By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Related to the story about the $1 coins, why do very few, if any, vending machines and the T parking lots NOT accept $1 coins? Reversal of that condition/policy might help solve the problem. Personally, I like the coins! – Loyal, Middlebor0

This is the story about $1 Presidential coins that David Wade and I did last week.  See it here.

I asked the MBTA about this.  You’re not going to like the answer.  The reason….the slots on the “honor” boxes at the parking lots aren’t big enough to accept the $1 coins.  This is ironic since the “T” gives the coins out as change in its’ ticket machines.

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I asked if the T had any plans to change the boxes.   A spokesman said that plans are being developed so that CharlieCard technology can be used at the lots…so I’d take that as a “no.”

As for vending machines, I imagine it’s the same reason.  They aren’t designed to take the larger $1 coins.

Two more reasons not to like the coins.  Loyal makes a good point, perhaps if they were easier to use people wouldn’t reject the coins.

Would you favor getting rid of $1 bills and using coins instead?