Craig Sandler, general manager of Statehouse News Services. “(House Speaker Robert) DeLeo wanted a lot more casinos and a lot more slot machines than we’re getting.

“And in fact, that bill went down the first time because of Patrick’s insistence that it be very limited. What we’re getting in terms of casinos and slot machines is darn limited. So, I actually see it more as DeLeo kowtowing to Patrick,” Sandler continued.


Patrick has done a lot while in office, but some fear he may be a bit distracted over the second half of his term as governor while he campaigns for President Obama’s reelection and writes another book.

“I think that he’s not doing anything that the people who elected him, the majority who elected him, didn’t want him to do,” said Sandler. “So, he has the right to pursue his agenda.”

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“And, I would also point out, that he’s on track to doing something that his predecessors have just failed to do: and that is actually serve eight years. Get elected to two terms, and serve out two terms – if he does that, it will actually be an accomplishment,” Sandler continued, adding that he’s convinced Gov. Patrick will stay in office for all eight years.

“I challenge anybody to refute this: he’s the most successful governor since Bill Weld,” said Sandler.

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Jon Keller

Comments (13)
  1. mikey says:

    I’m still waiting for Patrick’s campaign promise to lower property taxes to kick in. When’s that going to happen? “Together We Can” – do what? Wait?

    1. BostonIrish says:

      Mikey, I’m right there with you. Patrick can go home anytime. I’m soooo done with him. Weld did a helluva lot more for this state than the last several governors have done since, or the previous governors before him. Shined the light on a more center of parties in my opinion.

      1. mikey says:

        Irish, I understand Patrick’s writing another book(some people never learn), here’s my suggestion for its title: ‘A Long List Of Reasons Why Not To Believe Anymore Of My B.S.’

  2. Paul says:

    I am just curious….has ANYONE….EVER…fulfilled a campaign promise?

  3. emom says:

    WAIT HE DID WHAT. Really I mean it what has he done because from where I am sitting we are no better but are far worse than before. WHat has he done, ok has had a lot of tv shots, spoke alot, took a few vacations, veto every thing. and state he has done alot for this state and its people. REALLY and how come so many can not afford insuirance,have no jobs, and the states economy has fell further in the sewer than it was before he was in offfice. Please tell me what he has done. I can not even say his name, and if I miss spell it I will Only get hammered for it. SO tell me what THE ONE WHO SHALL BE NAMELESS has done.,.

  4. Italo says:

    I chuckle when I listen to people infighting about who’s elected and who’s not. My viewpoint has been that in the last decade in the least, local and national election results have not been about faith in those elected, but rather a desire to get rid of the worse alternative and to take the lesser of two proverbial evils.

    For instance: I think in Mass., we were sick of the Republicans and, to ensure they didn’t continue in power, a majority of voters went with Patrick just to make that happen. And nationally, I’m unsure that most of the country was so much extolling Obama’s merits for President, as that the majority of voters wanted to keep his Republican opponents out of the White House, after Bush, instead. Ditto when the Clinton Era ended, I believe that Bush II was voted in by the majority not since (obviously..) they thought he was the brightest light bulb in the six-pack, but rather due to wanting to have a break from the era of the Democrats.

    Nobody runs or is elected anymore with an eye to caring about or fulfilling the wishes of their constituents.. Politicians today go into that field to make a lifelong career and job security benefit out of it, IMHO.

  5. tsal says:

    I have a lot of doubts about Patrick and think the last governor we had that I had confidence in may have been Weld. However, Massachusetts weathered the recession better than many other states – whether one wants to believe it doesn’t make it not accurate. This past June Massachusetts was responsible for 57% of the new jobs nationally.- however few that might have been Somewhere our legislators had to get something right.

    Itako – it is sad, isn’t it – that with all of the tremendous intelligence in this country that we have so little to choose from when we enter our votes. And it’s sad too that so many people base their votes on whether a person has an R or a D beside his/her name.

    In the words of mikey – we are doomed. Well, I don’t know if those are his words but I think it’s his belief. Sorry, mikey, if I got that wrong.

    1. mikey says:

      You got it right Tsal. I’m wondering what our “dysfunctional leaders” in Washington will do in 2013 when this country needs a few more trillion to continue functioning.

    2. petem says:

      Bill Weld was the last Republican is voted for, and likely the last I will ever vote for. I believe Gov. Patrick has been a good governor and I feel like much of what he’s done has been quietly done, because I don’t think he needs the spotlight. I feel like we’ve had decent gov’s of both parties, but with the advent of the new breed of Republicans I think that at least with Dems we can hold some hope that programs for John Q will have more a chance of survival.

      Different subject, did you see the piece on 60 minutes about Grover Norquist last night? I really couldn’t watch it all, but what i saw convinced me that with such a selfish, greedy SOB holding the leash we CANNOT elect a Repub in ’12. he actually used the Libertarian argument about finding a rathead in your McDonalds drink, that you’d revolt against McD’s; never mind the people who will die when we eliminate all regulation.

      1. tsal says:

        Hi petem – I didn’t see the 60 minute piece and am sorry I didn’t – thanks for telling me about it. I was so disgusted by that time I turned off the TV and read something light.

        I voted for Rommey and all republicans up until that point. I honestly thought with the job he’d done turning around the olympics he would have a better idea what to do than a typical politicians. Oops – didn’t count on his deserting us for a white house run.

        I have so many family members scattered throughout the country that I see the difference between how we have weathered the recession. I think you are right about Patrick doing things that are not seen by many. I believe Obama has done the same. I know of many policies Obama has passed that are for the average person and the unemployed but don’t think most people see that.

      2. petem says:

        Patrick and Obama’s Achilles heel may be they haven’t figured out that they do well when people know what they’ve done. I think they both trust that the media will cover their accomplishments, however we all know that if they’re given more than 30 seconds on the nightly news it’s a minor miracle.

  6. tsal says:

    petem – I think you are very right and great point. I was just speaking with friends about the Occupy members walking several hundred miles along highways to Washington to ask the super committee to stand with the 99%. I actually have to look very hard to find coverage of this yet it’s plastered in about six different articles if there is a problem within the group.

    If I can see this stuff and you can see this stuff – why can’t everyone else. And it’s across the aisle. I’ve seen some things Brown for instance has done that are not publicized. It’s so frustrating

    1. gramps says:

      I’m sure if you two hurry, you can catch up to them!


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