CHICAGO (CBS) – Theo Epstein, the new President of Baseball Operations with the Chicago Cubs, said Tuesday his final days with the Red Sox reminded him of the 1999 movie, “Office Space.”

“The last couple weeks have been interesting. We had a front office meeting yesterday, I got to meet the whole front office, and I was telling them that I felt like that guy in that movie, Office Space, with the red Swingline stapler,” said Epstein.

Epstein, of course, is referring to Milton Waddams (played by Stephen Root), the employee at “Initech” that was slowly on his way out of the company.

“When I was at Fenway Park, you just keep showing up to work, and it was as if someone forgot to tell me I didn’t work there anymore. So, I did end up in the basement with just a cubicle and a stapler and I knew it was time to go to Chicago,” said Epstein.

Watch Theo at his press conference:

So, if you find a red stapler in Fenway Park’s basement, you know where to send it.


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