BOSTON (CBS) – In a surprise visit to 98.5 The Sports Hub, Red Sox principal owner John Henry denied the team’s ownership had anything to do with a Boston Globe article this week about former-manager Terry Francona.

“The author of the story has gone on the record as saying we did not participate in that,” Henry told Felger and Massarotti Friday afternoon.

“I don’t condemn Bob Hohler for writing a story,” said Henry. “I condemn personal things coming out… About medication, about someone’s marital life.”

John Henry On Terry Francona Saga

“Blaming me personally for being the person who said those things… that’s why I came here. You’re misleading the public.”

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Henry, who was driving around Boston when he heard the topic mentioned on the Sports Hub, wanted to set the record straight with Felger and Mazz. He made his driver head right to the station, so he could make sure people know the Red Sox ownership did not give out the information about Francona’s marital issues and problem with pain killers.

“We didn’t. That’s one of things you’ve been discussing that I’m trying to answer but thankfully the author of the article is answering because he thinks it’s wrong,” said Henry. “It’s just… it’s unfortunate.”

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Henry said he was upset about the information coming out about Francona’s marriage, agreeing it was a cheap shot.

“It’s reprehensible that was written about in the first place,” said Henry. “If it’s someone within the team, and that’s what it says in the newspaper, I’m upset about it. And I’ve been upset about it.”

“First of all, it seems like there is nothing that doesn’t get out in sports. One of the first things I learned when I came here, Larry said ‘there are no secrets in baseball.’ When it comes to who’s giving person info from the Red Sox, you can’t really go on a witch hunt and start accusing people,” said Henry.

Henry also wanted to make it clear that Francona was not fired, he walked away under his own terms.

“That is just factually incorrect,” Henry said of the firing talk. “We didn’t fire him. He told us in the first meeting we had with him, he was not the voice to lead this team.”

“We hadn’t had one discussion internally about a replacement manager,” said Henry “Even as of September 30 we hadn’t had that discussion. Basically what we heard from Tito, the things that he said to us, we would not have picked up the options.”

Francona had two options remaining on his contract, and the Red Sox would have had to pick up both of them to retain his services.

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  1. donald croteau says:

    I think all these so called sports journalists on the sports talk radio, both stations are idiots and could not make a living in the real world. They sensationalize everything that they do not agree with or even worst what they may agree to. What is even more disgraceful there obviously must be enough interest and money to keep these idiots and know it alls on the air. Pretty sad that sports has so much interest in these days of no jobs. All these so called athletes that make these 20,000,000 million dollars a year are more important than life itself. If you want to be a journalist you should have to name the so called insiders that give this bogus information to begin with. Just because it is sports it still must need to be the truth and not theories on the truth.

  2. Tom says:

    Dear John Henry,

    I truly believe you were lying today! If you were telling the truth, you should have committed to finding the leak and sending them to the unemployment line with Tito! Instead you were so worried about defending yourself! You are a filthy, rotten liar in my opinion! I pray you sell the team!

    Dear Carl Crawford,

    How do you feel today? Your owner didn’t want you! Wow! What a moron JH is for saying that!

  3. frank geo says:

    You’re awful Felger and you have corrupted Mazz too . Shame one you two for being suchj simpletons. Long live EEI!

  4. frank smith says:

    this station blows!!!!!!!

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