By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been a couple of weeks now since I suggested that the Occupy protesters had made their point, had focused public attention on the egregious behavior of the ruling classes, and that it was now time to move past the camp-outs and the marches to more productive and effective forms of activism, like developing candidates for office who share their views and organizing behind them.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

I didn’t expect anyone to take my advice, and sure enough, they haven’t, with what appear to be disastrous results.

Over those past few weeks, the surprisingly high levels of public support for the Occupy movement’s complaint have started to collapse, with the most recent poll showing more people viewing the Tea Party favorably than the Occupyers.

The sight of police removing Occupy encampments across the country has done nothing to slow that decline.

And I can assure you that every person stuck in the horrible traffic jam caused by last night’s rush hour march by the Occupyers and their labor allies down by North Station who might have been sympathetic to the movement before, no longer is.

I continue to admire the earnestness of some of the protesters I’ve talked with, and definitely do not quarrel with their general concern over the direction our country is headed in.

But at some point, where does earnestness and commitment end, and narcissism and selfishness begin?

You are furious with oligarchs who have made it clear they do not care how their money-grubbing damages the community and the lives of others;  how exactly is that different from monopolizing public spaces, draining off scarce public resources, damaging businesses, and carelessly disrupting the lives of others?

Answer – it isn’t different.

The ends don’t justify the means.

That’s how the one percent justify their gross behavior.

So here’s my question for the Occupyers – have you become what you say you hate?

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Jon Keller

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  1. timma says:

    old man winter will clear out the occupyers soon enough

  2. tsal last says:

    ahhhh but it is America’s propensity to ignore the problems that brings us to exactly where we are today. As I said in your previous blog, if the Occupy group goes away, so does their message. In addition, is a little inconvenience with a traffic jam – which you are going to face for multiple other reasons – really as important as the fact that our country is collapsing?

  3. Tsallllll says:

    ahhhh but it is America’s propensity to ignore the problems that brings us to exactly where we are today.  As I said in your previous blog, if the Occupy group goes away, so does their message.   In addition, is a little inconvenience with a traffic jam – which you are going to face for multiple other reasons – really as important as the fact that our country is collapsing?

    If this posts did your tech guys make the bug worse, jon since it’s harder to post

    1. Meme says:

      What message? Anarchy? Communism? Anti-Semitism? Drugs,? Rape? Murder? Violence? That’s what I’m seeing and hearing. If there was a message there somewhere, it was lost after about 2 days.

      1. petem says:

        If you’re hearing these things you should think about listening to something other than right wing radio and Faux News…
        Please go away ’til you have something sensible to say or when you’re willing to have an honest discussion.

      2. Tsal says:

        There was always a message – if a person could not comprehend it then it would be the fault of the person.   At what point do we stop supporting the total destruction of the middle class in America.  If you don’t see the message of the occupy group I sure hope you can see that the income gaps are ludicrous, that corruption in government is out of control and that we are being ruled by and represented by the large corporations, special interest groups and lobbyists.  

      3. BostonIrish says:

        Meme, I agree. Petem, your comments resemble a narrow-minded person. The Occupy group is not sending any clear message other than they can keep doing not much for a while, and I didn’t need Fox News to show me that.

      4. Ajay says:

        Is there a message or a goal? I understand the position against corporate greed and such, but where is the solution?
        I fail to see a clear-cut message as well. It seems that every group with a grip has ‘joined’ the movement to get their particular complaint out.
        The reports of rape, murder, drugs and violence are there whether you listen to the news from the right or the left. Those problems are going to be there any time a large group of people gather for an extended period of time. Telling someone to ‘go away’ until they are indoctrinated with your particular newscast does’t support your position at all. Are you telling me that only those briefed by MSNBC can have an honest discussion? Your short little post offered nothing to the conversation. Its obvious that you hate Fox News and it suggests that you only listen to the extreme left. So if we apply your own comment to you…. then please go away until you have something senible to say or when your willing to have an honest discussion.

