By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – For the first time since dropping out and becoming a billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg was back at Harvard University.

The creator of Facebook met with 200 students at Farkas Hall including sophomore Scott Kim who is getting a minor in Computer Science, “It was more of how he became who he are (is) and how we can become entrepreneurial and also succeed like he does.”

Zuckerberg spent the day shuttling between MIT and Harvard, he says, to recruit the his future employees. “There’s a lot of really smart people here and a lot of them are making the decision about where they are going to work when they graduate over the next couple of weeks, it’s a great time to come.”

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

His star power brought them here but it was his message of hard work and big dreams that sent even the youngest of students off with a new focus. “It made me think about what I want to do with my life because he did say that only the most exceptional engineers are those who have a passion and try to work toward the passion and I want to find now mine,” says freshman Alisa Nguyen.

But while there were a lot of inspired people coming out of the question and answer session with Zuckerberg, Nguyen told us there was something off about the crowd, a disproportionate number of male students. “I want to say maybe 30/70. This was all screened by the Career Services so I thought they would try to do a 50/50 ratio.”

Still the message was on target for the computer science and engineering students in the audience. Whether it was someone looking for a future at Facebook or someone like Nguyen, “Maybe for an internship to see what that’s like first.”

Students invited to attend the session had to submit their resumes before getting a ticket but the event wasn’t to interview the students it was part of Zuckerberg’s East Coast recruiting trip to get people excited about working for Facebook.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

Zuckerberg was asked if he has any plans to bring his billion dollar social networking company to Boston, he said while the company is expanding, he doesn’t foresee an office here in the near future.

Zuckerberg also plans to meet with students at Carnegie Melon University in Pennsylvania Tuesday.

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