MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – People attending a Rick Perry event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday were asked if they were U.S. citizens.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

Each reporter and attendee upon arrival at the Granite State Manufacturing building had their ID’s checked. The company handles defense contracts for the government.

At the event, the Texas governor toured the facility and then touted job creation in his home state. Perry put the economic blame squarely on Washington and says it’s time for change.

“I think it’s time to create a part-time legislature where their pay is cut in half, their budgets are cut in half,” he said.

He says he’d also cut the president’s pay until the budget is balanced.

The crowd applauded his idea. Many said they too think Congress needs reform. But the question remains, how will Perry get lawmakers to pass his plan?

“I think the American people are who they work for,” said Perry.

He says a part-time legislature works in Texas and in New Hampshire.

“New Hampshire’s a great example of a part-time citizen legislature that goes in, gets their work done and then goes home and has jobs like everyone else has,” said Perry.

Many voters said they were persuaded by Perry in the small setting.

“I get a better feeling from him now than I get from watching him on TV,” Michael Morrell said.

But those who have only seen Perry on TV don’t seem to be responding. He is only polling at 3% in the latest survey of New Hampshire voters. His poll numbers keep dropping after a series of big-time mistakes in the national spotlight.

Perry insists despite debate blunders, he can still sell his plans to the American people.

WBZ-TV’s New Hampshire Bureau Chief Lauren Leamancyzk was at the event:

“I’m not a great debater, but that’s beside the point. What I am is a leader of people, a leader of the second largest state in the nation, a job creator and a person who’s got a vision,” Perry argued.

WBZ-TV asked how he plans to get his campaign back on track.

“Oh I think we’re on track,” Perry said. “Now it’s about real concrete plans. Here’s my vision to get Americans back working again.”

WBZ-TV’s New Hampshire Bureau Chief Lauren Leamancyzk contributed to this report.

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  1. recalldeval says:

    “People attending a Rick Perry presidential campaign event are being asked to prove they are American citizens.”
    – Hey this illegal immigrant hugger is not that bad….

    Then I read
    “Perry’s campaign said later that that was a mistake.”
    – This guys a bum. It’s never a mistake to enforce our immigration laws. 20 million foreign people in your country USED to be called an INVASION.

    1. Libby says:

      Do you carry your birth certificate on you at all times?

      What do you teabaggers want?

      Smaller GOVT? But then want a National ID program?

      You all claim to love the constitution, but then complain about Occupy Wall Street protestors using their right to assemble.

      In the history of this country, there has never been a more hypocritical political group than the tea party

      1. Bob-Salem says:

        We want you all to wake up and smell what your kind is shoveling. OWS does not have a right to impose their wants on others. Everryone and anyone else would have been removed after day 1 without a permit. And for the record, there are over 30 millions + illegales in this country. Most of them draining the resources of all Americans that work and pay taxes. If you dislike this country so much why dot YOU leave?

      2. Will123 says:

        you have no idea what you are talking about, most of the tea partiers only want the government to responsible with our money. I’m fine with protests, but really, did you look at those people. Most were there for the party or were homeless.

      3. g says:

        Yes we want smaller government. Also a state issued id based on truth and validated information. What do you Tea Baggies want?

      4. Bob-Salem says:


      5. gay ramon says:

        Would you ever kiss Wrong Paul on the mouth?

      6. Dizzy Libby says:

        You’re not a very clear thinker. Yes, I carry my required ID around when needed. My wife is a legal Greencard holder and the law states that she must carry that at all times. But hey they’re illegals, the laws don’t apply. I guess you think it’s ok for illegals to get away with crimes that a legal resident or citizen would be punished for.

        And how is a national ID program going to make government bigger? The data bases already exists you just need an electronic portal.

        Do you know what the word Hypocrite means? Obviously, not. Tea Partiers that won their elections all stood against raising taxes. Wasn’t that part of their movement? Occupy is breaking the law. No camping or overnight stays. Why do you think it’s ok to selectively enforce the law? With your thought process, the KKK should be able to camp at the park closest to your house preaching their political views. I’d bet a million to 1 that you’d be furious. But since you agree with the OWS you’re ok with it. That’s being hypocritical.

        Your lib-logic doesn’t work.

        By the way, Open wide, teabaggee

      7. porchhound says:

        You have to resort to name calling because you are totally VOID of substance…it must be TOUGH to get through the day with that sound of air wooshing from one ear to another.