      5. Tsal says:

        Petem I agree. To those who do not support the group what is the answer. I cannot believe you do not see there is a serious problem with every one of our political leaders. As I said Americans have notoriously and historically short memories. We have had our heads in the sand for decades and allowed this to happen while living in our own little worlds. We can’t vote them out because anyone we vote in does the same. The tea party freshmen have now taken millions from PACs. How are they different. The democrats are no better.

        If we do not protest and believe the protests are growing. What do we do. Until we have a better plan I’ll stick with Occupy. And I know from listening they are making a difference. In the age where corporations are worried about comments on Yelp and TripAdvisor and Facebook they are also very aware of occupy type movements. This is know for fact. I also know that BofA knew exactly what customers would leave when it put the debit card fee in place. It didn’t care because they were low profit customers. It was the outcry from others and from Ocuupy that made the difference. .

    2. gramps says:

      Dear tsal & other lovers of the Occupiers of the World,

      You all look & sound like the people of Greece, France & Italy

      After WW II, the US via the Marshall Plan, financed & rebuilt Europe….In doing so America placed a protective umbrella, through NATO, over those countries…

      In doing so those countries didn’t have to invest in standing armies to protect themselves. They were able to direct those funds to things like ‘socialized medicine’, free college tuition, 4-6 weeks vacation in certain industries & a ‘Litany’ of other hand outs.

      Since the mid-sixties, & the advent of the ‘Great Society’, the US has raised it’s debt limit 70+ times to pay for it….
      It’s over, the $$’s ALL GONE, deal with it!

      All financed, as an unintended consequence by the USA!

      So as they say in ‘Greece’, “Bend Over”!


  4. fred says:

    On the first day of school my fourth grade teacher gave us a homework assignment. We were to write an essay based upon the following phrase
    “backbone” instead of “wishbone”. It was a tough concept to understand for an eight year old but by the next day we were all well aware of what it meant. She also recited, everyday, after the pledge, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Addess, the Pre-amble, “IF” by Kipling, and “TREES” by Kilmer. We were afforded a lot of freedom in this class by a very tough (drill sergeant like) but wise and caring teacher. Unlike every other class that went to the rest room as a class, we were allowed to politley excuse ourselves and individually take care of business – but we knew we better be back in a reasonable amount of time or we would suffer the consequences if we were tardy. Basically we were allowed freedom, but taught responsibility comes with that. As a writing exercise we had to write a short essay, daily, on a topic provided or sometimes of one of our own choice. Years later (about 20 years or so) I met up with a another teacher who had retired but had worked with my teacher. She said that my teacher would bring some of the essays to the PTA meetings or teacher’s conferences, read them aloud and get the group roaring with laughter at what the eight and nine years where coming up with. So while she was building character and a sense of responsibility in her students – she was entertaining herself and others – what a smart concept. I’d like to see what the OWS crowd would write for a one page essay on the subject of Backbone “instead of wishbone” – I bet as fourth graders we had more insight.

    1. tsal1 says:

      That’s a great story, Fred. I have read it three times. Thank you.

      I’d like to see what the Founding Fathers would have written also. You’ll find some of Jefferson’s quotes on The Two Month Anniversary topic on this blog

    2. tsal says:

      fred that is a terrific story. What a great teacher. I have read it through three times. I wonder also what the founding fathers would have written and I’m very glad they had the backbone to not give up and go home with 97% of the population didn’t support them.

      There is a great quote on the two month anniversary blog Jon created yesterday by Jefferson.

  5. dms says:

    While initially the movement might have had good support from the general public, at least for the principles it was supposed to represent, it has now become a nuisance to everybody that has a life with real world responsibilities and that’s what the recent polls reflect. The protest has become boring and completely ineffective. Even though the majority agrees with the fundamental complaints of the group, nobody really takes these people serious. They are too unorganized and with no concrete direction or plan to actually make a difference.

    It’s time to go home, regroup and work on an approach that might actually yield results. Maybe then you can regain the support from the real life 99%.

    1. Meme says:

      I’ll stay with the Tea Party, thank you very much. They, at least, are grownups with a message that resonates. Less government, and keep your hands out of my pocket. Enough is enough.

