BOSTON (CBS) – A new report says Boston is the second best city in the country for Trick-or-Treating, right behind San Francisco. says Boston’s great for the Halloween tradition because of the city’s high population density and residents generally are pretty well off.

“People are pretty generous. I remember when I was Trick-or-Treating, I used to hate to get the apples and the pennies and you don’t see much of that anymore. Generally, lots of chocolate candy. I think people are trying to make sure they’re the good house to go to,” said one Boston woman.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

“It is one of the events of the year for the kids. The adults get into it as much as the kids,” said the woman.

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The real estate website also takes it one step further, analyzing the top five neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in each of the cities.

Here’s how they stack up in Boston, according to the report:

  1. Beacon Hill
  2. Back Bay
  3. North End
  4. South End
  5. Kenmore

“Oh, (Beacon Hill is) a great place to come for Halloween,” said one man. “Because they close the streets down, the houses are close together, and everyone has a good time.”

San Francisco topped Zillow’s list, followed by Boston, Honolulu, Seattle and Chicago.

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  1. xixiaoxin says:

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  2. Debbie Gale Evans says:

    Hello – what about Charlestown? Author must never have been there on Halloween.

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