By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

It’s Veterans Day!  Thank you to our men and women who have served our country, are serving our country, and will serve our country.

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A few leftover showers will give way to brighter skies this Veterans Day afternoon.

Watch Melissa’s forecast:

The ‘winds of change’  in the wake of the cold front will be gusting up to 35 mph from the west-northwest.

The mercury isn’t heading as high today as we hover near 50F.

This Weekend:

A few pieces of upper level energy will provide clouds on Saturday and Sunday.

However, both days will mainly be partly cloudy with highs in the middle 50s on Saturday and near 60F on Sunday.

Models solutions start to diverge early to midweek next week.

The EURO has consistenly shown a cold front stalling to our north on Monday and a stronger ridge in place on Monday and early Tuesday which would mean dry weather and warm temperatures.

Then, the EURO shows a cold front moving through late- Tuesday.

However, the GFSx actually has a weaker ridge which allows the cold front to slip through on Monday.

This would producec a few showers/lots of clouds.

The GFSx also depicts an upper level trough on Tuesday producing clouds.

Due to the accuracy this Autumn via the EURO, I have chosen to keep mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for Monday,  a chance of rain on Tuesday, and cleraing conditions on Wednesday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy FRRRiday!

Melissa :)

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  1. mel says:

    matt, still at it i see. cut & paste…cut&paste. hope you don’t do this in school.

    warm pattern for at least for now next weekend will become normal and then we might be paying for the above average temps around the 20th to 26th .long range gfs has 2 winter storms for southern new england around the 20th to the 26th with rain to snow kind of storms.

    1. Matt is innocent. says:

      find proof that he is coping . I could not find anything that looks . you copied his post and said” matt, still at it i see. cut & paste…cut&paste. hope you don’t do this in school.” He probably does not even look if he is coping something . he rights what he thinks. and i think people that say’s he is coping should give the link of what he is apprently coping from.

      1. Harvey says:

        Better buy a dictionary and take a grammar course FAST!

      2. Matt cuts and pastes says:


        You out yourself here becasue you use the same messed up grammer and spelling as you do under your Matt Souza name.
        Yes, you cut and paste. ;)

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