BOSTON (CBS) – It was an emotional night at the TD Garden Thursday as the Bruins team from 1972 assisted this year’s champions in hoisting the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions Banner to the rafters.

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An enraptured crowd looked on.

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Now, a new season is underway and the Bruins are looking to turn around their season opening loss when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday.

Mary Blake talks to Claude Julien (extended version)

In looking back at favorite moments from the 2011 championship run, Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference said it’s hard to boil everything down to one moment, but when pressed, he said it was the celebration following Game 7 in Vancouver.

“One of the best attributes is blocking your emotions, so you kind of go through somewhat emotionless, even in some of the big games, so the celebration, not even on the ice, but more so in in the locker room was probably the highest of the high. The joy of that moment is about as pure as it gets,” he said.

Defenseman Andrew Ference’s wife, Krista, also recalled the final moments of Game 7 in Vancouver.

Celebrating With Stanley Part 5:

She said, “We’ve been on the losing end before, and so, I think the one moment was when I was sitting next to Tatiana Chara and even up to the last five minutes, and we were winning four-nothing … I just wanted it to be over and we just looked at each other and we just hugged. It just kind of came together all at that one moment. It was really special.”

Mary Blake talks to Andrew and Krista Ference

Bruins forward Chris Kelly said it was a roller coaster of a playoff year, and making it even more hectic was trying to find living quarters with his pregnant wife and infant daughter, while staying in a hotel. Kelly joined the team in February.

Kelly said, “I don’t think it truly sunk in that we won the Stanley Cup, until you had your day with the Cup,” he said.

Mary Blake talks to Chris Kelly

Karen Savoie, coach Claude Julien’s wife, had several special moments.

One was when Claude gave his father his Bruins cap on the ice following Game 7 in Vancouver. She also said she felt a sense of peace at one point while looking at the Stanley Cup at one of the family’s viewing events.

“The first hour or so, people are taking pictures and so on, and then all of a sudden, the Cup stands all alone in the corner against the wall and the celebration is amongst friends.That’s really what it was all about, to celebrate our journey, and it has been quite a journey,” she said.

Claude Julien said celebrating with his family is what sticks with him.

“They are the ones that probably feel the pain more than anybody else and whenever you get that opportunity to win, and share the joy, that’s when you want to make sure you have them with you,” he said.


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