    2. Klaus says:

      The ggod news is if you don’t have your citizenship papers with you, Perry gives you a discount on your admission fee.




        Fulfilling my civic duty, I just reported you to and you will now be added to our list.


        @because real change takes 8 years We don’t have enough time patience or money to stick it our for another 4 years of obvama spending. We are already broke, Staying with obama for another 4 years is asking for a complete breakdown of the USA.

      4. Truth Detector says:

        “The ggod [sic] news…”

        You’re confusing the candidates.

        Herman Cain, not Rick Perry, is the former CEO of Ggodfather’s [sic] Pizza.

    3. Marty Kay Zee says:

      Is Jesus a citizen?

      1. trixlette says:

        At that time in history, Jesus met the citizenship criteria

      2. Christian B says:

        If he was he better get a drivers license because it’s the law to carry ID on you at all times. it’s not call id pappers moron.

      3. Ghostsouls says:

        Every person that is driving a vehicle is asked for drivers license, and registration, once you cannot produce that, your identity is in questions, I don’t care what nationalitgy you are, you are not above the law. We as citizens must carry our identification, so must everyone else.

      4. Marot says:

        This country crys out for a NATIONAL IDENITY CARD to be isuued and carried by every legal resident. Name one country on the planet earth with 30 million illegals wandering about?

      5. Arctic Lion says:

        Who is Jesus?

      6. mikee says:

        Jesus was born in the home city of his nominal father, during a government census/tax, and the birth was marked by not only shepherds but kings. Yes, Jesus was a citizen. And a Roman subject. And a prophet. And according to Christian theology, the Son of God, a member of the Trinity, and the Redeemer of humanity From the Book of Luke:

        1: And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.
        2: (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)
        3: And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.
        4: And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)
        5: To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.
        6: And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.
        7: And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

    4. Doug says:

      Perry says he will cut the Prez pay until the economy is fixed? I wonder where he got that idea from, oh that’s right, Ron Paul has been saying he would only take the average mean American wage of $38,600.00 for his entire term. Perry seems to take a lot of ideas from Paul, oh yea and so are the other candidates, I wonder why? Oh yea, Paul is right. Research him, do not take my word or anyone elses, research yourself.

      1. Marty Kay Zee says:

        Jesus is the tall skinny Cuban bowler in the Big Lebowski who wears a purple jump suit and a hair net and threatens to do a nasty thing with Walter’s gun

      2. snoopy1 says:

        fak u and rue paul nutjob

      3. tsalllllll says:

        Then Ron Paul has to live on that and not the money he has banked – otherwise it’s a joke

      4. Doug says:

        Snoopy, Snoopy, Snoopy, you really show your maturity level. Go back to brestfeeding on your mommy. Oh, no mommy? You must be one of those parasites sucking the life out of the hard working Americans. So sad.

  2. Thomas Hood says:

    It’s not got anything to do with Perry other than some bad optics for having the meeting in a restricted area. The access control policy is dictated by the government not Perry.or even the company he was speaking at.

    1. Kristen says:

      exactly, but do you think CBS news would make not of that? of course not.. the headline is totally deceptive. Perry can’t catch a break from EITHER side.

    2. Usurper in the White House says:

      How come Barry Soetero aka Barak Obama never had to prove his citizenship?

      1. aabe says:

        that would be big=jigotry

      2. Klaus says:

        Barry’s kids qualify for discount tuition in Perry’s Texas.

      3. tjz says:

        Because the media never vetted him. He is worse than Chester A Arthur because his dad was never a US citizen. Chester Arthur’s parents became citizens after he was born. Obama was elected under a fraudulent identity. He’s protecting himself because he knows its fraudulent and has harmed the counrty by bringing us to the brink of bankrupcy with his excessive spending

  3. RonPaul_2012 says:

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

    1. Andrew P. says:

      As much as I would like Ron Paul to win, one must be realistic. It’s not going to happen. His numbers aren’t high enough. All campaigning/voting for him will do is split the vote and essentially help the Dems.

      1. Chingatch Croute says:

        Come on, with that defeatist attitude you guarantee another term for Barry.
        Ron Paul WILL Win if you get out and campaign for him.

      2. Flyfast says:

        Hey Andrew P—-RON PAUL CAN WIN IF PEOPLE BECOME EDUCATED AS TO THE MESSAGE. Listen to him and take the time to educate others. Let me put it this way, Last how many people would ever think that the Texas Rangers would be in the World Series against the Giants. Look who won! This year who thought the Texas Rangers would be back in the World Series and then how many had them winning. Guess what they lost. Stop the negative and WAKE PEOPLE UP!

