By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

What is the disconnect between BlueCross BlueShield and Walgreens? I was just informed last night when I went to pick up my prescription that Walgreens will no longer be honoring BCBS insurance. – Tanya, Saugus

Yup.  Tens of thousands of Blue Cross Blue Shield subscribers here in Mass. may have to switch drug stores.

The disconnect is actually between Walgreens and Express Scripts, which is the company that handles prescription benefits for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Mass.  They haven’t been able to work out an agreement about the cost of medications.  Blue Cross says Walgreens wants to charge higher prices than some other pharmacy chains.  So, so far no deal.   That means about 80,000 Blue Cross members who currently have their prescriptions with Walgreens will need to find a new pharmacy as of January 1st.  Negotiations are ongoing, but the clock is ticking fast.

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It will be an inconvenience for those people who may need to switch, but it’s just a matter of going down the street to a different drug store.

If you’re a Blue Cross, Blue Shield subscriber have you received any information about this possibility?