BOSTON (CBS) – Several cities and towns have moved Halloween trick-or-treating from Monday until later this week because of the weekend snowstorm.

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Many communities are waiting until utility crews to have all their cleanup work done, so the streets are safe for children.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports 

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports from Worcester:

Here is the latest list of confirmed rescheduled trick-or-treating:

ACTON – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

AMESBURY – Cancelled, not rescheduled

AMHERST – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

ANDOVER – Saturday, November 5

ASHBY – Thursday, November 3

ATHOL – Saturday, November 5

AUBURN – Friday, November 4

AYER – Friday, November 4

BEDFORD – Saturday, November 5

BERLIN – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

BILLERICA – Friday, November 4

BOLTON – Saturday, November 5

BOXBORO – Friday, November 4

BOXFORD – Friday, November 4

BOYLSTON – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

BRIMFIELD – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

BURLINGTON – Friday, November 4

CHARLTON – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

CHELMSFORD – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

CLINTON – Sunday, November 6

DOUGLAS – Friday, November 4

DIGHTON – Parents discretion

DOVER – Cancelled, not rescheduled

DRACUT – Saturday, November 5

DOUGLAS – Friday, November 4

DUDLEY – Friday, November 4

FITCHBURG – Thursday, November 3

FOXBORO – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

FRAMINGHAM – Parents discretion

GRAFTON – Parents discretion

GROTON – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

HARVARD – Saturday, November 6

HOPKINTON – Monday, November 7

LANCASTER – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

LEICESTER – Saturday, November 5

LEXINGTON – Cancelled, not rescheduled

LINCOLN – Saturday, November 5

LITTLETON – Friday, November 4

LOWELL – Sunday, November 6

LUNENBURG – Sunday, November 6

LYNNFIELD – Sunday, November 6

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Sunday, November 6

MARLBOROUGH – Thursday, November 3

MAYNARD – Cancelled, not rescheduled

MEDFIELD – Friday, November 4

METHUEN – Wednesday, November 2

MILLIS – Thursday, November 3

NATICK – Parents discretion

NEW BRAINTREE – Friday, November 4

NORFOLK – Friday, November 4

NORTH ANDOVER – Saturday, November 5

NORTHBRIDGE – Friday, November 4

NORTHBORO – Friday, November 4

NORTH BROOKFIELD – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

OAKHAM – Saturday, November 5

OXFORD – Thursday, November 3

PALMER – Cancelled, not rescheduled

PAXTON – Thursday, November 3

PEPPERELL – Saturday, November 5

PELHAM, N.H. – Saturday, November 5

SALEM, N.H. – Sunday, November 6

SHARON – Cancelled, not rescheduled

SHERBORN – Parents discretion

SHIRLEY – Saturday, November 5

SHREWSBURY – Parents discretion

SHUTESBURY – Friday, November 4

SOUTHBORO – Saturday, November 5

SOUTHBRIDGE – Friday, November 4

SPENCER – Tuesday, November 8

STERLING – Parents discretion

STOW – Cancelled, Rescheduled date TBA

STURBRIDGE – Cancelled, not rescheduled

SUDBURY – Friday, November 4

SUTTON – Thursday, November 3

TEWKSBURY – Monday, November 7

TOWNSEND – Friday, November 4

TYNGSBORO – Sunday, November 6

WALPOLE – Parents discretion

WAYLAND – Parents discretion

WEBSTER – Friday, November 4

WESTBORO – Thursday, November 3

WEST BOYLSTON – Thursday, November 3

WEST BROOKFIELD – Thursday, November 3

WESTFORD – Sunday, November 6

WEST NEWBURY – Parents discretion

WESTON – Parents discretion

WESTWOOD – Thursday, November 3

WORCESTER – Thursday, November 3

WRENTHAM – Friday, November 4

Comments (25)
  1. Liz says:

    Lexington and Waltham have canceled it too. Safety first, but really stinks for kids to have a snow day, but no trick or treating.

    1. Karen says:

      How do we know which towns have post-poned?? On the news they mentioned Worcester, and then just said “other communities too”

  2. IronManCC says:

    That’s pretty funny – What’s next, postponing Thanksgiving & Christmas? You don’t postpone any Holiday, just because it suits you – The day is what you make of it…..

    1. Kayla Ann Holden says:

      Now I like this comment! Im a 13 year old kid! They have no right about post-poning Halloween! Really people?! It might be safer but we kids NEED Halloween! You can’t post-pone a holiday! And now my friend can’t go because she has a weekend with her other parent..poo heads!

  3. response says:

    They are not postponing the holiday, just postponing trick or treating…
    To me, it makes sense…no street lights on here, down trees and power lines line the sides of the road where the kids would walk…..
    how do you turn off your porch lights when you run out of candy?

    1. Kayla Ann Holden says:

      Umm, my town has power fine. And that was a quick respone, And now candy could go bad(depeneding on the date you bought it). But really it’s not that bad around my town.

  4. Jack Feeley says:

    candy wont last that long

    1. Kayla Ann Holden says:

      I know right! Mine’s almost gone!

  5. Karen says:

    Thats what I was asking before!!!!! How the heck do we know??? LOL!!! This must be halloweens TRICK!

  6. Kayla Ann Holden says:

    What time is it at for Athol?

  7. Casey Richer says:

    Burlington also moved theirs to Friday

  8. Meghan says:

    This is not ok! I am only 8, and my friend is having a very severe surgery on november 4th, which is when they post poned it too, so now she can’y go! Halloween is her FAVORITE holiday EVER! She should be able to go tonight weather people like it or not!

  9. Christine says:

    The Town of Westwood has also postponed thiers till Thursday, November 3rd.

  10. uggjing says:

    Unknown message

  11. Ellen says:

    On channel 7 they said that Tewksbury would have Halloween on the 31st at the parents discretion.

  12. Unenforceable says:

    Even in the towns where Halloween has been postponed or cancelled, there are still going to be kids trick or treating in areas without downed trees and power lines. And there are still going to be parents willing to give out candy to those who stop by.

    What are the cops going to do, ride around and arrest everyone? Declare Martial Law to enforce a silly city ordnance?

  13. Jim S says:

    I live in Hudson and the police allowed trick or treating from 3-6. Most of the town retained power during and after the storm. Most people cleared ways for the kids to come out and enjoy halloween. I have to say, even though there was a lot of downed limbs, the turnout was amazing. I spent about 50 dollars on candy and it was gone by 7:30. I think there was more kids than last year. A complete success!!!

  14. m peters says:

    ALERT!!! Just spoke to Tewksbury town hall…Trick or Treat is SUNDAY November 6th

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