      3. saz says:

        Thing is, RP is the only hope. This thing is going down fast & hard, and real soon. I know most people don’t really appreciate how serious things are financially.
        If RP doesn’t win, as a Republican, might as well be Obama in charge when it happens.
        People need to realize what the Federal Reserve is all about.
        Here’s some basics: It’s a PRIVATE bank, with FOREIGN investors. It exists to make PROFIT. It was created SECRETLY on an island in Georgia and passed into law Christmas Eve 1913. They create money out of THIN AIR, and loan it to the government. They create DEBT. Their mission is to create DEBT. They have bribed politicians, corporations, and the media over the decades to hide their true objectives and to continue to prosper. Politicians take the money, and BUY us things with it. And we keep electing these crooks. Most of the Democrats, and more than half of the Republicans are now in on this ponzi scheme, or are oblivious participants.
        The Fed has enslaved us.

      4. reefer says:

        This is such a lame and cowardly excuse for NOT voting for Ron Paul. I you had any testicular fortitude and courage of your convictions, you would vote for the candidate you actually AGREE WITH…not the candidate who might win. Put your brass balls on and step up to the plate, or get off the train!!!! Sorry, but I can’t think of a sweeter way to have said this ;)

      5. jeff6tiimes7 says:

        With all due respect, Andrew P., your words are indistinguishable from someone who is campaigning for Obama. Every time you say those words you might be discouraging someone who might take up the cause.

        But even if you continue to argue, the basis matter is what do you really believe? If you believe something then you stand for it; even if you stand alone. If you don’t then what you believe isn’t worth a hill of beans. Settling for second (or worse) is a sure fire way to convince yourself that you believe what the second best person believes. Don’t compromise, just don’t do it.

        I believe strongly in what Ron Paul says and I have for a long time. And what he says is consistent with what he’s been saying for, uh, decades.

        Therefore, even if I stand alone, I will continue to write him in on my ballot; even if he does not make it past the primary.

      6. Doug says:

        I don’t care what any of you think, if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I am writing him in as I am voting my conscience. I am tired of all the lies. I will not vote for anymore liars period. If Obama, Romney, Perry or Cain are the elected Prez in 2012, our economy is going to crash, and we will all bow to the U.N. until enough Patriots organize a Revolutionary War. All you people who say I am throwing my vote away can kiss my rear as I believe you will be throwing your vote away. .

      7. tsalllllll says:

        well then no one – may I repeat – no one – other than the fools we already have on both sides will ever be elected who can begin to solve some of our problems. I agree with Chingatch Croute

    2. teaisstronger says:


      He is running for the US Presidency, so foreign nationals need not attend and take up the room that an American could occupy. Perry is not going to have Amnesty in his rented halls.

      1. tsal1 says:

        you are kidding right???? He has illegals receiving in-state tuition in the schools in texas and by the way these were not illegals. There are many people who live in American who are here legally.

        My husband grew up in country’s around the world. Many servicemen and women’s children do the same. They were never asked for proof of anything.

  4. TEA says:

    Hah! Maybe someone should have checked the citizenship of 0bama before letting him into office!

    1. Bob-Salem says:

      We tried, the dumocrats controlled gubmint wouldnt have it. Just like the current DOJ, they are nothing but the 3 monkeys.

      1. Barry's CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 says:

        And Barry has FAILED to pass the ‘E-VERIFY’ system run by the FEDS.
        See official “Notice of Mismatch” letter here –

        Pass it on. You know know the won’t.

    2. Marot says:

      The President should not be permitted back into the White House until he proves
      his true country of origin.

  5. michael says:

    Who cares if he does this. Don’t go to the event if you don’t like the rules you bunch of complainers. Get a life.

  6. bullhead says:

    Go Perry!!!!!!!!! Like your new plan

  7. Ian says:

    None of these people proved citizenship with a Birth Certificate because NONE of them have it. They have CERTIFICATIONS like Obama had.
    I like to put it this way…It took the media and public 3 YEARS to figure out that a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth is NOT a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Then when it is “electronically” produced no one VERIFIES it. HELLO people. I’m NOT saying its a photoshoped fake but shouldn’t it be verified?
    Why are people in this country so fn STUPID?

