MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – When a robber walked shirtless into the Mr. Market convenience store and tried to steal beer, the owner fought back.

But this confrontation didn’t end at the door.

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“I heard a big bang and somebody screams he tried to rob me,” said one man who was involved.

The entire neighborhood decided Brentt Trudeau wasn’t going to get away with it.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

“Our neighbor went up that way,” says Debby Martin. “A couple other neighbors went down this way. My husband went down to Central Street following him through the alley. He body slammed him into the bushes.”

The crowd had the beer thief cornered and held him there until police arrived.

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“All they had to do was cuff him and stuff him,” said the man.

The neighbors chased the robber down the block and tackled him here in this alley. It’s the same alley where officer Michael Briggs was killed just a few years ago and they say they’ve been working hard to take their neighborhood back.

Martin says, “It’s our store, it’s our neighborhood. We want to take it back. I’m tired of all the crimes. All the stealing.”

The owner of Mr. Market is grateful for the help.

Trudeau is charged with robbery, but for neighbors like Debby Martin and Dale Cox, this wasn’t about a 30 pack of beer.

They want the next person to think twice before walking into their community and taking advantage of their friends.

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“I think you give a message. You come to our neighborhood. You mess around. You are going to get taken out.”