By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – If you ride the T, get ready to see some unusual “headlines.”

It’s part of a MBTA courtesy campaign. The ads read: “Passengers refrain from loud cell phone conversation” and “Man gives up seat for pregnant woman.”

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And they all have the tag line: Courtesy shouldn’t be big news.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

The ad campaign was the idea of Acting MBTA General Manager Jonathan Davis, who is a daily rider. He says they wanted to use some humor to remind people to be respectful riders. Davis says, “What we’re asking our customers to do is recognize if there are other people riding with them, so if they are having a cell phone conversation not to have it too loud. If there is a need for someone to have a seat, please get up and allow those people to sit down. And when customers are exiting the vehicle, please wait until the customers are off before they board. That will help service for everyone.”

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The campaign cost $2,500, to cover the printing costs. The ad was designed by the T’s in-house marketing team.

We asked riders what they thought about courtesy on the T, and found most people are pretty respectful. One man said, “I think for the most part people are courteous. Something happens, someone is sick, people tend to it.”

Another woman said, “They definitely will give up their seat is someone with disabilities or pregnancy. I’ve witnessed that a bunch of times, and I do that also.”

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Still the T says any reminder can help.