    1. Barry Soetoro says:

      Ian, It boggles my mind how incredibly stupid people are. Itis soooo friggin’ obvious this loser in the WH is NOT a natural-born citizen. In fact, I think he’s has committed identity fruad…. CT social security number???

      1. Mikey says:

        Barry was born in a hut in Kenya soon the village witch doctor cast a spell upon this boy.

  8. Roy Dunbar says:

    It is a US Gov. requirement that anyone visiting a defense contractor be a US citizen or have prior clearance to visit the site.
    CBS and the Drudge report should know this and not try to protray it as a Rick Perry issue. Ignorance is no excuse

    1. TMoreno says:

      The truth is a mere inconvenience to the politically driven people. Those of us in the defense industry know better

    2. Kristen says:

      Drudge is as anti-Perry as they come, he will skew his headlines all day to make Perry look bad.

    3. MK5Gunner says:

      Exactly. Some AP reporter with an agenda and a lack of objectivity bangs out this disingenuous headline and the lemmings dutifully follow right along with this false narrative. They would have you believe the Gestapo were checking papers and loading folks on cattle cars with that stupid headline. I’m an Inspector with a Government agency and we’re asked to produce credentials whenever we visit companies. Any sensitive defense contract has these rules in place to thwart espionage, sabotage and the leaking of materials to foreign entities. God save us from the perpetually outraged…

      1. Al Bundy says:

        Great postMK5 ..a voice of logic in a sea of ignorance. Perry had no control over this, yet the Obama loving libs try to nail him to the cross anyway.


      2. CJK says:

        I’m voting for Obama, but I 100% agree with the above comments. What a ridiculous and misleading headline by CBS. “God save us from the perpetually outraged.” Amen.

  9. mike says:

    Perry knows he lost the presidency purely because of his stance on giving in-state tution to illegals. He’s trying to fight that, but it’s too little, too late. The media will never report it, but deporting illegal immigrants is VERY important to Americans. They know Perry will be as bad as Bush and Obama on immigration. Americans want someone who will be tough on illegal immigrants.

    1. petem says:

      ‘as bad as Bush AND Obama’ deportations under Obama are way way up! I know facts are inconvenient but come on!

  10. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “Politics may not be the oldest profession in the world but the results are the same” ~ Janis Joplin

  11. MK75Gunner says:

    Man you talk about a misleading, disingenuous typical agenda driven article. Headlines scream “RICK PERRY ASKS AUDIENCE TO PROVE CITIZENSHIP”! Then you find the following “Each reporter and attendee upon arrival at the Granite State Manufacturing building had their ID’s checked. The company handles defense contracts for the government.” Put your thinking caps on knee jerk reactionary types, asking visitors for ID at many companies is standard operating procedure and even moreso at those that handle defense contracts. In my job as an Inspector for a Government agency we deal with this on a daily basis when we visit companies that deal with sensitive or classified Government contracts. Get real folks and quit buying these pathetic attempts at smearing a guy as a xenophobe. If you don’t like the guy and what he offers then fine but this is another lame attempt by someone with an agenda to paint a picture that fits in their worldview….

  12. JFR says:

    I sure hope, for Perry’s sake, that they don’t check for brains at the door, as he wouldn’t be admitted.

    1. Ricky Boone says:

      Would you even know what a brain looked like? What basis do you have for your contempt? We heard the same garbage about how Bush had never read a book for eight years, too. All of it from people who couldn’t get through 2 of the almost FIVE HUNDRED serious, scholarly books that Bush read just during his Presidency along with Condi and Cheney. Go get a copy of W’s reading list sometime and then shut up for the rest of your life, OK? Well, just until you read 5 of those books which is the same thing.

  13. kmcthreepeo says:

    prove citizenship at wal-mart!

  14. Lawyer says:

    This is a CBS affiliate which means they are in the disinformation business. I’m no Perry fan but this is the norm for the slime puppies that make up CBS stations everywhere.

  15. Greg says:

    Every t ime i visit the PA Insurance department i must show my state drivers license. Every time i fly a jet i must show my drivers license. Every time i cash my check i must show a drivers license. What is the issue here? Did they turn people away for not having proper Identification? and what is wrong with that? they were in a facility that makes weapons for the us gov’t. Get over it people.

  16. Ricky Boone says:

    This is a deliberate attempt to make it sound like the campaign is out there checking people at their events when it was only because of the sensitive nature OF THE FACILITY that caused them to be checked. Nothing of the sort has occurred at other events. Guess what? If he gives a speech in a penitentary they will be checking people for guns and knives.

