BOSTON (CBS) – You have more choices than ever when you need to pick up some groceries, but easier doesn’t always equal better.

Some pharmacies that sell food are often charging you a high price for that convenience.

Edgar Dworsky, the founder of the website, compared food prices at Shaws, Stop & Shop, and Market Basket to the food prices at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

“Drug stores were about 36 percent more expensive on average, than the average super market. That’s a lot of money,” said Dworsky.

Dworsky bought 25 common items at the drug stores and the average total price was just under $103. When he purchased the same items at the grocery stores, that total was about $75.

“You have to be a comparison shopper. Not every price at the drug store is gonna be ridiculous, but some are,” said Dworsky.

Another example? Maxwell House coffee was $6.99 at Walgreens. At Market Basket, the sale price was only $3.49

So, the study seems to prove that groceries are more expensive at drug stores. But, consumers seem willing to pay the higher price in the name of convenience.

The drug store chains said they have increased their grocery aisles in recent years because of consumer demand. They also cite the convenience factor, weekly sales, and loyalty discount programs.

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  1. ASH says:

    Dur, thats why its called a convenience

    1. Nosgood4me says:

      What ash said DDD….

  2. PB87 says:

    In other shocking news, it gets dark at night. Watch for Barry Burbank’s 5-part special series explaining this strange phenomenon, starting tonight.

  3. emom says:

    Wat it’s a convenience for the MUNCHIES,, you know the drinks and dopes. And they will pay . Because they are hungry….

  4. Bruce says:

    and how much money did they spend on this research???? real rocket science….OMG!!!!

  5. Just saying says:

    a study was needed for that? talk about living under a rock

  6. gigi says:

    way to waste money on the ‘study’ – who didnt already know this fact? as others have stated, you pay more for the ‘convenience’. Pharmacies and convenience stores that are open 24/7 have to make up for the overhead

  7. Oh Pulllleeease! says:

    Please tell me that they didn’t get a huge federal grant to pay for this study. Up next. A study to find out why we do ridiculous studies.

  8. Racer X says:

    This is a study done for Liberal Idiots! The same idiots who can’t use a voting machine, bath rarely, and are chronically unemployed blaming everyone but themselves.