      These silly kids don’t know what they’re in for in about 10-20 years, if not sooner, when the effects of Obamacare and outrageous debt sit squarely on their shoulders.

      1. Tsal says:

        And they have now accepted millions from special interest PACs. Seems our freshmen tea party members have found new friends

  6. bosmonkey says:

    I haven’t researched this but can’t the public get signatures to send to the Federal governement to have a ballot vote on? If nothing else, it shows politicians what the majority of the public wants but even better would be telling the Fed what changes we want to see. If so, I feel that is what Occupiers should be doing instead of disrupting the other 99.999%

    Personally, I think these should include; complete disclosure of special interest group monies accepted, limiting how much politicians can receive, if any, removing all tax loopholes, term limits for all offices, cutting Fed employee beenfits so they are more in line with the average business, etc../

    1. Tsal says:

      Great suggestions. And if occupy gets us all incented it’s accomplished it’s purpose IMHO

  7. MamaGray1 says:

    More than 50% of Americans pay no income tax at all. It is not the wealthy who are getting a free ride at someone else’s expense. They got it all wrong. Go home now.

    1. tsal says:

      MamaGray1 – if you have no income, you cannot pay tax on it. It will be far more than 50% if the top 10 percent continue to increase income while the remainder of the country has nothing.

  8. roudydowdy says:

    erosion of support for OWS is partly due to the way it is being reported in the media. For example, look at the attack add on tv against Professor Warren. The ad falsely portrays occupiers violently attacking police and property, illicit drug use, filthy conditions. One popular reporter on My Fox Boston news every morning harps on and on about how bad these people are and was beside him/herself with glee after the NYPD booted OWS from their camp. Many people believe what they see on tv. One of my favorite WBZ writers has been disparaging OWS Boston calling them “the unwashed” and other sophomoric epithets. Civil disobedience is a long standing American tradition. It is not always pleasant and convenient. We’re going to have to get used to it.

  9. duey says:

    There is no solving the traffic in Boston. I guarantee that isn’t the Occupy movements problem.

  10. Forrest says:

    What is this BS from that idiot John Keller about the OWS Movement, he is he some kind of paid token for the Corporation that owns your Station?

    I disagree with that mustache on everything, from Politics to Sports, and I tell you, his track record is terrible, he is almost always wrong.

    And what is with those Fascist Anti Elizabeth Warren Ads? During News, do you understand the implications.

    Fascist News. The Media is not doing it’s Job and I’m sure you could give a rat’s ass.

    1. Tsal says:

      Rude and uncalled for

      1. JohnC says:

        I agree with you Tsal. When the comments degenerate to name-calling, perhaps it’s time for “the moderator to do some editing. Because someone doesn’t think Ms. Warren is the messiah does not make them a facist, anymore then someone who is not a Brown supporter is a communist. Lets take a deep breath and think a bit before we speak.

      2. tsal says:

        Well said JohnC. I don’t like the ads from whatever groups that is targeting Brown either. I don’t like any ads that are negative because they accomplish absolutely nothing.

        In addition, Mr. Keller takes a lot of time to put these topics together. I always feel as if I’ve learned from them and from the comments. What I never understand is if someone doesn’t like Mr. Keller, why that person would be here to begin with.

      3. mikey says:

        You nailed it tsal – rude and uncalled for!

  11. emom says:

    We are doomed finacially..

  12. Deval P. says:

    Not only finacially but also financially. Imagine a government or state or city being run by a bunch of pseudo-revolutionaries who have to cover their faces while complaining about anything and everthing without benefit of any substantial suggestions. I wish Da Mayor would grow a pair and disband this group of crybabies.

  13. Tsal says:

    And you think those leading are better???

  14. Tsal says:

    I love the term that is now being used – “crybabies”. Is it being a crybaby to want equal Rights for all? Is it being a crybaby to want the average American to get the same consideration as the wealthy? Is it being a crybaby to oppose corruption in government, influence by special interest groups and lobbyists

    Most of all are our veterans being crybabies when they ask for a job and means to support their families when they return home. Please to those who have used that term explain what you mean.