    1. Al Bundy says:

      Correct …the headline is meant to slander Perry; this pro-Obama Socialist “reporting” is absolutly disgusting.

  17. Joanne says:

    I’d hardly compare asking to see one’s ID as “demanding proof of citizenship.” Brother, what some people will stoop to. Shame on you, Matt Drudge!

  18. Ricky Boone says:

    You know something? I used to go into the PanTEX ordinance plant outside Amarillo where they assembled Nuclear Bombs. A couple of Marines checked my ID and searched my car everytime I went out there. If someone was giving a speech I suspect they would do the same thing.

  19. K. Brown says:

    They had to make sure that Obama couldn’t get in and rabble rouse.

  20. Polly Nomial says:

    IF we could only get you to do that in Texas Ricky Ticky. Obama and his minions continue to coalesce power and multiply it all whle subtracting from our GDP, jobs, and economy and we have candidates on our side who can’t seem to comprehend legal much less stickiing US taxpayes with the bill to make himself look better. Do the math Ricky, checking id at all the gates is a a marvy idea.

  21. Bruce Becker says:

    Good thing Obogus didn’t show up….

  22. JTK01 says:

    No wonder 0bummer wasn’t there!

  23. john eadie says:

    lame headlines–a defence contractor has an obligation to check ids—-duh!!!

  24. Mike says:

    I have three things to say:

    (1) It amazes me that this schmuck is running for President;

    (2) I’m tired of every person running on either side of the aisle (both of which jump when Wall Street calls) telling me it’s time for change in Washington. Right.

    and, um, er, um

    (3) E.P.A.

  25. Green Rage says:

    Why not check citizenship? TONKS CAN’T VOTE!!!

  26. Chris says:

    They had to be checked for citizenship because the government contractor likely worked on export controlled projects, and admission to the site likely requires verification of US citizenship. Like it or not, this has nothing to do with Perry’s politics.

  27. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    something is wrong with Ricky
    And, the Neocons around him.

  28. Al Bundy says:

    WBZ …your a lier! It was not Perry or his people asking for ID’s was the DOD for security purposes. Your own words: “The company handles defense contracts for the government.”

    Your biased hatred for Perry and corrupt reporting is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  29. retired but not stupid. says:

    read the story.. this company is a defense contractor.. it was military polcy they followed..

    not Perry’s..

  30. Sick ofSPICCKS says:


  31. Rick O'Shea says:

    Whether it’s true or not it can be construed as abetting a crime by letting an illegal onto the premises.

  32. Al Bundy says:

    Perry starts drowing in the polls and DRUDGE throws him a cinder block…People find out Cain is a habitual sex offender and DRUDGE sends him a lifeboat; and the TP fools are sending millions more to this lying POS Cain! …WTH?

  33. Richard says:

    “at the Granite State Manufacturing building had their ID’s checked. The company handles defense contracts for the government.”

    Echoing what “retired but not stupid” said, CBS is being journalistically dishonest by making the ID check the lead of this story. The defense industry has strict rules about who can work on their projects and access the premisses of their manufacturing facilities.

  34. Orrie says:

    Thank you Doug! I’m going to do exactly the same thing! I’ll put Ron Paul’s name on the ballot and make sure he gets my vote! All these people who think my vote is being wasted they too can kiss my buttocks!

  35. arnoldripkin says:

    Sorry Rick. We’ve seen you naked and didn’t like what we saw.

  36. maxtor says:

    i have a suggestion for paying the congress/senate.

    since they have polls for approval/disapproval of congress that is on a % scale….take the % of approval, which is in the room under the cellar right now, take the percent of approval, double that %, then that % will be their base pay for that month up to 49% then it would revert to 100% of their base pay. that would be a small incentive to work for the people instead of themselves….wouldn’t it!!

    i think the base pay of congress would have to be raised a bit to give the more incentive, which i think the base is about $184,xxx, raise it to $200,000 then that would get their attention to work for the people and not themselves. it may be hard for them to pass this on themselves but pressure from the people could have a big influence. i actually think that there should be a separate entity, part time, maybe once/twice a years to look at problems the people has with the congress that needs resolution. i dont like the idea they can give theirselves raises and any other nice to have things…dont like it at all!!!

    there has to be an incentive for them to work for the people instead of themselves….playing insider trading probably takes up a lot of their time in the research to nab a piece of the pie but an ordinary citizen would be prosecuted and jailed for insider trading. ask Martha Stewart and a few other’s.!! i hope some of the more notible names bring this up where the congress will have to act…

