BOSTON (CBS) – Students with noisemakers and signs staged a brief protest outside the Boston Latin Academy in Dorchester Tuesday afternoon.

They want the school department to know they do not want to leave the building the Latin Academy has called home for decades.

The school department was set to vote Wednesday night on whether to move the students to a building in Hyde Park.

The city’s proposed plan would be to move the Boston Arts Academy out of their crumbling building across from Fenway Park and into the current Boston Latin Academy space.

Latin Academy would be moved to the old Hyde Park High School.

Latin Academy music teacher Aton Warman does not want to take his students out of the arts facilities here.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

“If we move to Hyde Park, all the connections that have been fostered here… will be broken,” he said.

Many parents say the new prospective home is inconvenient, is in poor shape, and is too small.

The school department argues that the Old Hyde Park High School can be renovated.

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  1. Ed Keenan says:

    STOP giving in to STUDENTS

  2. Ed Keenan says:

    STOP giving into STUDENTS

  3. Malaysia F. says:

    STOP GIVING IN TO STUDENTS?! Sir, have you seen the Hyde Park building? It will not fit Latin Academy and that is only one thing on the list of faults. And also its not just students its teachers, administrators, parents. Obviously you know nothing about situation and that’s why your here making comments that, frankly, make no sense.

  4. irene says:

    How is not wanting to have OUR children jammed into a building that is much to small, by 145,777 sq. ft. to be exact, giving into students? Unless you know what you’re talking about, please keep your erroneous comments to yourself. This has NOTHING to do with “giving into students”.

  5. Concerned BLA Supporter says:

    The Music teacher’s name is Eytan Wurman. Also the new facility does not have enough classrooms, most of the classrooms are too small, there is NO space for any extracurricular activites such as the arts, it would add far too much of a commute for most of the students, and if they are already spending the money to renovate why not put BAA there? They will have to do major renovations to BLA currently to house BAA so instead of renovating two locations put all the money into one. Not to mention that this entire process has not sufficiently included BLA in the discussion and is extremely biased towards BAA. This is more about having the right connectons with BPS school board and the mayor then actually being a “good” move for both schools. BLA deserves to have a fair process and for the superintendent to give an actually good reason to move them. Does she want to be responsible for destroying the music program at BLA?

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