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BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a reality show craze where treasure hunters bid for a chance to find hidden gems in storage units with an auctioneer leading the charge. Jo in Carver declared her curiosity asking: “How do auctioneers talk so fast?” They do it the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice.

In Mass. auctioneers need to be certified by the state after going to auctioneer school. Paul Maglio is a veteran auctioneer. “I’m the entertainer for the audience. If I’m not excited about the product, they won’t be,” he says.

Our David Wade met Paul at a Worcester storage facility where he was auctioning off the contents of several units. About 50 people wait in the cold, ready to take a chance. Will it be treasure or trash? Buyers only get a quick peek, and then Paul is off and running, using what’s called “the chant,” that fast talking patter used to create excitement, and get the best price.

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports

Maglio started an auction business about 10 years ago. He took a class, got certified and has developed his own chant. He’s so good he once won a state title for chanting and recently he was on the reality show “Auction Hunters.” Paul’s business is called Storage Auction Solutions.

You just can’t do the chant justice in print, so click on the story and get a close up look and listen. David Wade tries it as well. You’ll be surprised at how well he does.

One of the schools where you can learn the art and legalities of auctioneering is the Draper Auction Academy at 978-888-7050. There’s also the Mass. Auctioneers Association website that has some information.

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David Wade