By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

I have a request.  Would WBZ news please ask drivers not to use their high beams when behind another vehicle?  It makes it very hard to see the road in front of you and could possibly cause a very serious accident.  – Al, Lawrence

Yes we will.  Knock it off with the high beams!! 

And how about those high intensity blue headlights that hit you and you feel like someone’s driven an icepick through your eye?  Knock it off with those, too.

Joe Shortsleeve did a story about those high intensity lights.  You can see it here.

What’s your experience on the road?

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  1. steve says:

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve encountered a selfish, dumbed down driver with the bright lights on, I’d have enough money to hire a livery car to haul me around. Seems like leaving bright lights on goes hand in hand with decreasing levels of politeness. It’s everyone for themselves. That’s really sad.

  2. Tin says:

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