BOSTON (CBS) – A group of civil rights organizations are calling for an investigation into a deadly police-involved shooting in September.

An African-American suspect led police on a 20-mile high-speed chase from Roxbury to Rockland.

At the time, police said the chase began when an officer witnessed 44-year-old Mark McMullen assault a woman passenger as she attempted to get out of his car in Roxbury.

Police said McMullen took off, and as officers were chasing him, he hit two cars near Freeport Street on I-93 and eventually rammed two State Police cruisers before officers opened fire.

The NAACP, ACLU, and two other groups are soliciting the Attorney General’s office to investigate why lethal force was used and whether the chase should have been called off before the shooting took place.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has defended his officers’ actions in the chase.

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  1. mark says:

    Perhaps the perp should have stopped for police before he decided to endanger both the officers and the general public.Stop crying about these reprobates and lets hear it for the officers who did their jobs.The American Clueless Liberal Association and the NAACP need to stop pandering to lawbreakers.They,along with Al Sharpton and the Obama administration are the biggest detriment to this country.They just need to go away!!

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