BOSTON (CBS) – New video released by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation shows the accident that took down ceiling lights inside the Tip O’Neill Tunnel on Wednesday night.

The video, which came from one of MassDOT’s cameras just outside tunnel’s entrance, shows the truck driving in one of the middle lanes before entering the tunnel.

The truck, which was hauling cars, was too tall, so once inside the tunnel, it hit and knocked down six ceiling lights.

Watch video:

No one was hurt, but debris fell onto a nearby limousine, causing minor damage.

The driver of the truck will be cited because his truck never should have been in the tunnel.

MassDOT had to take the down the lights and will have to replace them.

  1. says:

    Nice to know that the truck shouldn’t have been going through the tunnel in the first place! Is there any enforcement? How about a truck loaded with dangerous cargo? What if that went through by mistake, no one stops these vehicles? That’s a scarey thought. That’s why I HATE TUNNELS!!!

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