By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV's New Hampshire Bureau Chief

BOSTON (CBS) – Disappointed, furious, heartbroken are just a few words to describe Red Sox fans’ emotions a day after their team blew their shot at the playoffs.

Mike and Sandy Lynch came to Fenway Thursday to pick up the refund for their playoff tickets.

“We were here for the post-season and unfortunately last night our boys didn’t do it,” Mike said.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

The Boston native flew in from Texas for the game. When his wife asked him to say something to the camera for the Red Sox, a disappointed Mike responded “Why? They couldn’t air it anyway.”

At 98.5 The Sports Hub, the phones and the fans were lit up.Host Tony Massarotti says they are understandably angry. “This is a catastrophe. You couldn’t possibly dream up something like this.”

He argues the team was fundamentally flawed.

“There were too many high paid, overpriced superstars and not enough guys who fight to live another day,” said the clearly disappointed host.

In the shadow of Fenway Park, on a gray day that fit the mood, fans asked themselves, ‘what went wrong.’ Among them was Rob who hoped his young son Guy would experience a magical season.

Instead, young Guy is learning an older Red Sox tradition, “total disappointment.” Rob said this was the most disappointed he’d ever felt as a fan for more than 30 years.

Other fans also came by Fenway to wallow in misery. They clung to hope that this catastrophic September was a one and done phenomenon.

“We’ll say a prayer and look forward to the Bruins,” one fan pledged.

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  1. Clayton Bigsby says:

    The worst thing about this collapse was that the Rays didn’t play that great down the stretch, just good enough to pass the Sox.

  2. CJ Holland says:

    Wonder who will get the axe now? Terry, and will Theo now leave us? I hope not on both counts!!

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