BOSTON (CBS) – Each week 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Nick Cattles will bring you 10 things he noticed from the week in Fantasy Football, and how it will all help your team.

10) Old Reliable: When it hits the fan, quarterbacks always go to the ones they can trust most. Want evidence? Please welcome in, Tony Romo and Jason Witten. Without Miles Austin and a slowed Dez Bryant, Romo threw towards Witten nine times this past Monday Night. Witten is tied for third in the NFL with 32 targets.

9) New Back, Same Story: You think Reggie Bush yearns for a return to New Orleans? While Bush has quickly found himself behind rookie Daniel Thomas in Miami, Darren Sproles has started to thrive. Sproles is tied with Matt Forte for most running back targets in the NFL through three weeks, at 28. Sproles value is increasing in PPR leagues.

8) We Told You, Watch For Buffalo: Will the Bills be able to continue this blistering offensive pace? Most likely not, but they’ll still be damn good. Ryan Fitzpatrick is legit, Fred Jackson is a top-10 RB, Stevie Johnson has proved himself to be a #1 wide receiver and those three have a number of complimentary pieces. This offense will be fantasy gold against weak defenses and are still start worthy in tougher matchups.

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7) What You Talkin’ About Willis? Before the year began, there were delusions of grandeur when “experts” spoke about Knowshon Moreno. Well, through three weeks, those delusions have deteriorated. Moreno can’t stay healthy, which has opened the door for, of all people, Willis McGahee. Don’t get too excited McGahee owners, his value will never be higher. He’ll be OK, but not an every week start.

6) Where Will Indy Turn? First it was Painter. Then, it was Collins. Now, Orlovsky? The Colts are searching and it’s not turning up quality. The only two guys on this team that are worthwhile right now are Joseph Addai and Reggie Wayne. And even in those two cases, don’t expect all-pro numbers.

5) Spending Money For Nothing: That’s what it looks like the Carolina Panthers are currently doing. The Panthers decided to throw a ton of money towards DeAngelo Williams and right now he’s not even their best back. Again, Jonathan Stewart looks better than Williams and the Panthers are juggling their backfield. Buyer’s remorse?

4) Conspiracy By the Bay: Can someone answer this question; why did the 49’ers and their “genius” new head coach, Jim Harbaugh, believe they could win consistently with Alex Smith? Or, did they? Someone smells a conspiracy…Let’s see, the can’t miss #1 NFL Draft Pick this year just happens to be stud quarterback Andrew Luck. Where’s Luck from? Stanford. Where did Harbaugh coach last year? You got it, Stanford. Can’t be a coincidence, can it?

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3) Beware The Big Back: Big running backs are fun to watch. They punish and bruise their way to tough yardage. They are memorable because they’re usually grinders who relate to the blue-collar fan. But, you know what else happens to them? They wear down. Peyton Hillis has averaged 75 yards per game and missed one due to illness. He’s on the cover of Madden ’12, but won’t mirror his production from last year.

2) Your Guess Is As Good As Mine: Which Patriots running back is worth a start? Will Deion Branch be back producing this week? Is Mark Ingram a solid start every week? Which Saints wide receiver will lead the team? Here’s the honest answer to those questions; who knows! Before the year we warned you, when it’s an offense that “spreads the wealth”, the results are a fantasy owner’s nightmare. You can try to go by matchup…you can try to go with your “gut”…But, we’re telling you, you might as well throw the names in a hat and draw.

1) Philly Overrated: The Eagles were the NFL version of the Miami Heat in the offseason. Big name after big name and large contract piled upon large contract. And, of course, it was Michael Vick who was front and center in all of it. However, we’re now seeing why Vick was a risk to pick early in your draft…he’s brittle. There’s no denying he’s an amazing talent who has the ability to single-handedly win you a matchup. Unfortunately, there’s also no denying he’s barely six-foot, 220 pounds and loves to run. Hope you drafted for depth…

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  1. dygsports says:

    Philly is overrated, but the banged-up Giants are starting to draw comparisons to their deep (and injury-plagued) Super Bowl team.

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