BOSTON (CBS) – While protesters continue to occupy Dewey Square, Boston police continue to patrol the area to ensure things stay civil.

However, the price tag for having officers work extra shifts or long shifts to ensure the Occupy Boston rally remains peaceful is getting costly.

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City council president Steve Murphy said the city allocates $30 million for police overtime, but the Boston Police Department could spend as much as $2 million this month alone on security during the protests.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

“So while the mayor and members of the city council are sympathetic to the problems that we face as a society, with regards to bailouts of the rich. Frankly, the city will need a bailout if we continue to spend this kind of money,” said Murphy.

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It’s not certain how long this will go on but protesters in other cities are vowing to continue until December.

Murphy said police will continue to do their job but may have to look at scaling back coverage to trim costs.

Boston police have not yet released an official dollar amount for the cost of overtime.

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“Our payroll division is still in the process of doing the extensive administrative work necessary to determine an estimate,” said Elaine Driscoll of Boston Police Media Relations.