BOSTON (CBS) – While protesters continue to occupy Dewey Square, Boston police continue to patrol the area to ensure things stay civil.

However, the price tag for having officers work extra shifts or long shifts to ensure the Occupy Boston rally remains peaceful is getting costly.

City council president Steve Murphy said the city allocates $30 million for police overtime, but the Boston Police Department could spend as much as $2 million this month alone on security during the protests.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

“So while the mayor and members of the city council are sympathetic to the problems that we face as a society, with regards to bailouts of the rich. Frankly, the city will need a bailout if we continue to spend this kind of money,” said Murphy.

It’s not certain how long this will go on but protesters in other cities are vowing to continue until December.

Murphy said police will continue to do their job but may have to look at scaling back coverage to trim costs.

Boston police have not yet released an official dollar amount for the cost of overtime.

“Our payroll division is still in the process of doing the extensive administrative work necessary to determine an estimate,” said Elaine Driscoll of Boston Police Media Relations.

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  1. jak says:

    These people just need to leave and go get a JOB! Pay their taxes like all the rest of us.

  2. JT says:

    The police need to arrest and fine these clowns to keep up with the amount of paid overtime these no-life losers are costing that tax-payers.
    Arrest anyone that as much as drops a match stick and fine them for littering. Instill fines for anyone that is outside the allocated area and/or for any type of unlawful demonstration.
    Make sure to hire street sweepers to clean up the area and every time these losers do not get out of the way, fine and/or arrest them.
    We need to make them as uncomfortable as possible and fine them for anything that is outside the law.

  3. ts says:

    Who really cares??? $2 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the $$$ they make on police details. Ask yourself why are we the only state in which the state police and locals do details where other states use cheap labor aka flagmen?? People have a right to protest and have a freedom of speech just like us in this comments forum. Stand up for your rights. Also if they got rid of the” I’ll call out sick today and you cover for me today and you call out sick tomorrow and I’ll cover for you” scam which gives two employees overtime for actually working the same amount of time for a two day period. That my friends would save any city or state LOTS of $$$. We wouldn’t be commenting on the city of Boston running out of OT $$ would we.

    1. Stanley11 says:

      This isn’t a road project. Other states use flaggers for road projects. Do you really think they’ll send a civilian flagger to a protest?

  4. thoughtcrimes says:

    The math on this article does not really add up. If they have already allocated 30 million for overtime for 1 year, that is 2.5 million month. They are estimated 2 million for a month of Occupy Boston. That still leaves 500,000.00 for other things. What is all the overtime pay being used for other than this? How much of the allocated budget has already been spend, and on what? More detail is needed here to decide if this really is a story.

  5. tsal says:

    The politicians – both sides of the aisle – will continue to do all they can to discredit this bunch while saying they sympathize with them which of course is laughable. The goal is to make sure the public doesn’t sympathize with or join them. It looks from the comments here and on other BZ blogs with regard to Occupy that the public is feeding into the politicians plans rather than learning what the protest is really all about.

  6. Steve Barrett says:

    We need to sue the Mayor and the Governor for using taxpayer money to subsidize a political event with which they sympathize, Do we actually have millions of extra dollars in the budgets to cover this? If we do, it doesn’t belong there. And if we don’t, it is malfeasance. They wouldn’t do this for the Tea Party (not that the Tea Party would ever consider a public event without a permit, or leave the kind of mess for others to clean up that these people do), and that difference is a violation of the Equal Protection clause. I don’t want my taxes going to promote Communist agitators, and I’m surprised that Menino would let himself get roped into this. Nothing surprises me from Patrick.

    1. tsal says:

      Your memory is short – the tea party resorted to violence and racism among other tactics. Because you happen to agree with one group does not diminish the other. I’m not certain why it has become the norm in this country to ignore all those you agree with no matter what they do and bash anyone who happens to share a different point of view.

      1. Nab71 says:

        I believe you meant to say support, not ignore.

        And isn’t that exactly what you were doing in the Jon Keller blog?

      2. tsal says:

        where did I bash an opinion Nab? I disagreed but never said you or anyone couldn’t have one. The statement that the Tea Party would never consider a public event without a permit implies – and please correct me if I am wrong – that they somehow are different in a better way than the Occupy group. I wasn’t bashing what the Tea Party has done but simply pointing out that they are not above reproach. That being said, the focus should not be on the permit or anything other than the message IMHO in either case.

        No I didn’t mean support; I meant ignore – example: ignore the fact that those you support can also do things that might be less than perfect. Although both groups stand for different things they are also both protesting and making mistakes along the way as well as spreading their message. Both have the right to do that and it tends to irritate me when some support the tea party protests while bashing and belittling those of the Occupy group. I do not like the tea party but I support their right to spread any message they want in any way they want.

        Hope that helps.

    2. roudydowdy says:

      It’s not your taxes. When you pay tax you relinquish ownership of the money. It’s the treasury’s money.

    3. petem says:

      Steve, there are so many things wrong with your comment.
      First, you want to sue the mayor and governor for subsidizing a political event? What? This is a protest. I believe that they themselves have said they are upset with both sides of the political mainstream. They are protesting the influence of money directed to politicians (D & R). Are you suggesting that any protest is political and we therefore shouldn’t provide for public safety at these events? Or ar you suggesting that only the protests you agree with should receive that coverage. I believe if you check the tapes of the Tea Party events and in particular the event of Tax Day at the Common there were police. Maybe the difference is theirs is a planned protest/rally vs the more spontaneous type that Occupy is. In reality Occupy is more close in it’s genesis to the real Tea Party, than the Tea Party. Occupy is about a lack of representation despite taxation. The Tea Party seemed to be against the bailout at first but has evolved to be against increased taxes for the wealthy (aka job creators) and for dropping the rates on corporations.

      You don’t get to say how ‘your taxes’ are spent. If we could redirect them I would like to take redirect all my taxes that went to the horrible adventure in Iraq and the utter waste of it and of the lives of our military in Afghanistan. Once there were 50 or 100 al-Qaeda there we should have LEFT. The tribes in that area have never cottoned to anyones interference and we have entered the dubious club that includes the Soviet Union and British as well as many others who have never settled THEIR issues for them. It is their country (not really a country, just a construct from other misguided Westerners.
      By the way, Communist agitators? Really? Do you consider other citizens not to have the right to peacefully assemble? Did we lose that guarantee as we did the 4th amendment?

      1. Tsal says:

        Wow. Did you say the other day you and I don’t always agree. After reading your comment I have no idea why. Very well said

  7. Champers says:

    I bet all these protestors drive Prius and Outlanders, dayem

  8. macruder says:

    It’s about time the Mayor and Police Commissioner disbanded this group. For us 99%, we are now going to have to pay through our taxes for your mess

    1. beaches says:

      What are we in Nazi Germany??? We have the right to protest. Disband this group??? We might as well be communist! There is no reason they need that many cops, these people aren’t street thugs! If they (the protesters) really want to focus on one issue it should be stop NAFTA! That would bring jobs back here. The greedy government and the greedy corporations need to lose some of their money. I have one other question if anyone has a clue. Is there any gold in Fort Knox???
      We have a right to look in there, it’s our money, but know one is allowed near there.
      I think this country is in denial.