Posted by Ken Tucci

Now that we are another step closer to casinos in the state, who determines where these (casinos) will reside?  Or will the old dog tracks, Wonderland and Raynham get them automatically? – Chas, Brockton

No, they won’t automatically go anywhere.  However, the bill being debated at the State House gives a federally recognized Indian tribe preference when it comes to getting a casino license in Southeastern Mass.  If there’s no deal by July, the bidding would open up.

If the bill becomes law, there will also be 2 other casinos in the state.  One in the Boston area and the other in Western Mass.  How would locations be chosen?  Any development proposal needs to be approved by the local government.  Than a Gaming Commission will award the license.  That Commission will be made up of 5 members.  The Governor, Attorney General and Treasurer will each appoint one person.  Two of the 3 state leaders must agree on the 2 other appointments.

Watch video:

Got that.

Doesn’t seem like a quick or easy process, and that’s probably for the best.  A casino will certainly make a big change in any community.

If casinos become legal, do you think the state can pull this off without making a mess of it?  While you’re here, let us know what you’re curious about.