BOSTON (CBS) – There could be some bad blood brewing between Boston Police and the ‘Occupy Boston’ movement.

“In the days following the arrest of 140 people there were several things that came up on the Internet and one of them was a threat towards a couple of police officials in Boston,” Police Commissioner Ed Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday morning.

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Davis would not go into any specifics, but he said there was more than one incident.

“I can confirm that we’re investigating a couple of threats,” he said.

Officers are also watching a home in West Roxbury because someone there has the same name as one of the police officials mentioned in a threat.

“We did put a detail at a house that we felt may be confused with the police official,” Davis said.

“We haven’t had any difficulty there.”

Davis said police are getting help from members of ‘Occupy Boston’ in their investigation.

“Most of the people that we’ve talked to have been cooperative. The worry is that there are a small number of extremists in that group that could create problems. So, we’re paying close attention to that.”

There’s been no response from ‘Occupy Boston.’

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  1. Tempest says:

    Obama’s usefull idiots. Clear them out before they start killing people and destroying cars and buildings; because that is their anarchist end game. Obama would do anything to be able to lock down this country and have martial law.

  2. John Sousa says:

    The FIST is an integral part of the body. If the FIST strikes the blow is not the body responsible for the strike as well? WAKE UP BOSTON POLICE! These people are Bill Ayers style Radicals! STOP making excuses for them. They will be peaceful until they have the numbers they need to turn Boston into something very ugly. The longer you wait the more likely they will incorporate more useful idiots into their movement and then the violence will erupt. They consist of Marxist, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists and Union Radicals. They have conned decent people into their marches to cover for their true goals. Do a little investigation into the backgrounds of their leadership and spokes persons.

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