Jason Cole from Yahoo Sports joins Gresh & Zo to discussed Chad Ochocinco, and whether he will ever be able to fit in with the Patriots offense.

They also discuss his experiences with Ochocinco while writing “Ochocinco What Football and Life Have Thrown My Way,” where Cole spent a month with the interesting receiver.

Chad Johnson the football player vs. Chad Ochocinco the public figure are two different people. Does Cole think Chad can deal with his own ego during his struggles on the field.

  1. PATS247 says:

    Over the years we have heard the complications of the Patriots offense and how much there is to learn. Also over the years we have heard how Coach Bellichick finds the strenghts of the players and works that into the team. If Ochocinco is having such a hard time with the offense, isn’t it time we find what he does very well and try to work that into the game plans. The defenses may know it is coming but how do they know who is going to get the ball. Just wondering :-)

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