  37. gay ramon says:

    Wrong Paul sux

  38. Dave says:

    Thanks for pointing out this bias against non-citizens. I was there and am uploading videos of the light interrogation process reporters were subjected to. Those are at

  39. Hooter says:

    The event was at a “DEFENSE CONTRACTOR” of course they will check ID’s….
    HELLO! What village idiot in Boston at WBZ hired this idiot Lauren Leamancyzk?
    Now reading over the article Perry said nothing, no solutions, only blame game and wasted folks time. That should have been the real story, not focusing on DOD contractor’s facility security…

  40. RoBoTech says:

    Perry’s Immigration Ideology is a deal breaker for me.
    If I get the same on that issue from Obama and Perry, I have no need to go to the polls.
    And I won’t if Perry wins the GOP Primary.
    And I could care less what ANYONE thinks about that, so have at it. Won’t miss a meal or a wink.

  41. Ann Colby says:

    Perry can’t force a pay cut on Congress. Read the Constitution – Congress does that and they also set the pay for the President. He can’t use an executive order to make Congress part time – this is all just hype and rhetoric to help his cause. I’m a Texan and I sure hope he doesn’t get the nomination.Ann

  42. Pinky Lee says:

    It is absolutely mind boggling and beyond the wildest imagining the disordered sick demented mental condition America is in!! Three years “occupying” the White House and still NOBODY knows or can prove who this guy is!!! Not one hospital in America will come forth and own him as his birth hospital!! The first thing he did after “occupying” the White House was seal all of his personal identifying records and with the help of fellow-feathered con-artist freaks in the liberal political establishment and MSM has gotten away with it to this day!!! He is KNOWN to be using a stolen Connecticut SS#!! He is KNOWN to have issued two different FORGED computer generated birth certificates!! He is KNOWN to have gone by the legal name “Barry Soetero” which would have caused forfeiture of any U.S. citizenship status including “natural born” if he possessed it!! He is a fake, a phoney and a fraud through and through yet is still called “the president’ by every congressman and senator of both parties!! The same MSM that will elevate unsubstantiated hearsay accusations against Herman Cain to the level of a jury guilty verdict will look the other way when it comes to the HOAX OCCUPYING the White House!! America as a nation is insane! America is LIVING A LIE!!! Nothing will be fixed, not the economy, not foreign policy, not social problems, NOTHING, until this LIE is FIXED!!! America as a “ship” is sinking, not because the deck is dirty or the sails are ripped or the rudder is broken, but because there is a HOLE in the HULL!!! FIX THE HOLE!! FIX THE HOLE!!! Nothing else matters!! He, this illegal alien usurper is the gaping hole in the U.S. Constitution!! FIRST FIX THE HOLE!!! Otherwise….1776….will repeat itself!!!

    1. petem says:

      Shoo, shoo troll!!

  43. DonVA says:

    This is nothing more than an inflammatory article. Anyone who has ever worked for a DoD contractor knows you cannot get into the facility without proving your citizenship. The title of the article and the implications are misleading. I am so sick of lies!

  44. jfhdsiu says:

    Quite sensible of them. The headline is misleading in that it doesn’t tell “the rest of the story”. It wasn’t, at all, about illegals. It was all about security of a “secure” facility!

  45. jimpek says:

    DonVA is right on. This is nothing new or out of the ordinary for a defense contractor. Furthermore, when working with them over the phone, they even require you to be on US soil.

    But anyone who knows what legal aliens go through to do things by the book has absolutely zero sympathy for any grief illegals go through. I don’t care if they are seperated from their families and sent out of the country. It is 100% their own fault.

  46. blake21 says:

    Rick Perry isn’t the only forgetful one! His campaign advisor and his wife are too, haha hilarious:

    1. Al Bundy says:

      …and fools like you prefer to remain ignorant and be lied to by this corrupt media; no wonder our country is going down the drain.

  47. Temper Bay says:

    > NH Town Hall Audience Asked To Prove Citizenship At Rick Perry Event <
    Not so – according to the article they 'were asked if they were U.S. citizens' – big difference.

    And – If you are present witthin the borders of the United States you do NOT have to prove you are a citizen – to anyone – cop – judge – or begger – the Government HAS TO PROVE YOU ARE NOT.. Civics 101 – The Burden to Prove Guilt Rests on the Shoulders of the Government.

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